Worms in Dirt | Halloween Recipe | Disney’s Frankenweenie Inspired

Worms in Dirt | Halloween Recipe

Enjoy this FRANKENWEENIE inspired recipe just in time for the release of the film this Friday, October 5th

Screen shot 2012-09-30 at 11.21.37 AM


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Disclosure: Nothing was received in exchange for this post. I thought it was fun and wanted to share!


  1. oomph. says

    thanks for sharing this! i always forget about this idea, but i really want to make it this year.

  2. Bethany M says

    My kids would love this, and it’s something that wouldn’t tempt me to break my Atkin’s diet!!!

  3. That is just too cute! Thanks for sharing the ideas. Need to get busy making some of these things for the granddaughters.

  4. Thanks for sharing. This was one of my favorite treats growing up.

  5. Michelle F. says

    My nephew loves gummies. He would totally love this.

  6. Amber Nara says

    This is so stinkin cute!!! I love it! I just don’t know if I could find the small planters in time?? So I guess I will just have plastic cups! I wanted some for decoration tho too…lol I am gonna check lowes and home depot!!

  7. Ashley says

    Looks very yummy and creative, I will be making this for dessert for the family!

  8. jamie braun says

    have loved this since i was a kid! now i love making it with my daughters

  9. Shannon says

    Oh pudding! I have only ever seen it done with crushed oreos! How smart, hold it all together. I love dirt and worms myself….shhhh! dont tell the kids!

  10. Very cute idea! The girls would absolutely love these. Thanks.

  11. marissa lee says

    this is so cute..you have the most wonderful ideals…thank you for sharing.

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