3 Simple Tips On Finding the Perfect Work-Life Balance as a Working Mom 

70% of mothers with children under the age of 18 work a job, with over 75% working full time. However, nobody said that being a working parent was easy - especially if you’re running your own business. From spending time with your children to simply watching them grow, work can tend to get in the way - making the perfect work-life balance seem nearly impossible. Luckily, there are some things you can do as a working mom to find that balance and … [Read more...]

Encouraging The Pursuit Of Higher Education: Tips For Caring Parents 

We all know that motivating your kids may be on your list of most difficult things to do, especially if they are reaching the end of their high-school careers. Unfortunately, some children are significantly harder to motivate than others and when it comes to stressing the importance of pursuing higher education, you may often need to test alternative methods of encouragement rather than sticking to the most obvious methods out there. If you find … [Read more...]

Ways Athleisure is the Perfect Mommy Style

Ways Athleisure is the Perfect Mommy Style 1. Spend Less Time Shopping and Dressing  Image via Flickr by zerethv Maybe you love to shop, but even still, the simplification that comes along with athleisure is appreciated by everyone. Clothes shopping will no longer be a chore because you won't have to continuously search for the latest fashion trends to replace your outdated clothing from last season. Athleisure brings together the concepts … [Read more...]

How to Make the Transition to Homeschool Easier (And Fun) for  Kids 

In the past two weeks, millions of children (and families) have had to adjust from going to school every day to learning from home as government officials try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. While typically, being home from school would be a fun much-needed break for the kids, this time the change is kind of scary. With all the changes they’ve had to make, transitioning to a home school environment can prove difficult for some … [Read more...]

Professional Services to Reduce the Stress of Moving

No matter the reason, relocating is never easy. You have to deal with the emotions of leaving behind the familiar, get all of your belongings in boxes, clean out your old place, tie up loose ends (mail, bills, school, work, etc.), make sure things are set up in your new place, and then get yourself, your family, and your belongings to your new place safe and sound. Essentially, moving takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. If you’re … [Read more...]

Why Being a Supermom Isn’t Something You Should Aim for

Are you the type of mom that will go to great lengths to try and be any and everything for your children? Do you neglect your own needs in order to see to it that your children get what they need and want? Will you stretch yourself thin just to put a smile on your children’s faces? Have you ever spent your last time (or gone into debt) to afford the things your kids desire? Though it may seem like this is a mother’s job, the reality is, trying to … [Read more...]

Helping your children to secure high marks 

The vast majority of us want our children to do well at school. We know that doing so provides them with the firm foundation to be able to do what they want, later in life. With the right qualifications and the ability to learn new skills fast, they can go on to take on a range of roles and find financial security. So, today, we are going to take a look at what you as parents can do to help your children to secure good grades.  Get them … [Read more...]

Legal case: how will it affect my family?

When you’re involved in a legal case, such as the Tasigna lawsuit, for example, or you’ve been in a car accident, it can feel all-consuming. Finding a lawyer, wondering whether the case will go to trial and balancing financial worries can be extremely difficult, and this can have a significant impact on your family. You might worry that your children will be affected.  However, many families go through legal struggles and manage to stay … [Read more...]

Questions Parents Should Ask Before Encouraging Children to Pursue Professional Sports 

As a parent, you want your child to have the opportunities in life that help them achieve their goals of success. However, sometimes those opportunities come at a cost, especially when it comes to sports. While some children have professional athlete goals, many play sports just to appease their parents or just for fun and have other interests off the field. If your child is one of the former, that's great. But, before you buy that pro jersey and … [Read more...]

Working Moms: Tell Yourself These Things If You’re Experiencing Mom Guilt 

Have you ever felt guilty when you had to drop your little one off at daycare? Or maybe you felt sick to your stomach when you realized that your daughter’s recital was the same day you had to fly out of town to attend a week-long work conference… All you can think of is the look of disappointment on her face when you have to explain to her how you won’t be able to see her perform but you’re going to make it up to her.   Disappointing your … [Read more...]