Zazoo Photo Clock For Kids Helps Kids Know When To Wake

Zazoo Photo Clock

Disclosure: Zazoo sent us a photo clock to review. All opinions are 100% my own.


I have tried many sleep solutions for Emma and Ethan in the past. Most have worked, but the effect eventually wore off because it was mostly just a generic visual yes or no you can get up signal. Both Emma (age 6 1/2) and Ethan (age 5) are into reading (or trying to read) the clock and are fully aware of time. When Zazoo Kids offered to send us a photo clock, I did a little research about their product and found that it was more than just a sleep clock and knew that Ethan would respond well.


I purposefully tried to set up the clock without reading the directions to see just how intuitive it was… and I had little difficulty. Above you can see the options that are customizable including the clock and alarm settings, photos, music and even video.


My first mission was to program the photo clock to serve as a sleep timer. Choosing a wake-up and sleep photo was simple. You can choose from a few of the already pre-loaded photos, or customize using your own with a memory card or USB cord.

Customize with your own photos

Parents can personalize the “awake” and “sleep” images so their own child is the star. Just upload personal pictures then select. You can always chose to use the pre-programmed options.

Personalize your Child’s clock with their own name

Now you can download night and day alarm photo images with your child’s name on it!


Here is the pre-loaded photo screen options. As you can see, there are a couple of daytime photos to choose from and several night time photos.


After choosing my photo and setting the time, I also programmed the day and night times to trigger the photos. Above you can see that this would mean that Ethan needs to stay in bed. I love that it also shows the time, so he can actually get a feel of “when” in the night it is.


photo credit Zazoo Kids

Children of all ages will love that they can display some of their favorite photos on their photo clock. This makes it more personal and will help encourage them to actually use the clock and not ignore it.

Photo Frame

The ZAZOO Photo Clock frame has a kid-friendly design with an easy to view screen. Kids will love to see themselves in pictures. Upload, view and rotate your favorite photographs of family and friends. A supplied remote control lets you easily navigate the photos.

  • Photo Viewer
  • 7-inch TFT LCD
  • File formats: JPG, BMP
  • Supports photo rotate
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in alarm, calendar and clock
  • Resolution: 480 x 234
  • High speed USB 2.0 jack
  • Supports: Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (MS)


If you happen to have set schedules where your child needs a wake up call, the Zazoo Photo Clock can do that for you as well!


Your child can use their photo clock as a traditional clock with an audio alarm. The clock comes with display options that may include the time only or time and date. There are several options for the audio alarm tone including ringing, beeping or waking to music. You can use one of the pre-loaded songs for the alarm tone or wake to any song of your choice by simply pressing a button on the included remote control while listening to that song.


The Zazoo Photo Clock is a fully customized sleep helper… and a little bit more. For the older child, Zazoo can also be used as a multimedia device.

Kids of all ages love the multi-media features of the ZAZOO Photo Clock.

Listen to music and audio books on your ZAZOO Photo Clock through the speakers or use the headphone jack. Using the included USB you can download to the memory of the photo clock or use the SD or flash card slots to listen to your favorite tunes, listen to an audio book or watch a video. Volume can be adjusted by using the included remote control or the touch panel on the back of the photo clock.


Ethan has been using the Zazoo Photo Clock for a couple of weeks now and loves it. Not only does he have a visual clue as to when he is expected to be in bed or can come out, he has a digital clock that tells him what time it is. We haven’t ventured into the “older kid” features like the music player because Ethan has been terribly hard on his electronics lately, but as he gets older I can see him enjoying choosing a song to listen to or choosing a special photo for viewing.


Having a device to help your child understand day and night not only allows them to get more sleep, but it also allows mom and dad to catch a few more z’s as well. This helps create healthy sleep patterns for everyone involved! I like that the photo clock goes beyond the visual stimulus and allows personalization and customization. Making the clock “their own” helps connect them with it and makes them want to use it even more.


Our only issue we’ve had with the photo clock in the few weeks we’ve been using it is that it seems to function on the same level as our Roku remote. I believe it is the back button on the Roku remote that turns the photo clock off, which at first freaked Ethan out. Once we figured it out, it was no big deal to either manually turn it back on with the power button on the back or find the appreciate button the Roku remote.

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