Wii-U – All You Need to Know

Wii-U - All You Need to Know Wii U is Nintendo’s next-generation console after the Wii. Compared to Wii, the video resolution support is 1080, whereas Wii only offered 480p. There are no GameCube controller ports as Nintendo moves in the next-generation controllers. The biggest advancement in this new console is the brand new controller, the GamePad. It has a built-in touch screen that is 6.2 inches diagonally. Reports suggest the new console … [Read more...]

Is Apple the Best?

Is Apple the Best? You either replied yes or no.  There seems to be very little middle ground on a discussion like this one, similar to the vast yawning chasm separating fans of Ford or Chevy (or Dodge), and whether cats or dogs make the best household pets.  If you have not yet chosen a side in this love-or-hate debate, perhaps you simply lack a simple guide to the advantages and disadvantages of each. Sales don't lie.  One very … [Read more...]