How To Signal Your Unbridled Geekiness To Other Geeks

Signaling your geekiness can happen naturally the moment you open your mouth. But it is also something you can control to attract other people who might think the same way as you. 

But what are the best methods? Well, you’re about to find out. This post explores some of the common approaches to signaling your geekiness and how you can use it to transform your social life. 

Talk About Your Hobbies

The first option is to talk about your hobbies. Don’t tell people that you love hunting mountain lions or sailing around the world on your private yacht. Instead, talk about your passion for coding or building robot dogs. Put it out there and see if there’s anyone interested in discussing it and how it all works. 

Quote Iconic Lines From Fantasy Movies And Shows

You can also signal your geekiness by quoting iconic lines from fantasy movies and shows. For example, you could talk about how you used to love adventuring, “but then you took an arrow to the knee”, a clear reference to the Elder Scrolls saga. Or you could mention lines from a cult classic and see if anyone notices. 

The trick here is to do this on the sly. The more concealed you can make your comment, the more likely only true geeks in the room will pick up on it. 

Drop Subtle References

You can do a similar thing by dropping subtle references to obscure characters in Star Trek or Dragon Ball Z. Only the true geeks in the room will pick up on these. 

For example, you could talk about how you have an emotion chip, similar to the Enterprise’s android, Data, who also gets one in one of the movies that follow the main Next Generation series. You could also talk about how your Betazoid senses are tingling, or how you love to collect Latinum. 

Wear Graphic Pop Culture Clothing

Another way to signal your geekiness is to bring out the fanboy in you with a graphic t-shirt or hoodie. It could feature the WoW logo or your favorite video game character, such as Link from The Legend of Zelda. 

Wear Geeky Accessories

You could also wear geeky accessories. For example, you might have a Millennium Falcon pendant or wear earrings that are in the shape of Dr Who’s tardis

Again, most people simply won’t know what these references are, but the geeks in the room will and will ask you questions about them immediately. 

Do Word Puzzles In Social Situations

Another way to signal your unbridled geekiness to others is to do word puzzles during social situations instead of tapping away on your phone like most people do. Telling your friends about the latest word unscrambler you’ve found, or AI tools that help you come up with cleverer answers to riddles can be a good sign that you’re a geek.

Use Tech Accessories

Finally, filling your life with tech accessories is another way to let your geekiness shine. For example, you could make a point of getting every add-on for your gaming computer or building some shelving to house your comic book collection. 

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