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Worlds of Fun has been a part of my life/memories as far back as I can remember. I have fond memories of visiting the park for my birthday with a few friends and riding the big coasters over and again. So when we were asked if we’d like to attend the opening weekend and bring our kids I couldn’t say no!


Worlds of Fun is an amazing way to spend Spring Break because it has so much to offer for every member of the family. From roller coasters and thrill rides to Planet Snoopy for the little ones in your life… it’s the ultimate in family fun.


We took our kids a few years back and Planet Snoopy was “the place” they wanted to hang. There are so many choices for the kids that provide non-stop giggles and smiles. This year Planet Snoopy added five new family rides to their list of offerings:


* Woodstock Gliders – Young guests control their own flight with moveable wings.

* Snoopy Space Buggies – Defy gravity and bounce to the moon and back.


* Beagle Brigade Airfield – Get your aviators glasses ready for a high-flying adventure with Snoopy. (formerly titled Flying Ace)

* Linus Launcher – Experience the sensation of weightlessness through flight with feet dangling

* Snoopy Junction – All aboard! Snoopy the conductor leads kids on a railroad adventure.


Because Emma and Ethan have finally surpassed the magical height to ride the big rides, Worlds of Fun felt like a whole new world to them. They truly felt like first timers. After their warm up in Camp Snoopy we headed for the big rides… the Mamba was the first coaster they wanted to conquer.


This roller coaster has been on Emma’s list of things she wanted to do for years. During our last visit she was sad to find out she was just a fraction of an inch too short. This time she knew this was her year. She excitedly chattered about it during our short wait and right before it was our turn she became just a little anxious.


I am happy to say that not only Emma made it through still smiling, but her younger brother can now boast he conquered the Mamba as well.


Another first that both children wanted to experience was the Patriot. This was a completely different ride for them because the seats hang under the track and you actually go upside down.


Ethan was a little apprehensive about this coaster and so Dad talked him through what to expect and pointed out other children riding that were actually smaller than him.

I will be honest and admit that I “might have” done a little screaming on this ride. It’s been several years since I’ve been on a coaster and this one was fast … but so smooth! As we walked down the off ramp Emma was jumping up and down asking to ride again. Ethan… he quietly said he would pass.


Once we hit up the must ride coasters the family had a relaxing day of milder, but still as fun, rides. Spinning rides have always been my “thing” since childhood, so I joined the kids on the Scrambler. Both children knew they enjoyed this ride from our last trip so we were all smiles from the beginning.


If you don’t mind a little water, you can’t pass up the Viking Voyager with the kids. This ride has been around since my childhood and I remember riding it over and over because that last hill and big splash were worth it. As you can see from my children’s faces, they loved it as well…. but it looks like Dad got most of the water this time.


Grown ups, big kids, little kids and in between… we all had a blast during our family fun day at Worlds of Fun. We’re even considering purchasing season passes!

Why? Depending on which level Season Pass you purchase, it can pay for itself in as little as two visits!

Single day tickets are also available on the Worlds of Fun site or at the entrance.

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  1. I’m with you on this. I love to spend time with my son and daughter too. Just love how joyful and happy they are whenever I took them to Disneyland.

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