One of those days… already!

It’s been one of those days… already. Actually, it’s been one of those weeks! Emma & Ethan have hit a phase. Everything Emma does… she does to irritate Ethan, to make him mad, basically to make him cry or get him in trouble (and then she stands there and grins) . And boy does he cry! This morning was no exception. Emma screams “NO! Ethan!” Ethan cries… and cries… and cries…. and cries. The crying finally stops, and then they start to play … [Read more...]

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!

It’s so hard to believe… but our Emma is 4 today! Where did the time go? I miss snuggling in bed and napping with her *sigh* She got this baby and blanket for her 2nd birthday from her Great Grandma. You’ve seen her playing the “crying ladybug”… here she is before the meltdown…   She promised me last night that she will always be my little princess. Striking a pose. My princess having a seat on “The Princess & the … [Read more...]

My Little Dirt & Bug Monster…

I was going through my memory card getting my photos for an upcoming review and ran across these. They were taken a couple of weeks back, but I just had to share… Ethan is my little dirt guy… if he’s allowed, he will dig. Oh, and he is not afraid of bugs!!! Hence, he is my dirt monster… So here’s the story… Ethan was playing in the backyard and I heard a little crunchy in his hands and asked him what he had. He grinned a big smile and opened up … [Read more...]

Homemade Toys: Indoor Sandbox Bean Sensory Bin

Homemade Toys: Indoor Sandbox Bean Sensory Bin   Have you ever noticed that sometimes your children love to play with just about everything but their toys? I am (slowly) learning that my two youngest prefer simple. Ocassionally they like that big flashy toy, but for the most part... most of their favorite toys have been either household items (pots & pans on the kitchen floor, our old cell phones w/battery removed etc) or homemade … [Read more...]

Veggie Lovers vs. Meat Lovers… feeding the family

When is comes to feeding your family, how to do you balance nutrition and taste?  I don't mean how the food tastes, I mean... a personal preference for certain foods. Here is my dilemma. Two of our six family members are strict vegetarians. One of them is toying with the idea of becoming vegan. I don't eat much meat, but I will. I'd say 90% of my diet is vegetarian. I am actually pretty grossed out by a lot of meat and would rather not deal … [Read more...]

Mother’s Guilt… x 4

  Do you ever have one of those days that is filled with mom guilt?  Multiply that by 4, and you have my day today (and it's only 10 am).  x 1... Let's start at wake up. I come downstairs a little late this morning to find my two oldest getting their lunches together and ready to walk out the door. I find that my 13 year old son forgot to make his lunch and the bus will be here soon... mom mode sets in and I run downstairs for more … [Read more...]

Time Keeps on Slipping…

You know the song... Time Keeps on Slipping by the Steve Miller Band. Oh, so true. Things have been happening around here that remind me daily that my children are no longer babies, that time is slipping through the hourglass faster than it's supposed to. My oldest is starting her SECOND year in college (HOW can that BE?), Josh is starting Jr. High... next year is his Freshman year... WTH?? Emma has begun "beginning reading skills" and tries to … [Read more...]

Kids Say (and DO) the Darndest Things…

Over the past year Emma has said and done some of the CUTEST things. I try to share these with friends and family on Facebook.I thought I would share with you, too... Enjoy! quote for today... "EMMA! Get your head out of the potty!"April 14, 2009 at 1:53pm Emma's new quote: we were eating meatloaf and I told her to take a bite of her meat... "It's not MEAT... it's HANNAHBURGER!"April 24, 2009 at 11:26pm here's one for you... THREE times … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday…

What else is there to do on a hot day?   … [Read more...]

What Goes Around….

What goes around... comes around, right?  Emma & Ethan are a big 21 months apart. For quite some time now we have been telling Emma to "be nice", "don't hit", "please share", "he is going to be your best friend" etc in regards to Ethan. Of course she did as she pleased, but we oftentimes told her "Ethan is going to be bigger than you someday... be nice!".  Emma is our tiny girl. All of my children are 100th %ile and larger babies, … [Read more...]