Wordless Wednesday… FIRST SNOW!

The first snow of 2011!

Monday greeted us with a nice steady snowfall of 5-8 inches (and a snow day from school!)


Ethan helping to scoop the snow off his sister’s car.


Emma’s telling me she’s ready to hit the snow!


Ethan snagged a free ride out of the deep end…


His cheeks are so chapped because he fell face first in the snow. Poor guy walked like the stay puff marshmallow man!


Undisturbed snow is so peaceful…


It’s only 2:00 pm and it’s going to snow all day!



  1. Love those rosy little cheeks! Next time slather some cold cream on them before going out to keep them from chapping!

  2. Deborah says

    Oh you do have lots of snow. We only got a little bit, but boy is it cold! -8 this morning.

    • We got a little more after those pictures. We’ve been out of school all week, too. Today was mainly because it was too cold for the buses to start. Fingers crossed for tomorrow! lol

  3. Dana R says

    Aww so cute! We are the only state without snow 🙁
    btw great pictures

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