Wordless Wednesday | First Day of School

Wordless Wednesday | First Day of School


It’s so crazy to me how short summer feels now that I’m an adult. In all seriousness… didn’t we start school after Labor Day when we were kids? I seem to remember it was almost September and we got out for the summer at the end of May. I’m not sure how/why the school year is longer, but as the Mom it kind of stinks to only have 2 1/2 months of summer with them.

Anyway, enough ranting. Here is Miss Emma this morning on her first day of 1st grade. It’s incredible how quickly she’s grown. Just last year my baby girl started Kindergarten. I have to make sure not to blink because I’m pretty sure if I do she’ll be starting High School! *sigh*



  1. Jean says

    Too cute! My daughter starts first grade this year too – she’s such a young lady now. I look at her and wonder where my baby went. We have not started school yet, but will in about a week an a half. I have to say I’m actually looking forward to it – juggling summer camps has been hectic!

    • Oh I remember summer camp with my oldest. My other children never had an interest… thank goodness! We’ve been trying to enjoy our time together… I”m surprised I’m not ready to push them out the door actually LOL

  2. Jenny Lloyd says

    Happy 1st Day of 1st Grade!

  3. Sarah L says

    We started school after labor day when I was growing up in a college town. Your daughter is growing up so quickly and she looks lovely for her first day of first grade.

    • Thank you Sarah!
      Yes, we started after Labor Day when I was little, too. The summer felt SOOOO long to me as a kid. Now it flies by!!!

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    Emma is really such a beautiful little girl….seriously! My grandchildren that live in Michigan, will start back school after Labor Day. My grandson went back a couple weeks ago. Times have changed but he was ready being an only child here and doesn’t have a lot of friends to play with and no brothers or sisters. The ones in Michigan however, they aren’t looking forward to going back as much as he did.

    • Thank you Sandy! You made my day :).
      Our cal-de-sac is full of kids, so there is never a dull moment here. The kids were excited, but sad that the pool was still open and they can’t use it all day long. Jealousy will kick in soon when I take Ethan to the pool while Emma is in school, I’m sure.

  5. Julie Wood says

    Your daughter Emma looks so cute in her outfit and I like her shoes. School should not start until after Labor Day, but some places start earlier. The kids in my City do not start until Sept 3.

    • I hate HATE that we start so early :(. Thank you for the compliment. Emma is into total glitter and glam so she HAD to have those shoes LOL.

  6. Rosie says

    I still remember the first day of school for first grade, and how timid I was, and threw up all over the girl next to me who became my best friend! Your little sweetie looks so cute and confident! and cute outfit! Summer does seem too short for the adults!

    • OMG that poor little girl! LOL Good thing she overlooked that :). Emma’s teacher made “jitter juice” for them (sprite, pink lemonade & sherbert) to calm their stomachs. They loved it.

  7. Sarah L says

    Summers are shorter than when I was growing up – 2 1/2 vs 3 months.

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