Wordless Wednesday…. almost

It’s been a while since I shared and I have a few that I couldn’t choose between, so you get three today!

#1… Cat towers… are made for… CATS! (yes, he got his head stuck… and YES I made him wait while I found the camera LOL)


#2 This is Emma & Ethan at her 4 year check-up. They were both acting so cute I had to snap this. She had no clue 3 shots were heading her way down the hall :(.


#3 Remember me mentioning in my CSN post about Ethan taking over his sister’s Little Miss Giggles backpack? That’s it. He drags that thing everywhere and has it stuffed with all of his toy cars. Yes, it weighs as much as him.



  1. transplantedx3 says

    *giggles* I love how we always go for the camera when the kiddos are doing things they shouldn't!! Have a great week!-Amy

  2. jahan says

    NiNiTooN … towitt about your kids …
    best plase for babies and parents ..

  3. Mom vs. the boys says

    oh my gosh that is hysterical, and I love that you made him wait like that! so funny! finally following you back from last weeks travelling through thursday hop! sorry it took so long!

  4. Baba says

    LOL, that's too funny. Poor kid.

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