Your 48 Hour Guide to Bali 

Your 48 Hour Guide to Bali 

So, you only have 48 hours and you want to enjoy natural beauty, cultural serenity, and adventures of Bali in that limited time? Well, if you ask for an honest reply – a lifetime is shorter to completely admire every unique characteristic of Bali. But, we know it’s not practical to spend your entire life discovering a single tourist destination. So, here we are giving you a guide to utilize your 48 hours in Bali and make the best out of it.  

Before we proceed to your 48 hours itinerary for Bali, we will like you to check for the lowest airfare from Delhi to Bali because of every penny matters when you are going on an international trip.  

Get rid of your jet lag at Kuta beach – Normally, we suggest heading to your accommodation after landing on your tour destination. But, here we will suggest you to directly hit the world famous Kuta beach after landing in Bali. The beach is just minutes away from the airport. So, you can go and relax on the beach while admiring the beauty of the place. The mornings of the beach are not much crowded so you’ll feel very relaxed in the lap of nature.  

Eat to your heart’s content – Whether you want to taste some Balinese delights or eat your all-time favorites, you can get them all without wandering much on the Kuta road itself. If you plan to take the food and eat it at the beach, make sure you do not litter the place.  

Check out high-end shops, boutiques, and restaurants – Now, you can head towards Seminyak and Petitengent, the upscale neighbors of Kuta. If you are the traveler infested with the shopping bug, this place will give you more than expected delight. You can spend your noon checking out shops and boutiques here. And, when you start feeling hungry, you can raid any restaurant in the locality because all of them are great. 

Indulge in water sports – Spend your afternoon playing some water sports including parasailing, sea-walking, flying fish, Jet Ski and all at Nusa Dua. And, if you just want to spend your time lazily, you can get day beds, umbrella, drinks and other lavish facilities for enjoying the sports as a spectator. 

Visit Uluwatu temple – Reach Uluwatu temple before sunset because you cannot find a better sunset view from any point in Bali. If you get lucky, you can also enjoy a traditional dance performance by the locals as it is often held at late afternoons. 

Enjoy the nightlife at Ubud – Although there are many places in Bali where you can enjoy the nightlife, Ubud is particularly popular. After having your dinner you can get a little high and enjoy the night. Later you can retire to your accommodation. 

Walk through the rice terrace – Wake up early in the morning and start exploring the beauty of Ubud. The calm serenity of Ubud will surprise you after enjoying the loudness of its nightlife. You can either choose to walk or hire a bicycle to roam around the villages and rice fields, especially the renowned rice terrace. 

Visit the classes held in Ubud – As you don’t have much time, you won’t be able to actually join any classes. But, it’s a good idea to visit various art and cooking classes held for tourists. There’s no dearth of an eatery in Bali so keep eating whenever you feel hungry. 

Visit famous museums and temples of Ubud – You can spend your entire day visiting museums like Agung Rai Museum, Neka Art Museum, and the Blanco Museum. Once your visits to museums are over, you can head towards the Ubud Monkey Forest which serves both as a reservoir and sacred temple.  

If you still are left with some energy and enthusiasm, you can again enter into Bali’s nightlife. When you board your plane the next morning, you’ll definitely have your own itinerary list in mind for your next trip to Bali. 

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