Wordless Wednesday : Sleeping Angels

My two have been messing around in their rooms at nap time and are falling asleep later and later. I have to wake them at 5:00 so that they will still go to sleep at bedtime. This particular time they looked especially sweet…


Notice.. one sock off, Caillou under his arm, 2 babies next to him, his pink and blue Sleep Sac (those are his “lovies”) and his Cars backpack behind him (full of Hot Wheels). This is why it takes so long to fall asleep.


If only she were this serene all the time… (more on that later) 




  1. awe, your daughter looks so peaceful here! Don’t you love this time, when you can see their innocence. I just want to bottle it up and save it for when they’re awake.

  2. Brett says

    LOVE sleeping cuties!! I’m LOL at his collection. my three year old..he has babies he sleeps with, and a shark, spiderman, plus various other items.

  3. My favorite time of day 🙂 LOL So sweet!

  4. Kids always look so sweet when they are sleeping!

  5. Deborah says

    Such sweeties when they’re sleeping.

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