WINNERS! Delta, Plants vs Zombies, Halo Sleep Sack, Baby Dipper, Have a Laugh 1&2 DVDs

Thank you everyone for your patience while I take a small break for Emma’s birthday. We had a nice turn out for these giveaways… THANK YOU for taking the time to visit, read and comment. It’s appreciated!!

Now, on to the winners!

The winner of the Delta Faucet is…


Amanda West said… 68

Daily vote on top mommy blogs


The THREE winners of a free download of Plants vs Zombies is…


Viva said… 120

I subscribe via rss feed #2


Stacey L said… 23

entered Little ones Books giveaway


Brooke said… 3

I follow on GFC


The winner of the Halo Sleep Sack is…


d said… 156

i like this blog on FB.


The winner of the Baby Dipper is…

Penny W said… 66

entered another giveaway: disney have a laugh

[email me at, user pennywatcher]


The winner of Disney’s Have a Laugh 1 & 2 on DVD is…


Amber L. said… 95

I subscribe via email #2



  1. paulasue says

    Hi Heather, the winner of the Delta Faucet won by her comment of voting daily on Top Mommy Blogs? Are you allowed to count these now? I vote daily, but I just tell you in one of my tweets. Please let me know, I would like to have that extra entry in your giveaways too. Thank you, Paula

  2. Penny W says

    Awesome. Can't wait to try the Baby Dipper. Within hours of sending you my info, I received tracking info from the USPS.

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