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When I think productivity on my computer, Microsoft Office immediately pops to mind. I use several components from Office all day long. When I first started playing with my new laptop I almost freaked when I found that “my Office” was gone!


Microsoft Office is an all in one program that will help you…

  • New photo, video, and text effects for creating standout documents and presentations
  • New communication tools in Outlook 2010 to help you stay in touch and organized
  • Makes it easier to manage things in the office, at home, or in between
  • Clarify and manage your financial data with new and improved analysis tools, charts, templates and color formatting in Excel 2010.
  • The new Microsoft Office Backstage view replaces the traditional File menu found on previous versions of Microsoft Office.
  • This makes it easier to navigate tasks, as well as access and manage files.

The five programs included are Word 2010, Excel 2010, Powerpoint 2010, OneNote 2010, and Outlook 2010.

Word_50x_1Word 2010Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 3.34.33 PM


  • Powerful writing tools help you create outstanding documents
  • Accomplish more with an enhanced user experience—save, share, print, and publish your documents with just a few clicks
  • Add visual effects, such as shadow, bevel, glow, and reflection to your text, or turn your text into compelling diagrams

Excel_50xExcel 2010

Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 3.38.01 PM

    • Build a budget and track expenses with easy-to-use graphs and analysis tools that bring your finances into focus fast
    • Make better decisions quickly with easy-to-analyze spreadsheets
    • Improved spreadsheet tools let you more easily discover patterns and highlight trends in your data

      Powerpoint_50xPowerPoint 2010

      Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 3.44.59 PM

      • Create dynamic presentations to engage and inspire your audience
      • Captivate your audience with a polished presentation using improved tools for video- and photo-editing, dramatic new transitions, and realistic animation to help you tell a crisp, cinematic story that’s as easy to create as it is powerful to watch

      OneNote_50xOneNote 2010



      • Organize, store, and search your ideas, information, and notes in one place
      • Capture text, images, video, and audio notes and put them into a searchable digital notebook
      • Don’t worry about remembering to save your work—OneNote automatically saves content as you add it to your notebooks
      • Explore and organize your notebooks more effectively with an enhanced navigation bar, and new multi-level page groups

      Outlook_50xOutlook 2010




  • Synchronize multiple email accounts from services such as Hotmail, Gmail, or just about any other provider
  • Save valuable inbox space by turning dozens of email messages into just a few conversations using the new Clean Up feature
  • Quickly find and manage large quantities of email, appointments, tasks, and contacts with Enhanced Search Tools
  • See updates from your favorite social networking sites from right inside Outlook 

    I love the versatility of all the programs with the built in templates. Better yet, you can find a whole array of templates online to help you achieve your perfect document. Make birthday invitations, birth announcements, business brochures, exercise planners, fitness logs, tax plans and more.

      Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 3.58.04 PM

    Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 3.58.54 PM

    BUY IT:

    You can purchase Microsoft Home & Business 2010 on disc for $219.99 at Amazon.com (RV $279.99)



ONE lucky OurKidsMom reader is going to win Microsoft Home & Business 2010 for Mac OR Windows (choice)


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This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on April 17, 2012.

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  1. Sara says

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway! 🙂

  2. Monica Tompkins ( says

    I love it all, my hubby and I are going to start our own business in the next few years and we would use every thing on here!

  3. Richard Morris says

    i like using the new photo, video, and text effects at my university and would love to have them on my computer

  4. amanda roach says

    im excited to use power point

  5. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    I’m excited about Word and Powerpoint because my daughter is starting Jr. High in the fall and I know she is going to need those programs.

  6. Theresa says

    I’m excited that it should be easier for me to get my homework done now!

  7. Pam (Sheridan) Donica says

    Even thought I mostly use Word (which I can’t live without lol) I LOVE PowerPoint. Being a student working on a Master’s, I use this a ton for presentations!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Victoria Russell says

    All of it! Especially Outlook – its an amazing organizer!

  9. Rick McClenthen says

    I am looking forward to using MS Excel, because I like working with numbers, but so good with computers. Microsoft is great o improving their products and making it increasingly easier to make some very complex spreadsheets.

  10. Becky Worthman says

    I am a big fan of Word. I need this for my work at home job!

  11. Kendal Barriere says

    I LOVE MS Publisher! Would love an upgraded version!!!

  12. The power point. Thank you

  13. Kari says

    I would be most excited about Word and Power Point…my kids (age 13 and 15) both got laptops for Christmas and desperately need Microsoft Office. They use Word and Power Point for so many of their school assignments.

  14. Cynthia says

    I would love the update! Especially Word!

  15. Melanie S. says

    I love Word and Excel. We use them all the time.

  16. Penny A says

    I would love to have this for my kids to do reports. Thanks.

  17. tamra childers says

    excited to try one note ive never used this program before

  18. I’m excited to use the new Excel spreadsheet programs, and word!

  19. MommaMary says

    I do so much with excel. Can’t be beat!

  20. Andrew says

    I’m most excited about the improved tools in Excel for finding things in data.

  21. Tanaya Syx says

    I am most excited for the excel body measurement and weight tracker.

  22. Our small business could use some brochures.

  23. Gerri Bolen says

    I am most excited because I am a homeschooling mom and I think this will make getting homework done so much easier!!

  24. Jenn says

    I’m most excited about the thought of having Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Our daughter is in middle school and has to do home work at the library because our programs are too old to do her homework on.

  25. Deborah Williamsen says

    Updated & excellant product and you describe it better than the manufacturer!

  26. nechama levin says

    i cant wait to get organized with it!

  27. I love all aspects of Microsoft Office. I especially love Microsoft Word. Probably because I have my certificate in Microsoft Word.

  28. rachelle jones says

    I’m most excited about One Note!! How fun!?

  29. I am most excited about Outlook! What a wonderful tool for organization.

  30. One note and Excel really looks interesting and very helpful. Very excited about possibly winning!!!!!!

  31. rebecca f says

    the power point…never used it and would love to!

  32. D Schmidt says

    The options to create invitations!

  33. twitted this today, access

  34. Jennifer N says

    I would be most excited about Word and Power Point.. have an daughter going to middle school next year and I am sure she will need it!

  35. Amber says

    I’m most excited about OneNote to keep me digitally organized!

  36. jenny says

    I like Microsoft word

  37. Amber says

    I entered your Ebates and Paypal cash giveaways

  38. I love OneNote, looks like a great feature I would definitely use!

  39. Lynda E says

    Definitely the new photo effects.

  40. Adrienne gordon says

    I really enjoy using powerpoint.

  41. Shirley says

    The built in templates

  42. Claire says

    i’m excited to use these for school.

  43. Andrea Williams says

    I would love to have it for Excel and my son could really use the Power Point for school.

  44. Regina M says

    Photo, and video are my faves. We’d use all parts with my husbands’ home office, and son in school.,

  45. Lee Black says

    I am excited about Word and Powerpoint!

  46. matthew b says

    excel would be my favorite part

  47. Tara F. says

    Definitely Word because I haven’t had it in so long.

  48. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like the Power Point Feature

  49. Margaret Smith says

    I’m most excited about the Word and Excel programs.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  50. Carol says

    I’m most excited about Powerpoint because I have no idea how to use it yet!

  51. I like that it will keep me so much more organized

  52. I like the idea of adding visual effects to pictures

  53. Larissa says

    Word because my son is starting school reports.

  54. entered Jack Mat

  55. entered 5 prizes giveaway

  56. entered Keurig Mini

  57. Christine M says

    I’m most excited about the measurements and weight tracker

  58. Tonya Brookreson says

    I am loving the Powerpoint option as my current Windows product doesn’t offer Powerpoint.

  59. ELIZABETH says


  60. Pauline M says

    I LOVE powerpoint and setting up presentations! I miss having this capability at home because many times, I’ll be surfing for just the perfect pic and without having the ability to see if it will work can be frustrating!

  61. Biki says

    Totally dorky but I love Excel and what I can do on it

  62. All of it, but Excel and Word the most

  63. McKellan Garner says

    I am most excited for the organization ability of Excel.

  64. Douglas Garner says

    Im really excited to use excell for my budgting.

  65. Elizabeth says

    I really excited about all of the new additions to Word!

  66. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I’m excited for the Outlook 2010…I didn’t realize you could synchronize multiple accounts!

  67. I love Word, and I use it a lot…so I have REALLY missed it!

  68. Douglas Houston says

    Excel is my favorite, I use it to keep track of all sorts of stuff.

  69. Jody Sisson says

    I would really like to try Word 2010.

  70. Ginger says

    Thank you, I would love this software.

  71. Samantha Wasserman says

    I love Word. What a great giveaway, thanks!

  72. Terri says

    I’m most excited about powerpoint

  73. Lyn says

    That I could help hubby make power point presentations

  74. Susan Smith says

    I’m most excited to use Excell for my budgting

  75. Susan Smith says

    entered Muppets Wocka Wocka Value Pack

  76. I’m excited about it all! Just got a new computer recently and do not have it on here yet!

  77. melissa williams says

    I love all the features for word and powerpoint.

  78. sandy weinstein says

    i like the excel and that you can post pictures and videos w/ presentations

  79. sandy weinstein says

    entered the dell inspiron laptop

  80. sandy weinstein says

    entered spring mix up kitchen mixer

  81. sandy weinstein says

    mini keurig coffee maker plus-entered

  82. Tammy says

    I use Word on a daily basis. I would love to know what all the new features are..

  83. sandy weinstein says

    entered the spring surprise

  84. Barb Myers says

    I am most excited about Word. I spend alot of time doing projects for school, and anything to make that easier is a blessing!

  85. jose benavides says

    I love using microsoft office its fun

  86. Kristi C says

    I am most excited about Powerpoint.

  87. Amy N. says

    I love the new Power Point of Microsoft Office 2010 🙂
    Thank You So Much~!!!

  88. I am excited about the power point, it would be great for the kids for school

  89. I am most excited about having a current version of word. Thank you.

  90. I like the Office Suite period, I love working in Excel, Word is very versatile and I would like to try One Note

  91. elven johnson says

    built in templates with online ones too

  92. I am most excited about having Excel! While Google Docs is a great free way to make spreadsheets, I need the functionality of Excel!

  93. autumn kelly says

    I like One Note 2010.

  94. Mimi says

    The Finances part. I’ve taken over paying my on bills from my ex so this would come in handy!

  95. Jude Skocki Kelly says

    I am excited to have power point. I miss it.

  96. Morgan M says

    I like the new templates that I see in MS Word! They look great.

  97. Heidi Daily says

    I am most excited about One Note

  98. Jason Crooks says

    I would put Power Point and Excel to very good use.

  99. John Stetson says

    Excel will really simplify keeping track of all the credit cards and regular bills.

  100. Karen Lynch says

    I love the orginazational tool, One Note.

  101. Monique Rizzo says

    Excel. I love it!
    Thanks for the chance.

  102. I need the newer one.

  103. Kyl Neusch says

    the power point

  104. Betty says

    I need to use power point for slide presentations

  105. Betty says

    entered Wrestlmania

  106. Rosanne says

    I’m excited about the Finance and Tax part

  107. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I most excited about the 2010 Microsoft Office.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I love the Microsoft Office programs. We have Vista & I don’t like it at all, thanks for the review.

  109. Timbo says

    The one I enjoy and am looking forward to the most would be OneNote 😀 Use that piece of software all the time

  110. christine jessamine says

    i am most excited about the calendar designing!

  111. kelly g says

    I got a new computer in December and I miss my Word

  112. Word, Excel and Power Point – It’s a pain not having them at home

  113. Kerri says

    I’m most excited about Excel 2010!

  114. Kerri says

    I entered the MMCH I Heart Minnie DVD, ipad 2, Keurig, Step2 Tropical Island Resort, and Muppets giveaways

  115. Just having Word again. Lost it when our hard drive died!! Ugh!!

  116. jennifer fox says

    I need windows office for my laptop! The starter edition just isn’t enough

  117. Wendi Niccole says

    Word! I don’t have it on my desktop and I miss it!

  118. danielle fouts says

    excel! we use it a ton

  119. Vera S says

    I am most excited to try Excel. 🙂

  120. Jessica Bradley says

    I think the One Note sounds neat!

  121. Catie says

    Definitely OneNote!

  122. ileena says

    i’m excited for syncing my email accounts.

  123. Steve Stone says

    love the word processing power. thanks for chance.

  124. I’m most excited about MS Outlook! I am using a free mail program to get my earthlink mail. I miss the features of MS Outlook that I had on my old computer.

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  125. Suzanne K says

    I’m most excited about Access since I took a class recently and learned a little about it! Now, I just need to use it!

  126. Liz W says

    I love the amount of templates and all the things you can do. Office just isnt for writing anymore but creating gorgeous invitations as well as managing money.

  127. Amanda Alvarado says

    I think I will love the OneNote!

  128. Kerri says

    I entered the MMCH I Heart Minnie DVD, Keurig, ipad 2, Step2 Tropical Island Resort, and Muppets giveaways

  129. Christina Skinner says

    I’m excited about the new power point! The just more options in general is always great.

  130. Amanda Alvarado says

    Entered the Jack Mat, BeeSavvy iPad, Ebates, Dora Easter Adventure, & I Heart Minnie GAs

  131. powerpoint
    Thanks so much!
    Janna Johnson
    janna @ Feed Your Pig on GFC

  132. Janice says

    Build a budget and track expenses with easy-to-use graphs and analysis tools – I could really use that

  133. Kathy Ross says

    All of it but mostly Excel.

  134. Kathy Ross says

    All of it but I think mostly Excel.

  135. Caroline B/Andrea maes says

    I love excel to track my budget

  136. Kathleen Fitzsimmons says

    I love it all. I run my own business and could really use it.

  137. Erin Rok says

    I am excited to use the calander and organizer, I am so forgetful!

  138. Leslie Galloway says

    OneNote looks like a really useful tool.

    FACEBOOK Profile: facebook.com/GallowayLeslie

  139. tamar says

    I am excited to work with Excel.

  140. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says

    definitely WORD, OUTLOOK and EXCEL

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  141. Love Word, Excel and One Note so I would love to have the newest! 🙂

  142. Anne Milkie says

    Wow! I really would love to win this! The spreadsheets is what I could use.

  143. II cange says

    I surely can use this as mine is from 1997

    Thank you

  144. Amanda Alvarado says

    Entered the Happy Feet 2, Dell Laptop, Kitchen Aid, Spring Surprise & Spring Savings GAs

  145. Heather H says

    One note because my version of office (2003) doesnt have it so I am excited to try it

  146. Vanessa says

    The photo invitation aspect looks great! I’d love to try it.

  147. Mindy Muellenborn says

    Organizing notes and information in one place!

  148. Rick Bryant says

    I am updating my Mac OS and so need this pronto!

  149. Brandi Perkins says

    I am hoping to have my event planning business up & running within the next year, so it would all help me tremendously!!

  150. I love working with Excel

  151. Wanda McHenry says

    I’m going to be totally honest here….we can’t find our disc! Our HD crashed and I swear I bought all the discs into Staples and they said “we dunno” and they’re not anywhere in the house. So, the most thing I’m excited about is being able to do is documents.

  152. Wanda McHenry says

    I follow Office on twitter @myfolly – I think I forgot to put my twitter handle

  153. Wanda McHenry says

    Entered Keurig Mini Plus

  154. Carrie says

    I am most excite about powerpoint. I have an old version and would love the newest version

  155. Sylvia Ortiz says

    I am most excited about the excel feature on Microsoft Office 2010.

  156. Andrew R says

    cant live without word & excel

  157. Jacob LaFountaine says

    The enhanced user experience in Office. I was never a fan of the original ui

  158. Stephanie Atwood says

    I’m in school and this will make my life a little bit easier. I have an older version of this and I really wish I could have this one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  159. Alan Tong says

    I’m most excited about Word

  160. Love the OneNote!!

  161. Sylvia says

    Being a full time student, I use Microsoft word all the time. I would love to see how all the programs have changed since 2007

  162. mary fanara coleman says

    It would be word and powerpoint.

  163. Wanda McHenry says

    Entered Cook’n Recipe Organizer For PC & Mac

  164. hcl says

    I’m an excel junkie..can’t wait to be able to upgrade

  165. Sherry S. says

    I’m the most excited about Word and Power Point.

  166. Karen Propes says

    I can’t wait to update myself on Excel and power point.

  167. Dana Esker says

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  168. Andrea D. says

    I love publisher so I would love to see the new one.

  169. Lance says

    Get alot done fast with ms office 2010!

  170. nannypanpan says

    i like word 2010

  171. nannypanpan says

    entered spring surprise, sleep buddy, dora, minnie mouse and tsuro

  172. Being able to see updates from my social media in one place.

  173. lisa says

    Outlook to help organize

  174. Fawn H says

    Power Point would be my favorite

  175. Fawn H says

    I entered :
    Dora the Explorer dvd
    The Muppets dvd
    I Heart Minnie dvd
    Keurig Mini
    Mirror Mirror

  176. Wanda McHenry says

    Entered The Muppets

  177. lace says

    I’m most excited about being able to track health and fitness.

  178. Cori Greene says

    I’m most excited about the easy spreadsheets!!

  179. Cori Greene says

    I entered the Keurig Mini Plus giveaway

  180. Cori Greene says

    I entered the Spring Surprise $100 giveaway

  181. Cori Greene says

    I entered the Beesavy IPAD3 giveaway

  182. Cori Greene says

    I entered the $100 cash from Ebates giveaway

  183. Cori Greene says

    I entered the Blooming Blog IPAD2 giveaway

  184. Lynn Wittner says

    I am excited about the “One Note”

  185. Christina N says

    I am excited that with Microsift office, I could actually type a document and it nor being in work. I miss doing spreadsheets that I loved doing with office.

  186. I am most excited about the Word program so I could type perfect documents.

  187. Brenda C says

    being able to use Word would be the most exciting for me. I have a relatively new computer, and it did not come with any processing programs.

  188. Kaylee says

    I love everything about it 🙂

  189. Daiva says

    PowerPoint 2010 (My basic office doesn’t have it)

  190. Jill says

    Sounds small but I’ll be glad that it can synchronize with Hotmail again.

  191. Heather S says

    powerpoint f or cool presentations

  192. ellen levickis says

    I love all the new features of excel every time a new version comes out

  193. Cindy Westerhaus says

    I need another copy of Microsoft Office because I have two kids in school that need Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint.

  194. Nicole Strunk says

    I find excel very useful.

  195. Amanda Alvarado says

    Entered the Keurig, Muppets, Step2, Sony & Cook’n GAs

  196. Wanda McHenry says

    Entered HOP Blue-Ray/DVD

  197. Natalie U says

    would love outlook to help me manage me massive amounts of email everyday
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  198. Pauline Milner says

    In Microsoft Office, I really like the Excel application. It allows me to track expenses for my home business and keep up to date and accurate with my budget.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  199. Christina says

    I like the Word part – because I want to start writing poetry and fiction again and sending it out (I was quite successful before!).

  200. Wendi Niccole says

    entered Baby K’Tan Carrier

  201. Mike M says

    I would like to have powerpoint for everyday use.

  202. Wendi Niccole says

    entered Step2 Tropical Island Resort Water
    entered Toy Story RC’s Race Play Set & Figure
    entered Joovy Bicycoo
    entered Keurig Mini Plus Single Cup Coffee Brewer

  203. Tara Liebing says

    I am excited about Excel I have not had it on my home computer for years and love to use it.

  204. Paul T / Pauline T says

    excited to use power point and one note

  205. Paul T / Pauline T says

    entered ebates
    entered March Moola Madness
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  206. Rick M. says

    I entered HOP Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy

  207. Jessica K says

    I’m excited about actually having it, I just got a new computer and I have to put Office on it. I was hoping I wouldnt have to pay an arm and a leg to get it

  208. I love creating excel charts


  209. Sylvia Ortiz says

    Entered Joovy Bicycoo BMX/Balance Beginners Bike Giveaway.

  210. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    New photo, video, and text effects for creating standout documents and presentations

  211. Mippy says

    I’m most excited about Outlook 2010 🙂

  212. Ross Hassel says

    I would get the most use out of Word.

  213. Nikki Bergin says

    That I can use it for school

  214. Entered Keurig Mini Plus Single Cup Coffee Brewer giveaway.

  215. Entered Sony Walkman E Series 8GB Video Mp3 Player giveaway

  216. NEED the new Excel!

  217. I’m most excited about Power Point. I can use it with my students.

  218. Erik Liptak says

    I would like the Word program

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  222. Edith says

    I’m excited for Word and Excel!

  223. Sue C. says

    I’ve used MS Office at different jobs for years and really miss not having Excel and Word on my home PC.

  224. Erin K. says

    I’d love to have OneNote , it sounds awesome!

  225. Joe Lee says

    keeps track of your body measurement and weight!

  226. Karen says

    I like the email clean up feature. Thanks for the giveaway.

  227. Amber L. says

    Excel. I could really use it to help me with bills and keep track of my budget.

  228. Amber L. says

    I entered your Lalaloopsy Sew Magical Mermaid Doll giveaway

  229. wendy wallach says

    the clean up feature sounds the most exciting for me

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  230. Amber L. says

    I entered your Muppets Wocka Wocka Value Pack Blu-Ray giveaway

  231. Amber L. says

    I entered the Step2 Tropical Island Resort Water Table giveaway

  232. Amber L. says

    I entered your Sony Walkman E Series MP3 Player giveaway

  233. R Hicks says

    Most excited about OUTLOOK because it is one of the best out there on the market

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  234. R Hicks says


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  235. The OneNote feature seem really cool, as I am a note taker/maker. But Outlook would be handy as well to keep up with things…I need it all really 😉

  236. Amber L. says

    I entered your Moxie Girlz™ Magic Swim Mermaid™ Doll giveaway

  237. Lisa says

    I need word and powerpoint the most for school!! I am still stuck in the 2003 version.

  238. Betty C says

    I’m most interested in the email Clean Up feature. My inbox seems to be constantly overflowing.

  239. Chastidy says

    The Powerpoint, I need it for school all of the time 🙂

  240. Wanda McHenry says

    Carpet One Tigressa Rug

  241. kelly says

    i am most excited about powerpoint 2010

  242. Rita M says

    OneNote 2010 looks really interesting!

  243. Rita M says

    Entered the Little Tykes Sort ‘n’Store Toy Box giveaway.

  244. One Not would be so great to have for my writing. I’m always just making random scribbles and emails to myself with little notes.

  245. Colleen Maurina says

    I’m most excited about the Word and Excell programs!

  246. Monique Bon says

    I’m excited for the new photo – editing and video (:

  247. Tracy Awalt Juliano says

    I would love to have access to the budgeting tools!

  248. Carmen Van Deursen says

    Love the power point.

  249. Carmen Van Deursen says

    Entered fund fuzzy kitten

  250. Carmen Van Deursen says

    Entered little tikes toy chest.

  251. Most excited about the Power Point

  252. kris says

    powerpoint flexibility

  253. Michele says

    Making brochures!

  254. Mildred Floyd says

    outlook would be helpful

  255. George Hnatko says

    I would love a newer version of MS Office

  256. Michelle H. says

    Excel…I love to create spreadsheets

  257. angie says

    I like the Excel spreadsheets.

  258. Kim Presley says

    Excel and Word would making working from home a lot easier!

  259. gina says

    Capture text, images, video, and audio notes and put them into a searchable digital notebook

  260. I’m excited to have the full program. Right now we just have starter addition!

  261. clynsg says

    I use Excel a lot, and it would be really nice to have the most up-to-date version.

  262. clynsg says

    Entered the Mirror Mirror giveaway.

  263. clynsg says

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  280. Stephanie Olmsted says

    The idea of making a searchable digital notebook

  281. Maria B. says

    Power point and excel 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  282. Christina Barnes says

    I can do power points

  283. s riches says

    I like that it automatically saves content.

  284. Jessica Hays says


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  285. rosa says

    EXCEL!!! it keeps all my financials up to date and organized!

  286. Stacy says

    I’m excited about the built in templates- like the party one!

  287. One Note. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  288. Tanaya Syx says

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  291. Lily Kwan says

    I am most excited about Outlook 2010.

  292. Danielle says

    I love the power point

  293. Mari says

    I like the powerpoint feature.

  294. isis says

    I love how you can do almost anything with Excel!

  295. Kira says

    I’m looking forward to using each piece of this software to make my life more productive.

  296. sherrie says

    Word and Powerpoint are my favorites!

  297. Chris Hoadley says

    Looking forward to the new interface.

  298. Angela says

    I love Word the most, thanks for the chance

  299. Hoa Le says

    I am most excited about the OneNote 2010.

  300. Lisa says

    I love creating documents and such in word and powerpoint and most definitely outlook. Ive been wanting it for a long time now.

  301. Michelle Hall says

    Excel – thanks!

  302. Microsoft Word!


  303. Vera P. says

    excited for powerpoint

  304. Sylvie W says

    EXCEL excites me. I would be able to finally get a jump start on some work and making my workdays so much calmer.

  305. Debbie Hogue says

    My favorite part of Office has and will always be Microsoft Word. I can use it for so many things and the templates are beyond compare

  306. Jennifer H. says

    Looking forward to having word
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  307. Amanda says

    Really need the excel and powerpoint for school.

  308. Brittney House says

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  309. Amanda Alvarado says

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  310. Debbie C says

    I would be most excited about Word because my version is very old.


  311. Jill Myrick says

    I am most excited about the Fitness Log and apps.


  312. Lucy Schwartz says

    I am most excited about building a budget and being able to track expenses using graphs. I like the visual instead of word and number data.

  313. Jen says

    the new calendar options

  314. Eileen says

    considering our taxes are STILL not done, I’d be very appreciative of the YEAR END TAX PLAN part of the program!


  315. Kitty says

    I like the feature that allows you to capture text, images, video, and audio notes and put them into a searchable digital notebook.

  316. Jennifer Clay says

    I go to school online and I am always having to do powerpoint presentations but I have this free version that is very limited. If I won I would look forward to the powerpoint feature! Thanks for this giveaway!

  317. Terri M says

    I am excited to see the improvements made to all the programs. It has been quite a while since i have updated my microsoft, And super excited to check out OneNote!

  318. ellen levickis says

    What I liked most about the video is the creativity of the artist to clean and so make a picture.

  319. Heather Garcia says

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  320. I am most excited about the updates to Access

  321. Kate Strycker says

    I have to do a lot of presentations at work, the ppt features and updates look really helpful!!

  322. Gianna says

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  323. Andrea Henry says

    PowerPoint is my favorite for school and slide shows for family.

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    I have wanted Microsoft Office Home Business for YEARS (it’s a little pricey – but worth it I know!) Aside from my Honey/Hubby being able to s=do some of his at office work at home (YAY!) and it would vastly simplify managing our small home businesses -.
    Outlook would help us FINALLY get organized and I personally have need Word and Publisher for YEARS! Winning this would be a true godsend. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  326. Jammie says

    I am most excited about excel!

  327. Vicki K says

    The software I have is old and out of date so I’m most excited about all of the updates! Thanks!

  328. I’d love to give the new Word a try! Thanks!

  329. Bonnigene says

    My kids could really use this for school, so I am probably most excited about the word processor

  330. John Gill Sr says

    I can really use this.

  331. Debra F says

    I’d love the new programs to edit photos and videos.

  332. Julia Baxter says

    I love using PowerPoint for my classroom!

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  333. Sarah says

    I have fun working with PowerPoint.

  334. Jaque R. says

    Microsoft Home and Business is thrilling to me! 🙂 Thank you.

  335. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

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  336. Angela Cash says

    I am most excited about OneNote 2010 – looks like fantastic software.

  337. Melanie B. says

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  338. I like One Note.

  339. crystal yaeger says

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  340. Theresa H says

    the new effects looks awesome!!

  341. Tonya S. says

    This would be perfect for me, i’d love to win it as I do a lot of stuff on the computer which requires MS Office, however I just use open office as I can’t afford this. So winning would be great! I would start making calendars as soon as I get it, that’s what I’m most excited about!

  342. mary gardner says

    excel, power point and word

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  343. Claire says

    Sounds like OneNote might be an interesting way to keep track of things.

  344. Kim K says

    I love Word the most but I use excel the most for my husband’s business I like them both

  345. bobby sessler says

    outlook for keeping track of things

  346. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  347. Bonnie Caselman says

    I’m most excited about the Wrd program.

  348. Michelle Tucker says

    I’m using a free version of excel that came with my system right now. I really really need the updated EXCEL.


  349. Tim Moss says

    WORD because I would use that more than anything else.

  350. susan says

    i’d like to use excel for all the exercise stuff since i’m on a diet/exercise routine. thanks!

  351. susan says

    i want to use excel for tracking my exercise and food.

  352. Amy says

    Excel to keep my bills organized!

  353. Ellie Wofford says

    I love Powerpoint! Between doing slides for my husband’s sermons & slides for the publishing company that I work for, I spend a lot of time on it!

  354. shirley pebbles says

    Probably Word. I use it for everything.

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    twitter, gfc, stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  355. Virginia Rowell says

    I’m excited that it automatically saves your work for you!!!!!
    The clean up feature is wonderful!

  356. Rust says

    Word and Powerpoint for my kids in school.

  357. susie lee wiener says

    Organizing my documents. thx.


  358. I want that ricked out version of Outlook!

  359. Ashlee Ostrander says

    The one I’m most excited about is the Exercise Planner

  360. Amy DeLong says

    def excel2010

  361. Sarah says

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  363. Patrick says

    Microsoft Office is a must-have!

  364. Sand says

    I’m excited about Fitness Log.

  365. James Coyne says

    I will get alot of use out of microsoft word

  366. I am most excited about Powerpoint. I am putting together more presentations and it would be handy

  367. Tiffany Hoyt says

    I use Word every day.

  368. Veronica Garrett says

    I’m excited about Powerpoint.

  369. Tabathia B says

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