Wordless Wednesday | Then and Now Photos

Wordless Wednesday | Then and Now Photos The kids and I went back to a local farmstead this summer for a day of fun. On the way out my oldest daughter reminded me we had taken photos in front of the waterfall when the kids were little. So, we decided to take them again. I wish I had remembered where they were sitting, but this is a close reenactment. … [Read more...]

Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Emmaline

Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Emmaline Today is our sweet Emmaline’s 7th birthday. It seems like yesterday I spent my days snuggling in bed with her entranced in her sweet baby smell. She quickly transformed into our little busy toddler that lit up the room with her smile and could bring on the clouds with her sad face. It took a little persuading on our part, but she finally took to her role of big sister and relishes in the fact … [Read more...]

Happy Fifth Birthday to Ethan!

Happy Fifth Birthday to Ethan! It’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that my sweet baby boy is turning 5 today! It seems like just yesterday I was walking (and walking) trying to get him out... now he won’t stop growing! Ethan’s first “real” picture. I just love profile sonogram shots :). My last photograph pregnant. Here I am in the elevator on the way up to labor & delivery! Here he is minutes old, meeting me for … [Read more...]

Our Holiday Weekend

Our Holiday Weekend   Our holiday weekend started out with a bang (sorry, couldn’t resist). The kids were super pumped to see the fireworks as well as spending time with their friends.  Our cal-de-sac has traditionally been active on the 4th at night, this year was no exception. If anything, more families were celebrating. The displays were fun and some were surprising... I actually think Ethan got a little more … [Read more...]

I’m Having a Moment | Conflicts Frustration & Cravings

It’s only Tuesday and I’ve cried or been near tears too many times to count this week. Let’s start with frustration. I mentioned earlier that we have started to eat cleaner foods... more organic, non-GMO, whole foods. That combined with eating a vegetarian diet has taken a wide assortment of food selections and narrowed it to a tiny window. At least it felt like a tiny window the other night. It’s typical for me to get frustrated a couple of … [Read more...]

New Year …. New Changes | Shift in Duties | More Recipes & MORE

New Year .... New Changes If you are a regular reader of OurKidsMom, you might have noticed that our normal activity level has dropped significantly over the past few weeks. I had intended it to just last through the holiday break so I could enjoy having my entire family home at the same time but it somehow ended up being almost an entire month of slow activity. You know something is up when there are only 3-6 giveaways going at once, right? … [Read more...]

Keeping the Christmas Traditions Alive

Keeping the Christmas Traditions Alive Christmas is coming and my mind is turning already to what I'm going to add to the holiday this year to give it that special touch. I want to continue with some of the traditions I grew up with but now that I have a family and children I want to add some special traditions that are for our family. Growing up, the first day of December my mom would bring out our Santa chimney advent calendar where it would … [Read more...]

Birthdays Are More Fun With CHUGGINGTON! | Party Supplies & Cake

The folks in the Chuggington Conductor headquarters heard that Ethan was having a 4th birthday party and decided to send him a few things to make it more fun. Namely, Chuggington party supplies and CAKE! There is an entire Hallmark line of dinner/dessert plates, lunch/beverage napkins, invitations, thank you notes and stickers to tie the theme together and get the party on track. All of them have Chuggington trainees including Brewster, Wilson … [Read more...]

Ethan’s 4th Birthday | Recovering Deleted Photos

Today (Saturday) was Ethan’s 4th birthday. To make it extra special we took him to play at The Track in Branson, MO (review to come later). We had a long, hot but fun day. In a hurry to clear my memory card so I could join the family at the pool I thought I transferred my photos to my hard drive. I reformatted my memory card so I had a clean slate for the pool photos. Tonight when I went to find the photos... they were nowhere to be found. As … [Read more...]

Twenty-One Years Ago | Five Days | Forever In Our Hearts #infantloss

Twenty-one Years Ago… Our lives changed Forever. (My first time holding Emilee… and one of our very few “family” photos.)  Our sweet angel baby Emilee Camille was born. Twenty-one years ago... it seems like yesterday, but again it seems like a lifetime ago... almost dreamlike. Who would she have looked like? What would her personality have been like? What talents, likes and dislikes would she have had? Millions of questions go through … [Read more...]