12 Mom Hacks to Start off the Year Right

All moms know one universal thing to be true: there’s simply never enough time in the day! Moms manage jobs, kids, relationships, homes, and so much more. Being a mom is a heroic feat; it’s no wonder she’s so many kids’ superhero!   If you, like many moms, are looking to squeeze every possible minute out of your day, we are here to help. Meet “Mom Hacks”! These are our clever tips and tricks to help save time, so that you can finally get your … [Read more...]

Beat The Fears Of Water: Tips To Make Your Kids Enjoy Swimming

Taking part in formal swimming lessons is said to lower drowning risks by 88% in kids aged 1 to 4 years, according to the NCBI. Swimming is one of the most incredible fun water activities children, and adults enjoy. Besides being enjoyable, swimming is an essential life skill that helps prevent drowning, especially in young children. However, the idea of swimming or playing in and near water frightens many kids. Fortunately, there are several … [Read more...]

4 Ways that Moms Can Help Their Kids Deal with a Divorce or Separation

Many marriages and partnerships end up continuing till death do you part. As a mother, it’s probably what you want: to stay with the person you love throughout your life. That way, the two of you will have lots of time to spend with each other, and your kids will have two caring parents in their lives.    However, it does not always work out that way. You might end up growing apart from your spouse or partner, and if that happens, it’s … [Read more...]

Moving with Small Children: 5 Effective Ways to Make it Easier for Them

Moving is hard for adults and kids alike, but it can be especially hard on your smaller children. After all, many smaller kids have only known one home, they’ve never experienced moving, and the concept can seem overwhelming and scary. Luckily, there are a few ways you can make the moving process easier for your little ones. If you want to plan a move with less stress and more ease, just try these 5 tips.    Plan Ahead   If your … [Read more...]

How to Go about Cash Flow Management during the COVID-19 Crisis

The entire humankind is going through a challenging time, one that no one was prepared for. The COVID-19 crisis got the planet under its clutches and changed our world entirely. Social distancing, masks and sanitizers now dominate our everyday vocabulary. Recession and a sharp decline in the GDP of several nations is the flavor of the season. People are losing their jobs by the minute, and industries are shutting down their operations. No one … [Read more...]

Preparing for Back to School During COVID-19 

It’s hard to say what “normal” means anymore, or if it will mean anything ever again!  But there is one thing we can all count on as parents. We need to keep moving forward for the sake of our families and ourselves. Eventually, the world will force us forward, anyway.  And now, many children will be told they can return to classrooms on a part time basis. For better or for worse, it’s time to prepare ourselves and our children to … [Read more...]

How I Made Custom Holiday Cards an Easy Task

Every one of you reading this can relate to this statement. 2020 has turn my life upside down! As the holidays are quickly approaching my head is spinning with all of the tasks that need to be completed on top of the newly added task of "teacher" (I'll keep my thoughts to myself about virtual schooling) and the fact that I am almost never alone! To be honest, creating and sending holiday cards was not at the top of my priorities. In years … [Read more...]

Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Baby Clothes

A baby is probably the most precious gift you will ever receive. It is enjoyable putting together the first outfit and gathering the best pieces for the first wardrobe of the new baby. As you buy these clothes, you wish that the baby will be comfortable and safe in the outfit. In every piece of clothing that you dress them, the baby should have all the style and feel comfortable. With so many brands in the market, it is overwhelming choosing the … [Read more...]

Are Personalized Greeting Cards Still Relevant In the Digital Age?

You might think that traditional greeting cards are a thing of the past. After all, who sends these in this era of social media, emails, and instant messages? It couldn't be further from the truth. Cards are very much alive and kicking. In fact, few things are as wonderful as finding a beautiful card with a handwritten note from a well-wisher or a loved one waiting in our mailbox.  Here are some reasons why personalized greetings cards are … [Read more...]

How to vet a Nanny for Your Children 

Your child’s caregiver will be one of the most important people in their early life. They are someone you should feel completely at ease with. To vet a nanny properly, experts recommend running a background check, making a list of criteria, checking references, and signing a contract.   Before you seriously consider a candidate, check their references and screen their background. Urbansitter and other nanny websites screen their … [Read more...]