Culinary Keepsakes: Printing Your Travel Food Photography

Capturing photos of food has become a trend among travel enthusiasts. What happens to those memories stored in your camera roll? How can you bring them to life? Print on demand services offer a solution for turning your travel food photography into culinary mementos that you can display, share, and treasure for years to come. From creating personalized cookbooks filled with your photographs to crafting unique kitchen décor items like canvas … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday | Walnuts

We just got back from an afternoon at the park. Ethan spent most of his time collecting walnuts and shoving them in his pockets... he was worried squirrels would come take them from him. At one point he yelled across the playground, “Mom! My walnuts are in my pockets!”. Boys. … [Read more...]

It Warms My Heart…

I love it when Emma &/or Ethan do little things out of the blue to show me they love me. Emma is working on her writing skills and I stumbled on her playing around on her dry erase board. … [Read more...]

Project 366 | February 10 | Same Song Second Verse…

Project 366 Friday February 10, 2012 Same Song Second Verse… Many of you know that last Tuesday, January 31, my Dad had a shunt revision for his hydrocephalus. This went well for several days and then his vision blurred, his memory failed and he slept more than he was awake. He had his follow up on Friday and the doctor sent him back over to the hospital for another shunt revision. This time they replaced the entire shunt including valve and … [Read more...]

Project 366 | February 7 | How Many Bubbles?

Project 366 February 7 How Many Bubbles? I decided to throw caution to the wind and allow the kids to have pancakes for dinner. My husband’s Dad used to tell him that a pancake was ready to flip when it had (fill in the blank) bubbles in it. It made me smile… … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Feb. 6 | By the Light of the Moon

Project 366 February 6 By the Light of the Moon OOOOoooooo how I wish for a “good” camera to get the actual colors of the moon, but alas my point and shoot will have to suffice. The sky was so clear and the moon nice and bright tonight. You’d never know a small winter storm is headed our way! … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 32 | Time to Heal

Project 366 Day 32 Time to Heal Pretty crazy has small the incision is. He got his bandages off today and was allowed to shower. … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 31 | Papa is Silly

Project 366 Day 31 Papa is Silly My Dad is staying with us for observation after his surgery and his spunk is returning. Here is Ethan’s reaction to one of Papa’s silly comments. … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 31 | Hanging Glass

Project 366 Day 31 Hanging Glass I noticed while walking into the hospital a large piece of glass artwork hanging from the ceiling. The photo is poor as it was from my phone, but still pretty. … [Read more...]

Project 366 | Day 30 | On His Way

Project 366 Day 30 On His Way I tried to post this from my iPad and had a horrible time of it. I know I’m behind, but here is a photo from Tuesday night. After waiting 8 hours past the time quoted for his surgery, he is finally being prepped and his smile is returning. A day of stress turns to relief that it’s almost over. … [Read more...]