Once upon a time…

Okay, I did it. I set up a blog, now what? I have no idea LOL.

The name? Yes, it’s funny… but it’s something I’ve been saying for years now. I think I started loving coupons about 10 years ago. Remember all of the awesome internet coupons and freebies that were rolling out right and left? Most were stackable too! Pets.com and their $15 off $15, Drugstore.com and their $10 off $10, Barnesandnoble.com and their $5 off $5 etc. That was an awesome Christmas, I must admit :O). I stocked my closet with free diapers to last for months and my poor UPS man started complaining about his back on my 3rd 40lb bag of dog food. I think I made it up to him with a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee though!

Those were the good old days, now internet coupons like THAT are few and far between. I’ve made my way into the real world and paper coupons for B&M (brick and mortar) stores. I am magnetically drawn to clearance racks and can’t seem to give up my emails subscriptions to pinchingyourpennies.com, fatwallet.com and cheapstingybargains.com (remember when they were cheapstingyb@stard.com?). I refuse to pay more than a few dollars for a magazine subscription (almost all I get were FREE although I admit to paying $5 today for a re-sub to Rachael Ray today… LOVE that girl!) and I can’t pass up a good sweepstakes/giveaway… hey, if it’s free, it’s for ME, right?!

I am always happy and eager to share my freebies and super deals with my family & friends, although sometimes I wonder if I am boring them or confusing them (or both?) lol. It can be confusing at times (ok, a lot of the time) because sometimes you have to stack store & manufacturers coupons… you need to roll cvs extra care bucks… roll register rewards… or print that incredible high dollar coupon from online RIGHT NOW before it’s gone, but it’s so much fun!

I have taken a short break from couponing because of my hectic new life (went from having two nearly independent children to having a baby in 2006 and 2008). Having two toddlers at once is a new world for me and WOW!… I apologize profusely to every mom I’ve had an “off” thought about when it comes to handling their (multiple young) children. I now understand! :O) I have recently caught the coupon bug again and am excited to share all my deals with my friends & family. I will refrain from posting them on Facebook from now on, because I am pretty sure I am clogging up my friends pages with my babbling… but you can find me here (probably multiple) times daily!

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