Muppets Wocka Wocka Value Pack Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy

The Muppets Wocka Wocka Value Pack released TODAY 3/20!

Muppets Wocka Wocka #3BB8E5

I remember being excited every week to sit and watch the Muppet Show with my family. It was clean, wholesome and entertaining fun that we all enjoyed. I am excited to bring that entertainment to my own home during a time when it’s increasingly difficult to find family entertainment on tv. Missy Piggy (one of my favorites) is in top form with her fashionista self as if Kermit (another favorite). Gosh, I could sit and list them all and say they are ‘a favorite’. Remember the grumpy old men in the balcony? Yep, they’re here, too! Good clean fun for the whole family and when you get the Wocka Wocka Value Pack you have a digital copy to put on your phone, tablet or even computer so it’s viewable almost anywhere!


On vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, his brother Gary (Jason Segel) and Gary’s girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams), from Smalltown, USA, discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to raze Muppet Studios and drill for the oil recently discovered beneath the Muppets’ former stomping grounds. To stage a telethon and raise the $10 million needed to save the studio, Walter, Mary and Gary help Kermit reunite the Muppets, who have allgone their separate ways: Fozzie now performs with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets, Miss Piggy is a plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Animal is in a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management, and Gonzo is a high-powered plumbing magnate.

Look at Us! Here We Are sm

Disney’s “The Muppets” is directed by James Bobin (“Flight of the Conchords,” “The Ali G Show”) and produced by the Academy Award®-nominated team of David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman (“The Fighter,” “The Proposal”) with a screenplay written by Segel & Nicholas Stoller (“Get Him to the Greek”), who also serve as executive producers along with John G. Scotti and “The Muppet Show” veteran Martin G. Baker. Bret McKenzie, who created, co-wrote, executive-produced and starred in the hit HBO television series “Flight of the Conchords,” is the music supervisor as well as the writer/producer of three original songs. Original score is by Christophe Beck, Michael Rooney is the choreographer, Rahel Afiley is the costume designer, and James Thomas is the editor. SteveSaklad is the production designer, and Don Burgess, A.S.C., is the director of photography.

Rainbow Connection

3-Disc ‘Wocka-Wocka Value Pack’ Includes:

  • The Longest Blooper Reel Ever Made (In Muppet History––We Think) – A laugh out loud look at the actors’funny gaffs and gags from behind the scenes of making Disney’s “The Muppets.”
  • Disney Intermission – Groundbreaking Blu-ray feature. Pausing a movie will never be this much fun, as the Muppets take over the screen every time you stop the disc!
  • Scratching The Surface: A Hasty Examination of the Making of Disney’s “The Muppets.” Hosted by unit production manager monster J.G., the cast and crew take a behind the scenes look at making Muppet and movie history.
  • Explaining Evil: The Full Tex Richman Song. Rapping his way through the story of his miserable life, Tex tells audiences why he turned out to be such a rotten guy.
  • A Little Screen Test on the way to the Read Through. This hilarious footage follows the Muppet gang as they go to their first table reading of the script.
  • Eight Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentary with Jason Segel, James Bobin and Nicholas Stoller
  • The Combo Pack also comes with the popular theatrical spoof trailers
  • The Complete Soundtrack


You can purchase a Muppet Wocka Wocka Value Pack for $24.99 at (RV $49.99)


ONE OurKidsMom is going to win a Wocka Wocka Value Pack! This set includes the movie on Blu-ray high-definition, DVD and Digital Copy (3 discs) plus a download card for the film’s soundtrack from Walt Disney Records!

This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on April 10, 2012.

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  1. Trina says

    I love the muppets!

  2. David says

    Gonzo looks funny as ever in this movie

  3. Adrienne gordon says

    My kids like the games tehre

  4. Holly C says

    I went to see this movie and it brought back some fun memories. I thought I would be one old lady sitting with a lot of kids and was very surprised that the majority of the audiance the day I went was seasoned adults!

  5. Penny A says

    I would love to win. Thanks.

  6. Megan C says

    My little girls enjoyed the games and videos (my youngest is Muppets-obsessed! She looooves Gonzo and Miss Piggy).

  7. Claire says

    My kids like the games

  8. Andrea Williams says

    I love being able to click on a character and have them “come to life”. My son will love looking at this site.

  9. steph says

    i enjoy the site and my kids did to

  10. Tara F. says

    I definitely want the Blu Ray movie and would love the Fozzie Plush toy for my son.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  11. April Brenay says

    Love the muppets, I get a kick out of the shorts like Pigs in Space and Muhnamana

  12. denise p says

    I learned that Animal is in anger management! Wow too funny. love the muppets since I was a kid and now wacth them with my kids!

  13. Tabitha Evans says

    We love Miss Piggy and from the preview she look HIGHlarious.

  14. David Hollingsworth says

    You learn all about the characters just by clicking on their pictures.

  15. Carol says

    I found that they have links for the Disney Parks, which is great when you want to plan a trip

  16. kristen m says

    I like that they have a nice version of the site for people using iPads!

  17. Brenda F says

    My boys run around singing “Man or Muppet” all the time. lol We’d LOOOOOVE to have this in our house!!!

  18. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I learned that Miss Piggy has a Fashion Domination game!

  19. Renee C. says

    Please enter me to win this contest

  20. Susan Smith says

    They have activites and games to play

  21. Marlena Curley says

    I learned that they have games on the website. My kids will be thrilled to play!

  22. Madeline Hernandez says

    Hi I like all of the muppet characters. I like the muppet show and movies.
    Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  23. Michelle C says

    I like the video clips! So fun! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  24. Michelle C says

    I entered:
    Mickey DVD
    Dora DVD
    Happy Feet

    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  25. meme says

    I love the miss piggy plush

  26. mike metzler says

    I went to see this movie and it was as fun a time as if I was a kid again.

  27. I like the activity section, the Fozzy Bear cake pops are so cute

  28. Irene says

    There are lots of things to do on their site

  29. amanda roach says

    there are some neat games.

  30. JD Blosser says

    Jason Segal is even more awesome for doing this film

  31. Carol W says

    I learned that i can get a $5 off coupon from the facebook page. thanks!!
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

    • Maija M says

      I learned there’s a Muppet Mayhem blu-ray sweeps

  32. Ariel Henry says

    I went to the site, and wanted the movie for it!

  33. tamra childers says

    i learned you can click on a character and learn all about them

  34. Patricia W says

    Miss Piggy now works for plus size Vogue in Paris. She was always my favorite muppet.

  35. Tracy Awalt Juliano says

    I would love to have the Beaker plush toy.

  36. Amy N. says

    It’s a good movies. My nieces and I really loved it. I would love to win this prize for all of us!
    Thank You So Much 🙂

  37. Patricia W says

    I entered
    Happy Feet
    Kitchen Aid Mixer
    Dell Computer
    Dora dvd

  38. Rachel Miller says

    I learned that that Blue-Ray/DVD Value pack has LOTS of extras included!

  39. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like all the games the kids can go on there and play

  40. I like the games

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  41. rachelle jones says

    the games are super fun!

  42. Eileen says

    Oh I love their little film shorts, Pigs in Space is my fave!

  43. Corinne Soto says

    i love all the free apps they created, they all look like fun!

  44. corrie says

    I saw that they have lots activites and games to play

  45. Jennifer Donohue says

    You can learn about the characters by clicking on their pictures!

  46. My kids love the games!!

  47. Debra Hall says

    I like all the games you can play

  48. joanne major says

    learned they had games for the grandkids to play

  49. James Nickerson says

    Thanks for the great sweepstakes! If I win it will make an awesome family movie night and then share with the neighborhood.

  50. melissa williams says

    i like their game section

  51. ileena says

    muppet vision is also at disneyland.

  52. I like the games!

  53. Jennifer H says

    The games look neat for the boys

  54. Cari Schroeder says

    I like watching the characters become real! So cool!

  55. nannypanpan says

    i learned they have games including kermit’s look a pond

  56. nannypanpan says

    entered checkpoints
    minnie mouse dvd

  57. Cody says

    We liked Fozzie’s Comedy Quest game.

  58. Cynthia C says

    I like the Fozzy’s Comedy Quest game.

  59. Kerri says

    I really want the Fozzie plush toy for my niece!

  60. Jude Skocki Kelly says

    I love that there are games on the site. Mostly I love how they created the site with a 3D type effect. On the home screen if you move your mouse from side to side and look at the characters in the back you can really see this. Awesome

  61. Kerri says

    I entered theMMCH I Heart Minnie DVD, ipad 2, and Keurig giveaways

  62. Michael says

    Gotta love Amazon! I’ve heard good things about this movie!

  63. Heidi Daily says

    I like the Kermit’s Look a Pond game, the kermit loading bar is cute too!

  64. Andrea D. says

    I love to be able to go through all the characters.

  65. Denise B. says

    I love the video clips.

  66. Amy Orvin says
  67. Kathleen Downes says

    I like the games. I played all of them with my son.

  68. Stacey says

    I like the Party Animal sleep dorm shirt.

  69. Monique Rizzo says

    The kiddo likes the games.
    Thanks for the chance.

  70. dv8 says

    I like the Muppets video mashup.

  71. Sheryl says

    I found a set of Salt & Pepper Shakers with Kermit and Miss Piggy for my aunt.

  72. Kyl Neusch says

    the are very funny

  73. I love the Muppets.

  74. Stephanie Hirsch says

    My kids like the games!

  75. Sassy says

    I like the games and characters

  76. I learned you can play games on the site. Love the Miss Piggy dressing game!

  77. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I love all the Muppets, I will watch this with my grandbabies.
    thanks for the giveaway

  78. Laura Miller says

    I love the never ending Mahna-Mahna!!! Of course, we all had to take turns doing it! 🙂

  79. Fawn H says

    I like the Games and Activities section

  80. Fawn H says

    Dora’s Easter Adventure
    I heart minnie dvd
    Happy Feet 2 dvd
    Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
    Step2 Tropical Island

  81. Catherine says

    I like the icon downloads!

  82. The movie is great. i can’t wait to own this (and I saw that they have a 5.00 coupon on their site for the Wocka Wocka version). I would also love to get the Animal Plush Toy. I wish I could say it was for the little bit, but uh…

  83. Wendy O. says

    Loved the games – I played a few of them. Too cute!

  84. christine jessamine says

    i like the games!

  85. Kristy Thiel says

    my daughter really likes the games section!

  86. Kristen says

    They have a schedule of live events.

  87. Kristen says

    Step 2

  88. Kerri says

    I entered the MMCH I Heart Minnie DVD, ipad 2, Microsoft Office 2010, Step2 Tropical Island Resort, and Keurig giveaways

  89. Juli Guthrie says

    I love how much there is to do on the Muppets website!

  90. Tara Liebing says

    The site has some fun games for the kids

  91. I like the games because my son can play them 😀

  92. christina moore says

    My granddaughter Love the muppets,

  93. Jeanna says

    I didn’t realize there was a whole website dedicated to The Muppets! The games look fun!

  94. Liz W says

    I like their Gonzo Plush Toy! How cute

  95. Luis Molina says

    I love the trailer on the website, makes me want to watch the movie! 😀

  96. Catie says

    I love the Where’s My Water game!

  97. Marlena Curley says

    I entered the Step 2 Tropical Island Resort Water Table giveaway

  98. crystle tellerday says

    i like the games you can play

  99. Kerri says

    I entered the MMCH I Heart Minnie DVD, Microsoft Office 2010, ipad 2, Step2 Tropical Island Resort, and Keurig giveaways

  100. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like Miss Piggy’s Fashion Domination game! 🙂

  101. Amanda Alvarado says

    Entered the Jack Mat, BeeSavvy iPad, Ebates, Dora Easter Adventure, & I Heart Minnie GAs

  102. I love the Beaker Cake Pops under activities. Adorable!
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  103. I entered your Dora Giveaway
    Ebates Giveaway
    Step 2 Water Table Giveaway
    Tsuro The Game Giveaway

  104. Charlotte Robinson says

    I have always liked Animal!

  105. Erin Rok says

    There are videos and games on the site

  106. tamar says

    I love that there are videos. Son and I are going to watch ’em tomorrow 🙂

  107. Leanne M says

    I like the games

  108. Tamra says

    I want the Beaker Plush toy! 🙂

  109. Kathy T says

    I want anything to do with the Muppets – love them!

  110. Sarah L says

    I learned they have a sweepstakes – which I entered.
    Thanks for the contest.

  111. Amanda Alvarado says

    Entered the Happy Feet 2, Dell Laptop, Kitchen Aid, Spring Surprise & Spring Savings GAs

  112. Mindy Muellenborn says

    Our kids love the games on the page!

  113. The games section is great.

  114. Denise C says

    I love that you can create a music video! So much fun!

  115. Kelly A. Tanner says

    We like the kids activities and games! Thanks for the chance! My son wants this movie so bad!

  116. Robyn Galloway says

    I know my son would love the Animal plush toy!

  117. Joy F says

    I like the video clips.

  118. the website has games and videos on it.

  119. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says

    I loved watching “The Muppets” when I was growing up
    my favorite is Kermit

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  120. Carrie says

    I like the games on the site

  121. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I learned that there are activities, games and extras on each character

  122. Jacob LaFountaine says

    It has an academy award winning song

  123. Edward P. says

    I like the different options offered.

  124. ninajoleisa says

    I want the A Box of Clementines books.

  125. ninajoleisa says

    Entered the Sony walkman giveaway.

  126. ninajoleisa says

    Entered Step 2 giveaway.

  127. game section is fun and I love amy adams

  128. ninajoleisa says

    Entered the $100 cash paypal giveaway.

  129. ninajoleisa says

    Entered the $100 cash ebates giveaway.

  130. Laura says

    I liked the video clips.

  131. Bounty has a Muppets Sweepstakes going on! Fun!

  132. autumn kelly says

    I like the Chloe and the Lion Book.

  133. Jennifer says

    I like the plush toys of all the characters!

  134. Dwayne Berry says

    I want to win this for my little girl.

  135. Holly S. says

    I want the Pepe Plush Toy! He is my absolute favorite. So funny!

  136. heather eg kaufman says

    My son loves the Muppets!

  137. Amber says

    I like the Fashion Domination game!

  138. Angie M says

    the kids games on their site are neat!

  139. Amber says

    Giveaways entered 3/28
    Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Keurig, Step 2, Sleep Buddy

  140. sarah carroll says

    I love the site, especially all the kid games.

  141. Debbie Ellis says

    I liked all the games the kids could play.

  142. Nichol Bey says

    I like the activities on the site!

  143. nannypanpan says

    entered spring surprise
    sleep buddy

  144. I liked the directions for how to make Muppets character cake pops.

  145. Larissa Brunken says

    I want muppets series

  146. Wanda McHenry says

    I like all the fun activities they have (ie. Dress Miss Piggy, make a music video, etc.)

  147. Wanda McHenry says

    Entered Microsoft Office

  148. Wanda McHenry says

    Entered Keurig Mini

  149. Wanda McHenry says

    Cook n’ Recipe Organizer

  150. Anna says

    i love all the celebrity appearances!

  151. Amber says

    Entered the following giveaways for the 3/29 entries:
    Sony Walkman and Baby K’Tan

  152. Beaker was always one of my favorites & I would love to have the plush toy of him. I could pass down the love to my almost 3yr old son! Thanks!

  153. Brenda C says

    i didn’t realize the muppets had such an interactive site!!

  154. april yedinak says

    I like that they have video clips and a link to their sweepstakes on the site

  155. april yedinak says

    also entered mattel, bee savy, pay pal $100, sony MP3, and calliope games

  156. Cindy B says

    I’d love to have the animal pj’s for my son ~ gonna have to go look at Target 🙂

  157. Cindy B says

    There’s no where to enter the giveaways we’ve entered on rc so I thought I’d post here that I entered baby k’tan, sony walkman, step2, mirror mirror/fandango, and march moola/mini-keurig

  158. rachel0 says

    I didn’t know this was Disney!

  159. Christina Skinner says

    I want the blue ray combo pack! This website it so cute! Love how Kermit’s little head pops up as the pages are loading. lol

  160. Juan Sanchez says

    I simply love the Muppets! Would be cool to watch them again


  161. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says

    Animal cracks me up!

  162. I would love to win thank you! : )

  163. Janelle cook says

    My kids love the games : )

  164. Chris Hofer says

    I would like to have a complete set of Disney Vinylmation figurines that are all themed for “The Muppets”. I know they exist…just haven’t bought any.

  165. Samantha C says

    I’d like the Kermit plush toy for my daughter

  166. Amanda Alvarado says

    Entered the Keurig, MS Office, Step2, Sony & Cook’n GAs

  167. I like Kermits Look a Pond game.

  168. Ann B says

    I learned that they have another sweepstakes on their site!

  169. Ann B says

    Mirror, mirror
    Step 2

  170. Yesenia says

    I have always loved the Muppets since I was a little girl and now I’m glad my kids love them too. They really enjoy the site.

  171. Yesenia says

    I entered the Hop giveaway.

  172. Yesenia says

    I entered the Joovy Bicycoo giveway.

  173. Yesenia says

    I entered the Toy Story GC’s Race Play set giveaway.

  174. Yesenia says

    I entered the Cook’n Recipe Organizer giveaway.

  175. Yesenia says

    I entered the Step 2 Tropical Island Resort Water Table giveaway.

  176. april yedinak says

    entered HOP giveaway

  177. Paul T / Pauline T says

    we love the games there and also the preview is awesome

  178. Paul T / Pauline T says

    entered ebates
    entered March Moola Madness
    entered Step2 Tropical Island Resort Water Table
    entered Spring SURPRISE
    entered Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010

  179. I love that you can click and learn about the characters.


  180. Mippy says

    I’d love an Animal plush 🙂

  181. I like how when you click on a Muppet they come to life, LOL & they had fun games too.

  182. Entered the Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 Giveaway

  183. Entered the Sony Walkman E Series 8gb Video MP3 Player Giveaway

  184. Entered the Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Beginners Bike Giveaway

  185. Doreen Riopel says

    I love the games they have … like … Tangled, Double Trouble. 🙂

  186. Giveaway Gal says

    I want the fozzie toy

  187. Entered the Spring Home Makeover with Carpet One Tigressa Rug Giveaway

  188. Biki says

    I learned that the Muppets are definitely not jsut a kids show and is loved by most ages

  189. april yedinak says

    entered tigressa giveaway

  190. Amber L. says

    I like Animal’s Beat Craze game

  191. Amber L. says

    I entered your Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 giveaway

  192. Amber L. says

    I entered your Lalaloopsy™ Sew Magical™ Mermaid Doll giveaway

  193. Amber L. says

    I entered the Step2 Tropical Island Resort Water Table giveaway

  194. Amber L. says

    I entered your Sony Walkman E Series MP3 Player giveaway

  195. Amber L. says

    I entered your Moxie Girlz™ Magic Swim Mermaid™ Doll giveaway

  196. Lily Kwan says

    I like the games on the Muppets website.

  197. april yedinak says

    also entered moxie girlz, mega bloks and little tikes

  198. Christine A. says

    Love the Muppets and going to purchase some of the old school shows for the boys, we loved the Muppet Movie songs, but the movie was a touch sad for them.

  199. kelly says

    i would like the Green album

  200. sassy says

    entered the toy story giveaway

  201. Ashley turicik says

    I love the games

  202. Kari says

    LoveGonzo and miss piggy!

  203. Elizabeth Moeller says

    I want the soundtrack

  204. kris says

    kermit goes head to head with a man whos lost his laugh to save the studio

  205. Claudia says

    I like the games.

  206. Claudia says

    I entered mirror mirror giveaway

  207. Claudia says

    I entered Walkman video mp3 player giveaway

  208. Claudia says

    I entered hop giveaway

  209. ryan minton says

    I love all things muppets and i love the pepe plush!

  210. Vera P. says

    love the games!

  211. Lynn Wittner says

    I love that you can make the characters come to life

  212. Geoff K says

    I love all the character-based games on the Muppets site, especially Kermit’s Look a Pond. Really well done!

  213. Daniel M says

    great videos and games there!

  214. Nicole G. says

    We loved clicking on each Muppet and having it talk to us.

  215. Karen Gonyea says

    We LOVED the Kermit’s Look a Pond game !!

  216. Natalie says

    I’ve learned that your never to old to enjoy the Muppets , and I can’t wait to see the bloopers part on the movie ,thank you!

  217. Rebecca Peters says

    I like the games

  218. Denise S says

    I like the kid’s games they have.

  219. Jennifer says

    I love everything with kermit the frog on it!!

  220. Ann B says

    Entered the Combi Stroller, Little Tykes sort and store, Step2 tropical island resort,Moxie Girl. Sony Walkman Video Player.

  221. Bonnigene says

    I like how interactive the site is and that the muppets come to life for you

  222. Molly says

    I learned you can buy this film from Toys R Us.

  223. d moniz says

    i like the graphics on the website disney goes all out the muppets look incredible even on my laptop good word designers

  224. Ed Nemmers says

    I heart the Beaker Plush item!

  225. Angela says

    I like Animal’s Beat Craze game

  226. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    the kids games are cute
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  227. Nicole C. says

    I like the Miss Piggy’s Fashion Domination game.

  228. Heather Augenstein says

    Love the site and that they have games!!

  229. Matt says

    Gotta love the Muppets!

  230. rochelle johnson says

    i like their games

  231. Erika P. says

    I want the Muppets movie on Blu-Ray.

  232. My kids were especially in to the videos there.

  233. Erica C. says

    I like the Fozzie’s Comedy Quest game.

  234. Gina P says

    i liked seeing all the different characters

  235. Dawn says

    Would love the Fozzie Plush toy

  236. kathy pease says

    i like fozies comedy quest game

  237. Michelle C says

    Entered Children’s Place giveaway
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  238. Michelle C says

    Entered Old Navy
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  239. Sarah B says

    I love the never endingMana-manah song.

  240. Wendy R says

    I like the video clips

  241. Melissa says

    Longest muppet movie made! =)

  242. amy deeter says

    i like the games on the website

  243. AEKZ2 says

    I like Animal’s Beat Craze

  244. Ellie W. says

    I didn’t know that they won an Academy Award for the song “Muppet or a Man”!

  245. Tony says

    The Muppets Rule!!

  246. carey says

    I LOVE the games!!!!!!!

  247. Rosey says

    I like Animal’s Beat game.

  248. I love the details about each character

  249. Kim Reid says

    Great games on the site!

  250. Paula Tavernie says

    We love Animal,Cute yet hes wild!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  251. Beverly M says

    They have a sweepstakes on their site that I entered. Thanks for this contest!

  252. Beverly M says

    They have cute games on their site for children. Thanks for this contest!

  253. DanV says

    I like the order link

  254. Sand says

    I like that the site has games & activities.

  255. shirley pebbles says

    I like that you can learn about them by clicking on them.

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
    twitter, gfc, stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  256. Breanne says

    I like the Beaker Cake Pop recipe

  257. Breanne says

    I entered your Baby K’tan giveaway

  258. Ana says

    The muppets website (disney) has kids games on it.

  259. Gianna says

    The cars two game is fun.

  260. Breanne says

    I entered your Mirror Mirror giveaway