7 Things Parents Can Do To Relax 

Parenthood can seem so stressful at times that you are tempted to quickly pack a small bag, book a ticket to Tahiti, and leave a note behind saying, "Good luck in your future endeavors. I'm sorry, but I just needed a break. Here's $200 for lunch money for a month until I get back."  Of course, you don't really do that, but most parents can totally sympathize. This is why one of your primary duties is not only to raise healthy, well-adjusted … [Read more...]

Parent Power Play: Benefits of Splitting Family Duties at Home

If you’re a parent, there’s probably a stereotype about you. Maybe you’re the mom who is supposed to do it all, or you might be the hapless husband.  Or, just maybe, you’re the “mean one” while your partner is the “weak link.” As infuriating as these stereotypes are, they seem to be everywhere.    Thankfully, most people know better than to try and live the stereotype. After all, families are stronger when parents present a united front as … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for Your Baby’s First Christmas 

This is an exciting time for new parents. Celebrating your baby’s first holidays only comes once, and you’ll want to be prepared to document as much as possible, so you won’t miss anything and that you’ll have plenty of events to document!   Christmas can also be a stressful time for first-time parents. There are so many choking hazards on that Christmas tree, and the holiday season is also a season when colds run rampant. Bundle up your … [Read more...]

Family Issues that Could Impact Your Child’s Health 

Common family issues could severely impact both your child’s emotional and physical health, leaving them susceptible to long-term conditions throughout their lives. Although these issues are common and mostly unavoidable, you can take action to prevent any lasting impact on your child’s wellbeing and outlook on life while the experience is happening.   Divorce or Separation  Although growing up in a happy and stable home can have positive … [Read more...]

Frequently Needed Parenting Resources

Whether you’re a brand new parent or have been responsible for your youngsters for a while now, you can attest to a constant need for answers, resources, help, assistance, guidance, something entertaining and someone to listen. Babies get tummy aches, earaches, cry for reasons we as parents don’t always understand or know how to help fix, and normal life stuff like bug bites in the summer that require a bit different ointments than what adults … [Read more...]

Different Types of Outdoor Play Equipment for Kids and Their Benefits

Children are naturally adventurous and inquisitive beings who enjoy exploring their environments reason why you will always see them up and about touching one thing or the other. Majority of kids love staying outdoors because there are so many things which they can enjoy outside especially playing in the lawn. Having a play center in a corner of the yard can be a very great idea to keep the kids busy and there are several types of playgrounds … [Read more...]

Does Writing a Thank You Note Really Matter? 

​As it turns out, people enjoy receiving thank you notes. In fact, a study led by two psychologists revealed participants were ecstatic to receive thoughtful thank you notes, scoring a happiness rating of 4 out of 5.  The length or quality of the writing didn't necessarily matter. What did matter, however, was the warmth and sincerity behind the message. Indeed, as the research indicates, people value being recognized for hard work and … [Read more...]

Best Swimsuit Features for Active Women

If you’re into activities like paddleboarding, surfing, or swimming, not just any bathing suit will do. You need swimwear that will do more than look attractive but be comfortable, provide protection, stay intact, and support you in all the right places. Whether you’re chasing the kids around the pool, swimming laps, or shredding some waves, a bathing suit containing these features below is your best bet.  Coverage Itty bitty bikinis … [Read more...]

Best Automobiles for Seniors

Driving is a rite of passage for every adult, and one that is challenged by the effects of aging later in life. It’s especially important for seniors to invest in a safe vehicle to maintain their ability to drive, and their independence. An average of 20 seniors are killed and 794 injured each day in automobile crashes. The effects of aging can pose serious risks to driving, and because of this, the unique needs of seniors should be considered … [Read more...]

Tips for Taking Care of an Older Dog

If you've been blessed with a dog, you'll likely live with them through their golden years. Even though your dog's care requirements will be different as they age, they have an excellent chance of enjoying these years in happiness. Knowing the best ways to provide care will help ensure that they live lives as fulfilling as possible. Dietary Needs A dog's energy level drops somewhat as they age, making obesity a risk to look out for when … [Read more...]