Windows and Best Buy Make Buying a New PC Even Easier

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Let’s be honest… do you still have an older computer hanging around that is running XP or Vista? I’ll admit it if you do. With all of the hot new ultrabooks out there, it’s never been a better time to get a new PC or laptop.

One of the biggest hassles/issues people complain about when buying a new PC is how to get their data from their old PC to the new PC. Photos are precious and nobody wants to lose anything in the move!

This month Best Buy and Microsoft have teamed up to help customers save time and money while helping to eliminate the hassle of transferring data from their old PC to the new one.

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Buy a Microsoft Premium Collection PC from Best Buy, and get a FREE data transfer service through the Geek Squad—valued at almost $100! Just bring in your old PC and they will do the dirty work for you!
The Microsoft Premium Collection at Best Buy is a selection of new Windows PCs and Ultrabooks chosen by Best Buy that deliver cutting edge processors and designs, 4GB of memory, plus the reliability of Windows. Premium Collection PCs also include a free 12 month subscription of Kaspersky antivirus protection (a $39.99 value).
Check out Best Buy’s Buy a Laptop or Ultrabook, Transfer Your Data for Free at Best Buy Through Feb. 29 news release for details and join Windows and Best Buy for next week’s #win7tech Twitter chat on Tuesday February 28th at 12pm PST.

Disclaimer: I posted this as part of the Microsoft Windows Champions Blogger program. I did not receive compensation for sharing.

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