The London 2012 Paralympic Games Schedule | #VisaGoWorld

Just last night my 5 year old daughter asked me if we could watch the Olympics. She was sad to hear that they were over. She will be thrilled to hear that the London 2012 Paralympic Games are starting today! The International Paralympics Committee (IPC) will be showing 780 hours of live action via, so check out the action and continue cheering for Team VISA Athletes.  US Team Visa athletes Jessica Long will be swimming … [Read more...]

Let’s Send Team VISA Athletes Some CHEER! [CLOSED GIVEAWAY]

It’s beyond incredible the training and effort that goes on behind the scenes before an athlete makes it to a competition. I think a lot of the general public has no clue that some athletes will train 7 days a week 365 days a year... for years to achieve their goals. One of my favorite events to watch is swimming and I am a bit partial to Michael Phelps. Here is a quick video about his journey to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Let me just say, … [Read more...]

The London 2012 Olympic Games Are COMING!| Join the GLOBAL CHEER | [CLOSED GIVEAWAY]

OurKidsMom has joined forces to help cheer on the summer athletes of the London 2012 Olympic Games. I know many of you are like me vocalizing your excitement for the games in the privacy of your own living room. If only these athletes could hear us cheering and screaming for their success from the other side of the television, right?   Well, here’s our chance. Team VISA has set up a Global Cheer app to help us send our cheers! Even top … [Read more...]

US Olympic Swim Trials Wrap Up Monday July 2 | Twitter Party |#SwimToday

Have you been watching? This week has been chock full of US Olympic Swim Trials. The best of the best are going head to head for a spot on the US Olympic team. We were able to watch a couple of nights and of the four of us sitting on the couch watching... none of us could take our eyes off the races! It’s so hard to describe how watching a swim race makes you feel. To me, it’s exhilarating, adrenaline pumping, emotional and just plane … [Read more...]

Summer Olympic Time Trials | USA Swimming & | #SwimToday

The summer Olympics are quickly approaching and OurKidsMom has teamed up with USA Swimming / to keep you up to date with the latest information regarding team USA and their activities. Last week I was honored to be apart of an awesome group conference call with two iconic Olympic swimmers as well as a couple of wonderful ladies from USA Swimming. - Karen Linhart, USA Swimming Public Relations and Social Media Director - Jamie … [Read more...]