The Original Christmas Classics on Blu-ray [CLOSED Giveaway]



The cute and family-friendly box set contains four of the most beloved holiday TV specials of all time, including the Rankin/Bass classics “Frosty the Snowman,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” and “Frosty Returns.” Watching these iconic TV specials are part of the American holiday tradition, just like baking cookies or trimming the Christmas tree!  The holiday season just wouldn’t be the same without them…

I was thrilled when I was offered this boxed set of some of my favorite Christmas memories. I remember as a child being beyond thrilled when these would air because I knew Christmas was right around the corner. Now my family can snuggle up and watch Frosty dance through town, Rudolph save Christmas or watch Santa come on into town anytime we wish. These are videos I will be passing down to my children’s children Smile.


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    1. evelyn goettner says

      My favorite memory is watching these with my mom,dad and brother while drinking hot chocolate and eating homemade cookies.

    2. brooke t says

      I remember watching these as a little kid!

    3. Mary Beth Elderton says

      We eagerly awaited these shows every year in my childhood–long before VCR’s or DVD’s (or even cable TV! My son loved these, too-though we had a VCR by then, not all the shows were available. Now it’s my grand-kids’ turn. I’d love to introduce them to these great shows!

    4. jessica edwards says

      watching rhwm w my family as a kid

    5. Jaime says

      I love watching Rudolph every year with my kids and singing along with the songs!

    6. Audrey Griffis says

      i love frosty the snowman we look for it on tv every year we’d love to have our own copy to watch over and over again- i still look forward to the 25 days of christmas on tv and i’m 32

    7. sarah shult says

      I loved watching rudolph as a child

    8. As a child my family and I looked forward to watching these shows when they were on tv – we didn’t have dvds or blu-rays back then. It was incredibly exciting when we found them in the programming.

    9. Andrea D. says

      I remember sitting around with the whole family watching these shows.

    10. Stephanie says

      My favorite memories are the new ones I make every year watching these same movies with my kids that I did when I was a kid!
      mrshud at cox dot net

    11. Jennifer Rogers says

      Frosty the Snowman was my favorite! The family always started looking for Christmas specials in TV Guide around the holidays, we always marked them and never missed them!

    12. Roy Whitlock says

      The best part about these movies is watching my own children enjoying them just as much as I did when I was their age.

    13. Beth Good says

      My favorite Christmas memory is baking sugar cookies with my great grandma

      • Beth Good says

        And then sitting down and watching Frosty the Snowman with our snowman shaped cookies!

    14. Ashley K says

      Every year on Christmas we watch one of these movies, bake cookies and wait for Santa to come! It is big part of our Christmas tradition. My son has Frosty memorized from beginning to end! I hope when they grow up and little ones of their own, they carry on the same tradition! 🙂

    15. Lindsay Sorensen says

      I remember watching these classics EVERY year in December, my Fav was Frosty the snowman!!!

    16. lisa says

      I love frosty the snowman! It never gets old.

    17. Amber says

      I loved watching Rudolph when I was a little girl – he’s still my favorite and I love singing along and playing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on piano!

    18. Jessica says

      I remember watching Frost the Snowman Every year. Never missed it.

    19. Taryn says

      I remember these movies as a kid while eating Christmas cookies.

    20. Sarah says

      We used to watch these movies every Christmas. We also think that Herbie the dentist looks a lot like our Mom!!!

    21. Tabitha Evans says

      I remember watching them when I was a kid. Good memories.

    22. Brooke Schwaderer says

      I love these we always called them the playdough cartoons

    23. Allison Downes says

      I remember watching these movies whn I was little !!

    24. amy v says

      i love when they meet the ‘bumble’ in the rudolph movie!

      annae07 at aol dot com

    25. Jennifer Tobin Beraducci says

      I remember sitting watching these movies on tv drinking hot cocoa as a child… Sometimes we would listen to christmas music and then decorate the tree then after watch frosty and drink hot cocoa in our pjs!

    26. mamabunny13 says

      I always loved that the elf wanted to be a dentist! 😀

    27. melissa williams says

      I remember growing up and watching these as a family while drinking hot chocolate.

    28. Paula Brown says

      My favorite memory is all seven of us kids and mom and dad sitting around eating popcorn watching Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    29. ashley rexrode says

      I used to watch these shows every year with my mom and dad and sister when i was a kid!!! i love the rudolph the best!!!

    30. Lisa Davis says

      The island of misfits! I loved these shows when I was a kid and I can’t wait to watch them with my girls.

    31. ashley rexrode says

      My favorite part of christmas is shopping and wrapping presents! i love to see the smiles on my kids faces christmas morning 🙂

    32. I don’t remember a Christmas season when we DIDN’T watch these movies. I love them and now my kids do too! Thank you.

    33. Chiguy says

      my favorite part is watching these with my daughter just as I did with my parents

    34. D Schmidt says

      My Husband is a huge fan of these movies and has told me many stories of growing up and watching them but I am British and as yet have actually never seen any of them!

    35. Leanne M says

      I remember being so excited when these shows came on the tv every year.

    36. Fawn H says

      We always looked forward to these shows and watched them together as a family.

    37. Adrienne gordon says

      I love the great songs in these movies.

    38. Sylvia says

      I remember it was a treat to stay up and watch all these shows during the holiday season

    39. I love when Rudolf went to the Island of Misfit Toys.

    40. Jessica Snook says

      We always watched these on tv as a family when I was a kid.

    41. I remember watching these shows as a child, but my best memories are of watching them my our kids when they were little, sitting on the couch all snuggled up under a warm blanket. Now I’d love to win this to watch with my grandchild. 🙂

    42. JaKell Meckley says

      a favorite memory is watching the orginal frosty the snowman as a child, after I had kids who were old enough to really watch it 3-4 I made sure to buy the original on DVD and they LOVED it and watched it all year. over and over and over. now its so scratched it won’t even play 🙂

    43. April Brenay says

      Watch these on Christmas Eve with my boys, make cookies, and then give them their new pjs 🙂

    44. Laura H. says

      My favorite part of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is when the travel to the “Island of Misfit Toys”.

    45. We had to watch these as they came on tv and we didn’t have VCR’s when I was a kid. We had to check out what was on tv and there wasn’t all the channels now even with cable at the beach. I love them and they were extra special because you couldn’t watch them whenever you wanted. Rita

    46. I think these kind of movies create wonderful memories for children as they grow up. Family times are so special and more than you think. My kids are grown and I wish despite being so busy that more of these were created. Stop and slow down and enjoy those kids especially while they are young. Rita

    47. Laura H. says

      This is the ultimate collection of kids’ Christmas movies! I’m one of those who likes the “old” Christmas movies better than the newer ones so the Christmas holiday season doesn’t “officially” start for me until “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is shown on TV. Well, that and “It’s a Wonderful Life”! Oh, and “White Christmas”!

    48. Kathy S says

      After watching Rudolph one night, my 5 year old sister and I went to bed. She started crying. “Why wouldn’t they play with Rudolph?” Precious.

    49. I have great memories of watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer every Christmas at my grandmother’s house before she passed. She had the old VHS tape of it and my sisters and I would always pop it in the VCR after gifts and right before our traditional Chinese food Christmas dinner!

    50. Sarah L says

      I loved the Christmas I spent in Crested Butte, CO with my sister & her two kids. Magical sunrise on the mountains on Christmas morning.
      Thanks for the contest.

    51. Amanda Kinder says

      My favorite memory is every year, we make some coffee (or hot chocolate for the non-coffee family members), turn off the lights, turn on the Christmas tree, and watch Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town. We’ve done it since I was little.

    52. I remember watching these shows every year on tv with my siblings

    53. I remember watching these shows growing up as my grandmother was decorating the living room (and she has always decorated the entire house (bathroom included) very elaborately)

    54. Robin Blankenship says

      I loved these as a kid but my fave thing was when I go tto show them to my kids

    55. Jodi J says

      I loved watching Frosty the Snowman when I was growing up. It just wasn’t Christmas until we had seen Frosty.

    56. amber says

      i love the part of Rudolph where the soot falls of his nose and everyone can see that it glows for the first time

    57. taylor marves says

      i remember always watching them together as a family and just spending time together! would love to watch them with my son
      taylormarves at gmail dot com

    58. Anne Loyd says

      I love memories of decorating the tree with my mom and stringing popcorn for the tree.

    59. Stephanie G says

      My sisters and I would always watch these shows after going to watch the Christmas parade in the town we grew up in. LOVE these and can’t wait to share them with my kids!

    60. mike says

      I remember always watching them together as a family and eating dinner in front of the TV and amiring the character animations.

    61. Jennifer Johncock says

      I love the song the dentist elf sings in Rudolph!

    62. Geoff K says

      My favorite memory about these specials would have to be how watching them was a family event – we would sit together in the living room in our pajamas, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, and I remember how it always felt like the start of the Christmas season when the shows aired on TV in prime time.

    63. Alana Belliveau says

      My favorite memories with these movies are the whole family gathering on the couch and watching them together<3

    64. Amber says

      I love watching these shows with my daughter, and she loves them almost as much as I did as a kid. She even has most of the Build A Bears that go with them.

    65. Holly Hennessy Swint says

      My favorite memory is watching these every year with my brothers and sister at Christmas time growing up in Colorado

    66. edq143 says

      I’ll always remember waking up to open presents and playing all day.

    67. Jessica Beard says

      We watched these classics every year when I was growing up. It is fun to snuggle up on the couch as a family.

    68. I loved these movies as a kid and still do. My boys love them Frosty the snow man is the favorite! We watch them all year long

    69. Geoff K says

      I think I left the wrong link to my tweet in rafflecopter today (11/7) – here’s the right one:!/guettel78/status/133619211208626177

    70. Monique Rizzo says

      We always watched these very shows while decorating the tree.
      Thanks for the chance.

    71. beth says

      Watching Rudolph with my dad is one of the memories I will cherish

    72. Whitney McQuarry says

      I used to watch these every year with my sisters and parents. My parents divorced when I was 15 and since then it just reminds me of a time when things were simple. Eating christmas cookies and drinking hot chocolate.

    73. Cheryl says

      I used to watch these shows every single year growing up! Ah, nostalgia!

    74. Justin W. says

      My kids and I love Frosty! He’s the best.

    75. Mary Calabrese says

      I love Rudolph!!

    76. crystle tellerday says

      watching them with my grandma every year when she was alive

    77. Ellen B says

      I remember waiting for these shows to come on tv – now you don’t have to wait – lol

    78. I love when Frosty first comes to life.

    79. Denise M says

      i love watching these every year with my sister and mom while baking cookies

    80. valerie taylor mabrey says

      I can remember being so scared of the bumble when he shows up behind the mountain.
      vmkids3 at msn dot com

      • Michelle Stice says

        Frosty the snowman ……Happy Birthday!

    81. i wanted to buy this last year but never got to. i love these movies; my fav is the rudolph 🙂 i love watching them all as a family on christmas eve

    82. Shelly Peterson says

      What I remember most about watching Christmas movies is watching them with my mom, sisters and brother drinking hit cocoa and eating popcorn

    83. kim Goad says

      One of my favorites is A Christmas Story! I still remember the part watching it with my 3 younger brothers!

    84. Kristin M. says

      I rmember growing up we would all gather in the living room and watch them as a family when they came on TV. My favorite show is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

    85. Jessica Bradley says

      We always watched these when they were on tv, it was one of the things we looked forward to at Christmas time! We would pop some popcorn and all lay on the floor in front of the tv and watch!

    86. Renee Bruno says

      I used to love watching these as a kid and now I love sharing them with my children

    87. jenn says

      When i was young i remember we would all sit together in the family room with a fire and watch these classics. I never did have much luck with my kids the movies were “old fashioned” lol

    88. I can remember sitting on the floor in front of our very stylish black & white TV with my brother and sisters watching Rudolph. That tells you how old I am!

    89. Megan McGowan Parsons says

      It brings back alot of childhood memories and I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come to watch them again!

    90. Bonnye Sensenig says

      I remember hoping mom would let me stay up late when these were on TV at Christmas time. My favorite was Jack frost.

    91. joy person says

      My favorite memory about Christmas is the last Christmas I spent with my mom before she died. I was 16 and I just remember being happy and telling her how much I loved her. She would sing to me and my siblings in Korean until we fell asleep…I miss her.

    92. Corinne Soto says

      i actually have the full ornament set to hang on our tree, i would love a set of the movies so that my kids can see why these ornaments are mommy’s favorites

    93. Ladytink_534 says

      I always loved Rudolph! Especially Yukon Cornelius’ Silver and Gold song

    94. Jessica Cox says

      My kids love these Christmas classics we watch them every year when they come on Tv.

    95. JLJMommy says

      My mom made sure we were home and watched all these great classics every Christmas! Popcorn and pjs watching them as a family, ahhh the memories.

    96. I LOVE these shows. I recorded them on to VHS when I was a teenager and my kids watch that tape now, although it is getting pretty worn out, now would be a good time to replace it LOL! We start watching them Thanksgiving Night. We make a supper of left overs and sit in the living room and watch them!

    97. Debbie C says

      I remember watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer every year with my cousins. We sat between the TV and the Christmas tree, had popcorn and Cokes in the bottle and sang along.

    98. Louis says

      these movies are so adorable, I enjoy watching them each year with my kids

      Thank you for hosting this giveaway

      pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

    99. Christina Gould says

      My favorite memory of Christmas is getting the decorations from the attic every year. Thanks for the giveaway!

    100. Tom says

      We always look forward to Rudolf and Frosty

    101. catherine thomas says

      I remember every christman me and my brothers would sit at our parents door and giggle. finally they would get up.

    102. larissa brunken says

      I remember these shows coming on tv each year around Christmas time. We watched them as a family. My kids have seen them as well. Its sad that they stop airing them.

    103. Nicole Larsen says

      I remember looking forward to watching Rudolph every year as a kid. Good memories 🙂

    104. I can remember watching Frosty the Snowman every year with my younger brothers.

    105. Christy Weller says

      Some of my best christmas memories are holding my newborn baby, rocking her and watching Frosty the Snowman with her. Was such a precious moment. My daughter is now 4, and still enjoys watching it with me. I would love to win this for her.

    106. Janna Johnson says

      love watching these with my mom every year
      Blogtacular contest! Thanks so much! Janna Johnson
      Janna@feedyourpig on GFC

    107. Carrie Phelps says

      I love when Rudolph’s nose accidentally lights up!

    108. used to love watching these as we baked and ate yummy treats

    109. Paula Caudill says

      My favorite memory is watching Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, when I was little, this movie made me feel all excited inside for Xmas, and it still does! Thanks for the chance.

    110. Alan Tong says

      It was like a family tradition, watching these TV shows together as a family. My brother, sister, and I eventually grew out of this tradition but we had a lot of fun times together as a family.

    111. Tawnya S says

      I just love these shows. I remember watching them as young as I can remember and look forward to sharing them with my son!

    112. Lindsay Sorensen says

      I loved watching these movies as a kid, every year!

    113. Becky Horn says

      I remember watching all of these shows when I was a child with my parents, I loved them

    114. Nicole Carter says

      I love watching these older movies with my kids and show them what Christmas specials we all had growing up.
      Nicole Carter

    115. tammy lynch sigond says

      favorite memories are always watching these as a family and being soo excited…per video and dvd days. It was a once a year tradition

    116. Amber says

      I remember watching Rudolph every year growing up!

    117. Karen says

      I love each of these, and we watch them as a family when we put up our tree:)

    118. Michelle C says

      I love the part about the Island of Misfit Toys! Thanks for the chance to win!
      mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

    119. Just Coupons says

      My memory is laying down next to the Christmas tree watching Frosty

    120. I loved watching Rudolph and Frosty when I was a little girl. Me and my sister always got to stay up past our bedtime when they came on.
      smchester at gmail dot com

    121. Debra Hall says

      these bring back so many memories of great christmas in my life

    122. I remember anxiously awaiting for Rudolph. Our entire fam of 3 would sit down and watch this priceless show yearly together. Whenever Burle Ives woudl begin his narration, it was time to sit down and be quiet for 3o minustes. If we were lucky, we would get two christmas specials in a row!

    123. bernadette callahan says

      my favorite memory is watching all these movies every year. i still do with my kids….every year.

    124. Penny Kathleen says

      My favorite memory is watching these shows every year with my parents. We didn’t watch a lot of shows together. And now I get to continue the tradition with my kids!


    125. Tiffany LaCourse says

      I remembering watching these movies on Christmas Eve with my family

    126. Emmy says

      They bring back such simple memories of innocence and joy in the “little things.”

    127. Teri says

      I really like when Frosty first comes to life and says, “Happy Birthday”

    128. Jill Myrick says

      I remember watching all of these shows with my mom and dad every year as a child.
      And I now watch each of them with my children every year. It’s like a family tradition.


    129. Tiffany Iverson says

      I loved watching Rudolph and still do to this day sipping hot chocolate and sitting by a fireplace.

    130. Kaye says

      It wasn’t Christmas growing up until I’d seen at least one of these. Rudolph was always my favorite.

    131. katklaw777 says

      In Rudolph, I a;ways luved the part when the elf pulls out oll of the Bumbles teeth…lol

    132. Angie M says

      watching these was our christmas tradition growing up!

    133. lucas nelson says

      i enjoyed frosty dancing

    134. Angela Cisco says

      I loved watching these movies on t.v when I was a kid, I can remember counting down the days until one of these specials would cmoe on.

    135. Daniel M says

      seeing them with the whole family when we were little

    136. erma says

      I love Frosty. I like when he came to life.

    137. tracey johnson says

      i love watching theese shows with my kids, drinking cocoa and eating cookies

    138. Bonnigene says

      My favorite memory of Christmas is eating raindeer stew on christmas eve and then opeining up presents with my mom and dad.

    139. Erica C. says

      I used to like wearing a red nose to be like Rudolph.

    140. My favorite memory is that I use to watch frosty the snowman & rudolph the red nose reindeer faithfully every year!!

      livelovelaughwithleslieblog at gmail dot com

    141. shirley pebbles says

      I love when the girl reindeer kisses Rudolph and he gets all excited.