Winter Snowmen & Poinsettia Cupcakes

Winter Snowmen & Poinsettia Cupcakes

I love holiday themed baked goods. After taking the Wilton cake decorating classes my passion for cakes/cupcakes has grown (I wish my time to make them had!). I wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas/Winter themed cupcakes.


These adorable cupcakes are super simple to make and steal the show.

The snowmen…

swirl pipe a base of white buttercream. Place a marshmallow on top, pipe on the scarf, eyes and nose and place 2 pretzel sticks in for arms… voila!

The poinsettia cupcakes…

using a leaf tip start with a layer of red leaves (I used 9) with 2-3 green leaves. Add a couple more layers of shorter leaves… I did 6 on the 2nd layer and 3 on the top. Put 3 yellow dots on top and sprinkle with Wilton shimmer dust.snowman2





  1. Danielle Jones says

    Those are really cute, my 4 year old saw and now wants to make them. 🙂

  2. Yum! You are so clever. I wish I’d found this yesterday, these would have been perfect for my son’s Christmas party. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Andrina Goetz says

    Such a great idea. I love the marshmellows.

  4. Cami v says

    These are adorable. Marshmallows are such a great idea.

  5. Leigh Anne Borders says

    Very cute! Great idea for my son’s holiday party coming up this week.

  6. Sarah L says

    Love the snowmen. Not sure I could do the flowers ones.

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