The Stuff of Family: How the current real estate market displaces our lives

Moving from a starter home into more square footage complete with all those closets, finished basements and kids’ playrooms poses a bigger challenge today than it did in the past. The booming housing market, paired with early 2022’s inflation, creates obstacles for homebuyers outgrowing their space and trying to upgrade.  Real estate marketplace Zillow notes that the Great Recession brought with it a cumulative shortage of 1.35 million new … [Read more...]

How Can I Make it Easier to Work from Home?

While some mothers may limit their role to keeping the house and looking after the children, and others enjoy going to work while utilizing childcare options, you might fall into both categories. However, for you to be able to work from home and look after your family, you might want to think about how to achieve this without burning yourself out.   Finding little tips and tricks to aid with your home-grown business, and to ensure you are … [Read more...]

Everything you need to know about Compass Real Estate

Whether you plan on buying or selling property, or even looking for a new career in real estate once the kids start school, you may find yourself looking more and more into how the property industry is run. At first, this may seem to be quite complex. However, if you have a genuine interest, you may want to consider the ways that Compass Real Estate conducts itself, as well as a bit of history regarding why they could be a benefit to your … [Read more...]

What You Should Know Before Taking Out a Car Loan

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments anyone can make, maybe slightly smaller than investing in a business or buying a home.  In most homes, a car is a necessity since it is used when traveling, going to and from work, taking children to school, and supporting many of our daily activities. However, buying a car is not easy and most families do not have enough money to pay for a car in cash.  This is what makes it necessary for … [Read more...]

How Can You Cut Down on Mom Stress?

It can be easy to become stressed as a mom, especially when you have a large family to take care of. However, you should not accept stress as part of your daily life, as this can have a knock-on impact on your physical and mental health. So, to stay well as a mom, here are some of the top steps that you should take to cut down on your stress.   Sort Out Your Finances  Family finances can be a nightmare, especially if your income has been … [Read more...]

5 Things to Know About Filing Taxes

Tax season may seem far away for now, but like any other obligation in life, it may arrive before you know it. When that happens, your casual attitude will get thrown out the window, only to be replaced by an air of pressure.   To make sure that you aren’t caught unprepared, it is important to get ready for all your tax obligations in time. A little care here, some attention there, and you can take on the gauntlet of filing your taxes … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Build An Organized Wardrobe For Your Children

Most families spend about 4% of their salary on clothes and the costs depend on the age of the children. Clothing for young kids can be much cheaper than adolescent clothing. It is possible to find the ideal blend between doing laundry and following minimalist organization tips. A lot of parents wonder what clothes their child needs for the year and there is a checklist you can make to ensure that you do not overdo it! Let’s take a look at a few … [Read more...]