Entrepreneurial Advice For New Moms Starting Home-Based Businesses 

As a new mom, you’re quickly finding out that the title of “mother” is a full-time job. You’re waking up with the baby every three hours to feed him and walking all through your house to try and get him to sleep… the thought of adding anything else to your already busy schedule would be a nightmare and practically impossible to most moms! But have no fear new moms… the sleepless nights don’t last forever. As your baby grows and sleeps throughout the night, you will too. 

During the first few months of parenthood, you’re going to be going back and forth in your mind on whether or not you want to return back to work. You and your spouse may have had this conversation as soon as you found out you were pregnant but once the baby actually came, your feelings about going back to work might have changed.  

You never knew you could love someone so much until you had your first baby and the thought of returning back to work and being without your baby all day is gut-wrenching. In the same token, your household was run on two incomes and without both incomes coming in, your family won’t be able to maintain a good quality of life, so you have to return to work.

Now, just because your family dynamics are going to require you to return to work, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hop in your car to commute to work… as a new mom who’s not ready to be away from her child and still wants and needs to work, there is a way you can have the best of both worlds… you can start your own home-based business! 

There are plenty of moms who have faced that same scenario and seen great success starting their own business all while their little one was in arm’s reach of them. This type of business venture might be something you’re totally not used to or know anything about but it’s also something that can be learned if you dedicate the time to learn the business. 

It’s definitely a big risk to take on; just think about it… you’re leaving a secure job and guaranteed steady paycheck to start a new business venture that you have no knowledge about. This is your family at stake and the fact that you love your baby isn’t going to get the bills paid so it’s very important that you know and understand what you’re getting yourself into before you make such a big decision… this isn’t to scare you or discourage you by any means but more so to inform you so you can make a well-informed decision. 

If you’re thinking about this, just know, you can do it… you can be a new mom and run a home-based business. You just need to know what it’s going to take and what you can and shouldn’t expect… just take it from those who’ve been there and done that. 

Starting a Home-Based Business Doesn’t Mean You’re Going to Spend More Time With the Baby 

This is the biggest misconception that new moms have about starting a home-based business. They think that because they’re at home, they’re going to be able to spend time working and have more focus on the baby… if that’s how you think it’s going to work, you may need to reconsider your reasoning for starting a home-based business. 

You honestly have to look at your business as the other baby you have and that baby requires just as much attention as your actual baby does and in order to take care of both babies, that means that one baby is going to get neglected, and you’re definitely not going to neglect your actual baby. 

Going into this business venture, you have to know from the very beginning that when it comes to running a business, there are no off days, only days that are a little more flexible than others; and just like your business doesn’t have off days, neither does motherhood. So in order for you to dedicate the necessary time needed to run your business, you’re going to have to hire a nanny or look into some form of childcare at least a few days out of the week. 

Build a Website 

Okay, so this is kind of an unspoken known expectation but there are some people who never even thought about this. If you’re going to run a home-based business, one of the first things you need to do from the very beginning is to create a website for your business. 

You might not be an expert in this area but a website builder like shopify.com can help even the most novice of entrepreneurs build a professional-looking website. It’s a simple process and it’s affordable. So you want to start thinking of a business name and try to incorporate it in your business web address. By making your business name and business website similar in name, it’ll be easier for potential customers to remember. 

You’re Not Going to See Success Overnight 

As a new mom starting your own business, it’s pretty exciting for you. You’ve created your website and are ready to implement all your new ideas! The only thing about it is that you’re not seeing the money rolling in like you thought you would. This is something you need to understand from the very beginning as well. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your business. You have to give your business time to grow and that growth can take months to a year but if you aggressively make moves to grow your business, it doesn’t have to take that long at all… but you do need to be consistent. According to Business Insider, your road to success won’t happen overnight but it’s also not an excuse to move slowly either. 

 You can achieve success with your home-based business and take care of your baby too, you just need to be realistic in your approach and not beat yourself up over minor setbacks because they come a dime a dozen… the key is how you respond to those setbacks; are you going to brush yourself off from them or learn from them and do better next time? 

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