Hacks For Getting The Kids To Sleep Through The Night

Hacks For Getting The Kids To Sleep Through The Night One of the biggest torture devices of parenthood is sleepless nights. From the moment you bring your baby home from the hospital until they are of preschool age, you don’t sleep. The only way that you can get some shut eye as a parent, especially a parent of young children, is to take the night shifts one at a time and try and snatch sleep where you can. The trouble with the phrase … [Read more...]

Seven of the Best Toys for Getting Kids Playing Outdoors

Seven of the Best Toys for Getting Kids Playing Outdoors With so many screens vying for kids’ attention, it’s no surprise that outdoor activity is on the decline among children. It’s reached the point that kids spend less time outdoors than prisoners. A survey from Unilever asked 12,000 parents about their children’s outdoor play. The survey revealed that children only spend about an hour a day outside. The health concerns over children’s … [Read more...]

25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas Your Kids Will Love

25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas Your Kids Will Love Elf on the Shelf has become on the biggest internet sensations this century. Parents near and far have brought these magical creatures into their home to wreck havoc during the night and bring order during the day. I’m assuming you’ve jumped on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon, but has your idea pool run dry? Have no fear! We’ve searched the web to find 25 Elf on the Shelf ideas that your … [Read more...]

Saving For College #TakeSimpleSteps

Thank you to Country Financial for sponsoring this conversation. All opinions are my own. I am one of those moms that has been around the block when it comes to sending kids off to college. Two of our four children have attended college now, both at different institutions, and we have about seven more years until our third heads that direction. We learned a few things the (very) hard way when it comes to paying for college, but it doesn't … [Read more...]

How To Help Your Parents Prepare For Old Age

How To Help Your Parents Prepare For Old Age   When you’re little, it seems impossible that your parents will ever change. But as you start to get older, the becomes a point when you realize that your parents are getting old too. And that can be a scary realization to have. One day, they’re as they’ve always been. And the next, they seem elderly and less able to cope with things as they once were. When the time comes, it’s important … [Read more...]

Talking Sense When It Comes To Looking After Your Kid

Talking Sense When It Comes To Looking After Your Kid The day you signed on to become a parent is the day you signed on to protect your kid from all the harm you possibly can. You’re like Batman protecting Gotham City, except you don’t get to wear a cool outfit and Gotham is in fact just your child. Still, despite these slight nuances, your responsibilities are no less important. In fact, if anything, they probably way slightly heavier on … [Read more...]

Becoming A Single Mom: What You Need to Know  

Being A Single Mom: What You Need to Know   In a perfect world, people who want children would have them without running into any problems. However, life is not and has never been that simple. Decades ago, women would settle down with someone they didn’t necessarily consider a life partner just to be able to become mothers. In today’s modern age, women are no longer constricted to the old-fashioned rules of having to be married in order … [Read more...]

Recognizing Sensitivities in Children

Recognizing Sensitivities in Children Children can have a wide variety of different types of sensitivities. In fact, it’s difficult to list them all. They include sensitivity to foods, sensitivity to medicines (like penicillin or aspirin) and sensitivity to different chemicals in common household products. Moreover, each type of sensitivity requires a completely different set of protocols to cope with the issue. Sensitivities are not always … [Read more...]

Apartment Family Life Has Many Advantages

Apartment Family Life Has Many Advantages The Luxury Apartment Route Families are expensive. There’s no other way around it. You’re going to end up paying more over time. For that reason it often makes sense to buy into a mortgage on a home, as at least your monthly payments are securing your investment in that property. However, sometimes neighborhoods decline in value, or flat-out change. In San Francisco especially, there has been … [Read more...]

Traveling with Twins on Planes

Two to Kiss, Two to Love: Traveling with Twins on Plane  The “Two to Kiss, Two to Love” series is a helpful series on BabyCubby for all you twin mamas out there! This guest post was written by Jackie Hall, mom to three: twin infants and a three year old daughter. As I write to you, I’m on vacation with my parents in California. We plan to do Disneyland next week, but in the meantime, are visiting with my mom’s friend, Robyn. … [Read more...]