Wordless Wednesday : Sleep

Sleep… it is something that has been lacking at our house lately.

The kids just are not wearing themselves out being cooped up in the house.

Until this day…



  1. Precious picture…hopefully mommy got caught up on her sleep too!

    • Thank you Becky Jane! Nope, I am STILL sleep deprived. It never fails. 9pm I tell the older kids good night and the house is sooooo quiet. I sit down to read “one more email” and the next thing I know it’s 11pm. Oh well! lol

  2. Deborah says

    Oh, poor thing, That can’t be a comfortable place to sleep.

    • Hi Deborah :O). She didn’t seem to mind… at least the carpet is soft LOL. We woke her and showed her where her bed was :O)

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