Wii-U – All You Need to Know

Wii-U – All You Need to Know

Wii U is Nintendo’s next-generation console after the Wii. Compared to Wii, the video resolution support is 1080, whereas Wii only offered 480p. There are no GameCube controller ports as Nintendo moves in the next-generation controllers. The biggest advancement in this new console is the brand new controller, the GamePad. It has a built-in touch screen that is 6.2 inches diagonally.

wii-u-controllerReports suggest the new console is a more powerful than the Xbox360, but the new GamePad controller has been getting most of the attention. The GamePad, though wireless, is not portable, and the console has to be near for direct streaming on the screen.

For motion-controlled games, the GamePad comes with a gyroscope and accelerometer. Other features include buttons, analog joysticks, microphone, and a camera. Nintendo has also allowed for ‘asymmetric gaming’ as well.

The Wii downloaded games and saved data can be transferred to Wii U, which would require both consoles to be set up and connected to a common network.

Coming over to games, the ‘Nintendo Land’ game allows you to swipe up on the screen to shoot arrows. The ‘Mario Chase’ game allows you to guide the character by giving a bird’s-eye view of the maze through the GamePad. The TV shows the maze from a first-person angle to other players using the Wiimotes.

The latest ‘Super Mario Bros’ for the Wii U brings the asymmetric experience into play. Playing with GamePad will allow you to make ‘boost blocks’, which will allow you to help Wiimote players to reach areas which were previously inaccessible. However, playing as a single player, the whole game can be played on the screen of the GamePad.

‘ZombiU’ is another game from Ubisoft that will transform the controller in a navigation device. Coming from reputable video game design colleges, Ubisoft designers made GamePad the ultimate survival kit. Holding it vertically will let you scan 3 dimensions to find out where the zombies are waiting. The GamePad can also be used to substitute players in the all-new ‘NBA 2K13’.

The HD graphics are close to PS3 and Xbox 360. This means gamers would return to the Nintendo console until the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation are released. The online features of the new console include its own social network, video chat option, and browsing of new movies and shows through Hulu and Netflix. These online features are free of cost.

The device will have a sensor bar like the one on the original Wii. This bar will use the motion control input from the controller, and will allow support for up to 4 Wiimotes. It will be using the same ports and cables.

The price for the basic 8GB model is $300. For an additional $50, you can get the deluxe set which includes a charging stand for the GamePad, Nintendo Land game and 32 GB space. The GamePad is available for both sets. However, Wiimotes would have to be bought separately. The console comes with an expendable memory, and goes up to 2 TB.

This was a guest post written by R. Wilcox


  1. Peggy says

    Thank you for explaining it so well. Someone wants this but I wasn’t sure about all the parts, accessories and how it works… but now I do. Great article on the Wii-U

  2. Andie Zimmerman says

    I am definitely behind on the times because I just now got around to purchasing the original Wii console for my son! I saw this in the store (apparently before it was supposed to be out) and thought it looked very cool! I may have to look into this soon!

  3. Marcy Taylor says

    Thank you for doing an article on this! It’s so hard to know which system is best for our family.

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