Zee Cloud Sneakers from Zee Alexis

Zee Cloud Sneakers from Zee Alexis
Sample received. All opinions are my own.

Zee Alexis Sneakers
What lady doesn’t like shoes? Zee Alexis has a fun line of slip on shoes. I was sent the Linda/zee Clouds Neon Red Woven Slip-On Sneakers to try out and of course I couldn’t pass up a pair of shoes that were so fun looking.

My first impression of the Zee Clouds as I took them out of the box was “Wow are these bright and fun”. I love the color of these shoes… it was love at first sight.

Sole of the shoes
These shoes fit real snug on your feet as they are a woven elastic that stretches to put on and hugs your feet to stay on. The bottom of the shoe is a flexible rubber sole, with a memory foam insole. These shoes are like walking on a cloud. Doesn’t matter where I wear these shoes people notice them.

Woven Elastic
Wearing them for the first couple days they do feel tight after a few hours of continuous wear, but the more I wear them the more they are breaking into the shape of my feet.

Wearing the Sneakers
Going from a day at the office to a night of play, the Zee Alexis shoes will give your feet the loving that they deserve. They breathe as your feet move allowing your feet to stay longer in comfort all day.

From Active shoes, flats, sandals, heels and boots Zee Alexis has your lifestyle covered. From mosaic prints, bright bold colors, to neutral casual wear.  Head over to www.zeealexis.com and pick out a pair or 2 that suits your life style best.


  1. Karen Glatt says

    I love slip on shoes, they are so much easier to put on in a hurry, and these are really cute and I like that they have a memory foam insole to give a lot of foot support.

  2. Nicole Dziedzic says

    The memory foam insole makes these great for walking around in for a long period or time and the style and colors are nice.

  3. Melissa S says

    These are really cute and look comfortable. I would get them in purple and charcoal though.

  4. Anne says

    Love these sneakers! As you said, they certainly look bright and fun, and the fact that they’re comfortable is the cherry on top. Thanks for the review. I’m on my way to check out their website.

  5. Dandi D says

    These look like wonderful comfy shoes for the summer!

  6. Sarah L says

    Such fun shoes! I like comfortable shoes and these would be great.

  7. I’ve had several pairs of these and loved them. Used for walking my high energy dog 2-4 miles a day. Very comfortable! But, the memory foam flattens down and the tread wears out (disappears). Half the walking we do is on soft trails and the other half on pavement. Somewhere around 130 miles- there’s no foam to speak of and the tread is so far gone, I can feel each and every pebble. Time to toss them and break out a new pair!

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