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The London 2012 Olympic Games are just around the corner.

Being able to attend and witness the competition LIVE would be a beyond amazing experience.

Imagine the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck standing on end as an athlete like Michael Phelps wins a GOLD MEDAL by one hundredth of a second.

Experiences like that are once in a lifetime.

VISA agrees.

That is why every time you use your VISA card you are entered to win a trip to the Olympic Games FOR LIFE!

Don’t forget to send your daily CHEER on to Team VISA athletes!

It only takes a few seconds and it gives them the boost they need.

Here’s Lauren Mitchell thanking you for your continued cheer!

So next time you are making a purchase… be sure to use your VISA card. Someone is going win… will it be you?


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This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on August 7, 2012.

Disclosure: I am blogging on behalf of Visa’s Team Visa athlete program and receive compensation for my time, but the thoughts, words, and promotions on this page are mine, not Visa’s. The gift card promotions are not sponsored by Visa in any way.


  1. Judy Bradley says

    I cheer for all the Americans!

  2. Kathy Ross says

    I’ve been cheering for Michael Phelps, but I’d like to see anyone from the USA win!

  3. Jill H says

    I’m cheering on Michael Phelps

  4. Claire says

    Michael phelps.

  5. Jemima Puddleduck says

    I’m a general “cheer for America” kind of person since I don’t really have a clue who the actual people are

  6. Michael Phelps!

  7. Moyra says

    We love all the swimmers but especially Ryan Lochette (sp?)

  8. Leslie Havens says

    I am cheering on Michael Phelps.

  9. Terri Ingham-Bollin says

    Michael Phelps!

  10. Laura Royal says

    I’ve been cheering for Michael Phelps

  11. Theresa says

    I’m cheering on Team USA gymnists! 😀

  12. jennifer M says

    all americans esp michael phelps and the basketball team

  13. Everyone from Team USA!

  14. Mary Happymommy says

    I cheered on Nastia Liukin.

  15. Michael Phelps always.

  16. Becky M says

    Michael Phelps!

  17. Lisa Brown says

    Michael Phelps.

  18. Lynda E says

    Love Michael Phelps!

  19. maureen says

    Conor Dwyer of the swim team.

  20. CECEgrandmom says

    VISA – it’s everywhere you want to be – We love our VISA card and our VISA Debit card. This retired Grandma resisted using credit cards or debit cards for a long time. Fear of the World Wide web disappeared when I learne dI could order from safe sites like AMAZON for my grandbaby to be and for my grandchildren’s EASTER, CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAYS, etc. Upcoming wedding had a flurry of VISA purchases for every part of it I could. EASY, SAFE – finally in this century.

  21. Lisa Brown says

    Entry verifications:
    RSS my yahoo reader via email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot cm
    Daily and regular email and newsletter: frangiepani at hotmail dot com

  22. MelodyJ says

    I cheer for the ones who don’t have a real chance of getting any type of metal. Not just the ones from my own country. The experience is what truly motivates them.


  23. Jennifer B says

    cheering for
    Alicia Sacramone

  24. Jennifer says

    michael phelps… he’s the only name I know…

  25. Kj skib says

    All the Americans but I will definitely watch gymnastics and basketball.

  26. Mandi Richeson says

    I’ll be cheering on all the new comer under dogs! There are some very talented people in all countries!!!

  27. Jessie C. says

    I cheered for Michael Phelps

  28. Sumer says

    I’ll be cheering for Michael Phelps and the whole USA team!

  29. Emily says

    I’m cheering Michael phelps.

  30. Cynthia R says

    michael phelps for sure, but i will cheer them all on

  31. Sandy VanHoey says

    I cheered for a couple but Michael Phelps for one

  32. sarah shult says

    Jordyn Wieber – for womens gymnastics

  33. Kim Henrichs says

    Michael Phelps and Eric Shanteau!

  34. D Schmidt says

    All of them but particularly Michael Phelps!

  35. Bonnie F says

    Micheal Phelps!

  36. susan wiener says

    I root for Lauren Mitchell.

  37. Kimberly Bauer says

    I am cheering on Micheal Phelps!

  38. elcane says

    im rooting for everyone its alot of hard work

  39. Adrienne gordon says

    Ryan Loche is who I’ll cheer for.

  40. Amanda Alvarado says

    Today I cheered for Bryan Clay.

  41. Rachel Robertson says

    I picked the United States 🙂

  42. Tamara Budd says

    I’m cheering for Jordyn Wieber.

  43. Theresa J says

    I cheered for Kerri Walsh

  44. Allison B. says

    I’ll be cheering on everyone including Phelps!

  45. Jennifer Hedden says

    I will being cheering for all the American athletes, especially Spenser Mango.

  46. Sara Zielinski says

    I am cheering for Michael Phelps.

  47. matthew b says

    Michael Phelps
    and gymastics

  48. tracee Bass says

    general americans!

  49. Michael Phelps especially but all USA athletes

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  50. Fawn H says

    I will be cheering for the USA especially Michael Phelps

  51. Kris says

    I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Katherine says

    Don’t really know too many of them so will be cheering for the USA

  53. Amanda K. says

    I’ll be cheering on USA as a whole since I don’t know who all of the athletes are yet.

  54. I’m rooting for Ryan Lochte

  55. I cheered on Nastia Liukin.

  56. Margaret Smith says

    I’m cheering on Michael Phelps.
    Thanks so much.

  57. Brynn Dexter says

    Go Michael Phelps!

  58. Kiara says

    Michael Phelps.

  59. Melissa Hartley says

    Michael Phelps for sure but I’m proud of all our Americans!! 🙂

  60. Kathy Rambousek says

    Cheering on Nastia Liukin

  61. Ley says

    I will be cheering for Alicia Sacramone, Jonathan Horton, and the rest of the gymnastics ladies and gents!

  62. Louis says

    I am cheering for Michael Phelps
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  63. Juli Guthrie says

    Nastia Liukin is who I’ve been cheering for.

  64. Victoria R. says

    Ryan Lockte is my favorite! And so cute!

  65. Erika P. says

    Lebron James and the mens basketball team.

  66. Christy says

    I’m cheering on Ryan Lochte

  67. Susan F says

    Gabby Douglas, gymnast

  68. Stephanie says

    Micheal Phelps!

  69. Ann Fantom says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps

  70. Leann Lindeman says

    No one in particular… any USA competitors.

  71. I’m cheering for Michael Phelps.

  72. Mari says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps.

  73. colleen boudreau says

    Michael Phelps!

  74. Dawn H says

    Ryan Lochte!!!!!

  75. Carla Garcia says

    michael phelps : – )

  76. Pinky Sade says

    I’m cheering on Michael Phelps

  77. Christina says

    I am cheering for all of the US athletes!

  78. Ariel Henry says

    I’m cheering for all of the USA athletes!

  79. Melanie Morin says

    I’ll be cheering on all the American athletes but especially the beach volley ones cause I enjoy watching this sport a lot.

  80. Alan Tong says

    I’m cheering for Nastia Liukin and Michael Phelps! Thanks Heather!

  81. Erin Collins says

    I don’t have a particular favorite – I root for all of the Americans.

  82. Allison says

    I’m rooting for Lolo Jones.

  83. Stephanie V says

    I cheer for Americans — period!

  84. Tara Liebing says

    I don’t follow alot of the olympics but I go for all the USA players

  85. Monica Young says

    Micheal Phelps baby!

  86. s riches says

    i am cheering for Brooke Abel

  87. Jordyn Wieber!! Go USA Gymnastics! SOOOOO EXCITED!

  88. DeeAnn S says

    I love gymnastics and will be rooting for Kala Ross. Thanks.

  89. jodi lasher says

    I have always like Michael Phelps. That’s my story and im sticking to it LOL… JKJK

  90. Jaime Nicole says

    Lopez Lomong and Lolo Jones!

  91. Sarah S says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps

  92. mell says

    Lopez Lomong is the athlete I am cheering for. His story is so inspirational.

  93. Debra L. Guillen says

    cheering for Nastia Liukin

  94. April Brenay says

    I cheer USA in all events, no real favs 🙂

  95. Cynthia C says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps and all of team USA.

  96. ronda patrick says

    Michael Phelps has been cheered on by my family since last year, when my 12 year old did a book report about him.

  97. Stephen Saunders says

    I’m not too familiar yet with the athletes; I don’t really keep up with it.

  98. Linda G. says

    I’m cheering all of Team USA

  99. Anna D-G says

    I cheer for the underdog!

  100. Denise S says

    Michael Phelps and all Americans.

  101. Monique Rizzo says

    We love Michael Phelps.
    Thanks for the chance.

  102. Kyl Neusch says

    for Michael Phelps

  103. kelly nicholson says

    Tell me which athlete you are cheering on in the comments section (below) on the blog.

    all the female swimmers from any country baby!..maybe the women volley ball players also..wah,wah,wah

  104. tess says

    Michael Phelps
    tcogbill at live dot com

  105. Michelle S says

    Michael Phelps is who i am cheering for

  106. Linda Lansford says

    I cheer for all the Americans

  107. Suzanne K says

    I’m cheering for the 17 year old US female swimmer, I think her name is Melissa!

  108. Tina says

    We cheer everyone on Team USA..we love gymnastics and swimming most..Micheal Phelps.

  109. Christine says

    cheering on Michael Phelps

  110. Jennifer says

    Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. Love the swimming!

  111. Stephanie Hirsch says

    Michael Phelps definitely, when I was younger and on a swim team, I once went to a swim shop and he was there!! I got his autograph at that time too…over 12 years ago!

  112. Rebecca Graham says

    I will be cheering for Michael Phelps.

  113. Jimmy says

    I’m cheering for all the US athletes

  114. Jackie says

    They are all amazing! Go USA!

  115. micheal phelps
    Thanks for a great contest! Janna Johnson GFC: janna@feedyourpig

  116. Beth Swanson says

    Jordyn Wieber and all the team USA athletes!

  117. Tarah says

    Just Team USA in general! 🙂

  118. I’m cheering for michael phelps!

  119. Kristen says

    I”ll be cheering on diver Kelci Bryant.

  120. Kendal Barriere says

    cheering on michael phelps and the rest of the USA athletes

  121. Danielle Mann says

    I cheered for all of the United States of America!

  122. Audra Weathers says

    I am such a Michael Phelps fan. I loved watching his performance in the last Olympics. I was standing up screaming in front of the TV. GO GO GO!

  123. rooting for the U.S. women’s soccer team

  124. Chrissy Nestor says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps 🙂

  125. Tamra H says

    Michael Phelps 🙂

  126. Elisabeth says

    Michael Phelps!

  127. Ellen Levickis says

    everyone from the USA

  128. Dorothy Doll says

    I am not cheering on any particular person, just all Americans.

  129. Kathlean Owens says

    I’m rooting for Chellsie Memmel, one of our Gymnast. I’m rooting for our whole Gymnastic Team… GO USA!!! All of these girls have worked very hard, Chellsie is the same age as my daughter and I guess I have an attachment with her because of that.

  130. Crystal F says

    Michael Phelps and the double amputee runner. thank you!

  131. Claudia Davis says

    The flying squirrel and the rest of the gymnasts

  132. Wanda McHenry says

    Wow! That’s a hard question but I’m going away from the Phelps things and saying Allyson Felix

  133. I’m cheering for Nastia Liukin

  134. melina r says

    cheering Michael Phelps

  135. Mary Calabrese says

    Lindsey Whalen on the women’s BB team.

  136. Lisa F. says

    The USA gymnastics team.

  137. Ciara says

    cheering for michael phelps

  138. Cindy Merrill says

    I’m cheering for for womens gymnastics, USA team.

  139. debbie jackson says

    micheal phelps debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  140. Michelle C says

    I’ll be cheering for the USA gymnasts! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  141. tam childers says

    Bryan Clay – go team

  142. Kris says

    i would have cheered for Keelin Godsey if he had made the team. I will cheer for Oscar Pistorious of South Africa since he will be the first amputee to compete in the Olympics

  143. Betty says

    every one of them deserve to be cheered – Katie Moss in swimming is from near by.
    Odd thing how some of the athletes become superstars and everyone knows their names. During the winter olympics there was an app you could put in a zipcode and find out which athletes came from that area. Can’t remember where that widget was located, but it was neat way to connect with and support your local olympians

  144. Michael Phelps and all of team USA!!

  145. Jennifer Reda says

    i’m cheering for michael phelps

  146. Jenny Sims says

    I cheer for all of Team USA, but really following the Women’s Volleyball team!

  147. I’m cheering for michael phelps

  148. I’m cheering on Lopez Lomong, the runner.

  149. I love watching the gymmastics, Nastia Liukin

  150. dario says

    Im cheering for all of the men’s basketball team go US

  151. melina r says

    I cheer for the United States of America

  152. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Usain Bolt go crazy and break the 9.5 barrier

  153. Danielle C says

    Michael Phelps! I hope he doesnt give up

  154. clynsg says

    Don’t have any in particular that I cheer for, but would like to see Michael Phelps make his medal goal!

  155. nataly carbonell says

    Go Micheal Phelps!

  156. carey says

    Phelps all the way

  157. Michele L. says

    We’re cheering for the gymnast from Virginia Beach – I think her name is Gabrielle

  158. Stephanie Hungerford says

    I am cheering for the 17 year old american swimmer who won her first Olympic medal and still is in High school she is always smiling. I can not remember her name but she is from Colorado

  159. Jannie Bryant says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps

  160. tracy p. says

    cheering on Michael Phelps

  161. I am cheering on the USA Women’s Gymnastic Team! And Michael Phelps of course:)

  162. nannypanpan says

    i love missy franklin

  163. karen b says

    Micheal Phelps, thanks for the giveaway

  164. Barbara Montag says

    I’m cheering for Lopez Lomong.
    Thank you.

  165. sarah oswald says

    i am cheering on Lopez Lomong

  166. debbie says

    I have been cheering for the American Judo team.

  167. amy deeter says

    i would pick Michael Phelps

  168. Jessica P. says

    Katie Hoff. I don’t know anything about any of them,I’m cheering for her because she has the least

  169. Aimee Fontenot says

    I was definitely cheering for Alexandra Raisman the whole time.

  170. brenda c says

    i feel horrible, i don’t follow particular athletes… i just follow usa results

  171. joni says

    I like Aly Raisman

  172. Lily says

    Missy Franklin!

  173. jennifer cecil says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps.

  174. Kristy Thiel says

    Cheering on Gabby Davis!

  175. Katy says

    I’m cheering on Missy Franklin!

  176. Pat says

    Michael Phelps.

  177. Inez Cegelis says

    I cheer for Team USA

  178. Sarah Hirsch says

    all of team usa!

  179. Lily Kwan says

    I am cheering for Missy Franklin.

  180. Kaitlin says

    Anyone from the US–I just like to watch the competition.

  181. Rita M says

    Cheering on Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh – beach volleyball!

  182. Jennifer says

    I was cheering for the women’s gymnastics team

  183. Kenny F. says

    phelps . thanks!

  184. kelly says

    I cheer on team usa.

  185. Helen Stockwell says

    Michael Phelps… its his last Olympics!

  186. christine jessamine says

    michael phelps!

  187. Jason says

    Misty May Trainer

  188. Geoff K says

    I’m cheering for Alysson Felix and Andy Murray!

  189. Rooting for Michael Phelps

  190. amy marantino says

    i am cheering for USA soccer

  191. reeva says

    gabby douglas and all the US teams

  192. polly says

    i just love gabby/gymnastics from team USA

  193. Robin says

    I’m cheering on Michael Phelps

  194. Ellen Levickis says

    Michael Phelps
    thanks for great giveaway

  195. I sent a cheer to Alana Nichols

  196. SHAYNA says


  197. Missy L says

    Cheering on Michael Phelps

  198. Daniel M says

    Michael Phelps!

  199. Kim W says

    I am cheering on Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings, I’m actually watching them play right now

  200. Cheering Nastia Liukin!

  201. Alycia M says

    I’m cheering for Missy Franklin and all the other swimmers.

  202. Sylvie W says

    I’m not cheering on any competitor in particular. I wish all the atheletes great success although only a few will win soooooo

  203. wendy wallach says

    cheering michael phelps

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  204. Derek T says

    All of the USA people. Especially Phelps!

  205. Debbie C says

    I cheered for Michael Phelps.

  206. Kristin Miller says

    I am cheering for Michael Phelps!

  207. Jessica says

    I’ve been cheering for the TEAM USA Gymnastics! Thanks for the chance to win!

  208. Eileen Burke says

    Michael Phelps all week!

  209. Denise Donaldson says

    Michael Phelps all the way!

  210. thomas says

    I am cheering for michael phelps

  211. Angela Neynaber says

    Betsey Armstrong!

  212. Nancy Sloan says

    I was cheering for Michael Phelps.

  213. Kaylee Oliver says

    Missy Franklin! 🙂

  214. Rebecca Peters says

    everyone from the us!

  215. JoAn GODFREY says

    morgan euceny!!! she is from a town near me. GO MORGAN. WIN THE 1500!!

  216. Cassandra Eastman says

    Cheering on Phelps!

  217. Michelle W says

    I am cheering on Lolo Jones

  218. Amy H. says

    Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte!

  219. stacy says

    We’ve been cheering on Gabby Douglas.

  220. Jason says

    I was cheering for A.G. Kruger.

  221. natalia ryjova says

    im cheering for Komova and Mustafina and Weiber.

  222. Jennifer Reed says

    Brady Ellison and the rest of the U.S. men’s archery team when they took a silver medal this year.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  223. Erica C. says

    I’m not cheering for anyone in particular…just USA all the way.

  224. Charlee Hall says

    I’ve been cheering for Gabby Douglas

  225. Chrystal J. says

    Team USA and Michael Phelps

  226. Cynthia R says
  227. Belinda Shaw says

    I’m cheering for Gabby Douglas.

  228. Tara says

    michael phelps!

  229. Susan Smith says

    I’ve been cheering for Michael Phelps

  230. Jamie N says

    I just cheer for everyone from the US.

  231. Angela says

    Michael Phelps, thanks!

  232. Joy F says

    I am cheering for michael phelps

  233. Tiffany Salvia says

    Ryan Lochte and all of the USA!

  234. Robby Rob says

    i love Hope Solo!

  235. Kim Reid says

    Michael Phelps – Thanks!

  236. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  237. Karissa H says

    i am cheering for all of the americans we love america

  238. Valeen N says

    I’m cheering on Michael Phelps!

  239. Priscilla says

    Women’s Soccer!!!! Wombach!

  240. Mary Cloud says

    Gabby Davis I think is her name

  241. Woman’s Volleyball…Kerri Walsh

  242. Liane says

    I’m cheering on all Americans

  243. Rachel Newman says

    Gabby Douglas, most definitely!

  244. vanessa says

    Michael Phelps!

  245. Sarah L says

    I cheer for them all. Just making it to the Olympics is a great feat.
    Thanks for the contest.

  246. Carolyn Daley says

    I am not cheering for anyone in particular, but Jordyn Wieber seems very good.

    • Betty Curran says

      Team USA, especially Michael Phelps and the gymnastics teams.

  247. April V. says

    I’ve been cheering on Gabby Douglas but it looks like she doesn’t need my cheers at all! She is excellent on her own.

  248. tracey byram says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps.

  249. Misses Giveaways says

    I cheer for all the USA athletes!

  250. amanda r says

    I cheer for all the athletes!

  251. Alicia Zirjacks says

    I am cheering for Gabby Douglas

  252. Tiffany Greene says

    All of the athletes from the USA!!

  253. Courtnie says

    Jen Kessy & April Ross

  254. Jeanette H. says

    Any USA contenders (:

    • Jeanette H. says

      It timed out so I didn’t see that it posted. Sorry, didn’t mean to post twice

  255. Jeanette H. says

    I cheer for all USA contenders (:

  256. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Like most Americans – I am thrilled Michael Phelps has already reached the stars and beyond. My heart and hopes are now focused on the all-around amazing Gabby Douglas – she is magnificent proof that the American Dream is still alive and kicking! Go Gabby!

  257. Amy says

    Gabby Douglas!!

  258. Lisa says

    Aly Raisman *Gymnastics*

  259. susan smoaks says

    i really enjoyed watching michael phelps!

  260. Karen says

    Lots of them, actually the women’s soccer team, Gabby, Michael Phelps . . . pretty much all of them. GO USA!

  261. michelle riebeek says

    Gabby! The gymnast.

  262. McKim says

    I’ve cheered on Missy Franklin.

  263. thischickwins says

    all of Team USA

  264. Patrice says

    I’m cheering on Gabby Douglas.

  265. mary j says

    Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh

  266. Paula Tavernie says

    Her first name is Abby! They all her the Flying Squirrel she does gymnastics!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  267. kathy pease says

    im cheering on michael phelps 🙂

  268. Sarah Yurga says

    Michael Phelps is my man!!

  269. Heather S says

    All of them but I cheered for Phelps and gabby

  270. Shannon says

    mostly I cheer for those in swimming and gymnastics since those are my favorites

  271. Amy Woods-Smith says

    I’ve been cheering for Nathan Adrian.

  272. Debra F says

    I’ve been cheering on Gabby Jones

  273. Robert Pyszk says

    Michael Phelps for president! Well I mean just cheering for him to do his best! 😀

  274. Liz Neal says

    Michael Phelps.

  275. Ben J says

    I’m cheering for Michael Phelps 🙂

  276. Breanne says

    Michael Phelps.

  277. Shakeeta W says

    I’m cheering for everyone!

  278. Penny B W says

    I’m a big Michael Phelps fan!

  279. Dawn Reid says

    I’m cheering on Michael Phelps

  280. Lyndsey R. says

    Serena Williams.

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  281. Im cheering for the US gymnastics team.

  282. michelle colon says

    i was cheering for michael phelps!

  283. r hicks says

    I am cheering Michael Phelps
    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  284. r hicks says

    subscribe via email using ardy22 at earthlink dot net

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  285. Michelle P says

    I have been cheering for Misty and Kerry! Love a good American story!

  286. Lisa Fonseca says

    Michael Phelps, of course!

  287. Charity S says

    I’m cheering for Gaby Douglas.

  288. julie hawkins says

    I’m cheering for michael phelps

  289. Rosey says

    I was cheering on Phelps, and now I’m cheering on Bolt.

  290. Lisa L says

    I cheered for my fellow Marylander Michael Phelps!

  291. shirley zolenski says

    Just the American team really

  292. Trisha McKee says

    I am definitely cheering on Michael Phelps!

    tridingermckee at gmail dot com

  293. Carly says

    I’ll be cheering for Michael Phelps.

  294. sheryl cullum says

    I’m cheering on Michael Phelps

  295. Veronica Garrett says

    I cheered for Michael Phelps.

  296. William S. says

    anyone BUT michael Phelps.

  297. mike b says

    Lochte all the way, phelps is too cocky

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