Itti Bitti Tutto One Size Minkee Cloth Diaper Review

Itti Bitti Tutto One Size Minkee Cloth Diaper

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This unique cloth diaper took over a year to create. Itti Bitti is a one size trim minkee diaper that will change the way you think about cloth diapers!.

itti bitti tutto diapers

Not only is a minkee outer shell incredibly soft but it is also waterproof so there is no cover needed. Each diaper comes with 3 soaker pads allowing you to fully customize the absorbency for your child. There is an option of buying extra soakers in either the original super absorbent bamboo viscose, or quick dry microfiber if so desired.

cloth diapercloth diaper

When I received these diapers the first thing I noticed were all the soaker pads and all the snaps. I was a little worried about putting all these soakers together and then not getting it the diaper back together right. Well… they had me covered. Not only does each diaper come with a little instruction piece on the inside of the diaper packaging but all the snaps are color coded. all I have to do it match the colors.

cute cloth diaper

I have been using all 3 soakers in the diaper for my daughter and have been amazed at how well they absorb. After a 4hr period I changed her. I am surprised to say that all 3 soakers were not full at all… she still had room to hold more.



cloth diaper diagram

Thanks to Itti Bitti‘s patented “Poo fence” I haven’t had any leaks or blow outs at home or in the car.

cute cloth diaper

On the inside of the diaper tabs there are hidden hip snaps to give that perfect fit no matter what the shape or build of your child. I love that when you’re not using the hip snaps they have a cover to snap over top of them so there is no open snap pressing on my daughters skin.

cute cloth diaper

I was amazed even with all the soaker pads in the diaper, the diaper isn’t as bulky as I would have imagined. It is a very well thought out design to cut down on the bulk. This one sized diaper is designed to fit from birth (8lbs) all the way up to potty training (44lbs).

Overall I have really enjoyed these diapers. If I could change one thing, I would like to see a little more stretch in the side tabs. For some reason I couldn’t get it tight enough around my daughter’s tummy to get rid of a little gap between her tummy and the diaper. She has chunkier thighs and I think one extra bigger setting on the snaps would help fix that.

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Itti Bitti Tuttos come in 18 incredible colors as well as seasonal prints. Click here for a list of where United States Stockists


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  1. sus vandil says

    i want one of these minky blankets for DS. they look so soft.

  2. Stephanie A says

    I want to try the AIO diaper! They’re so pretty.

  3. katie says

    I really want to try the aio and the blankets look so soft.

  4. Rebecca M. says

    I would love to have it all!! (is that an option?!?! 😀 ) I really would love to have a bitti tutto in the more periwinkle or lavender color, a bitti d’lish in the abstract flowers print, a bitti boo in the beautiful yellow, a luxury wetbag in every color, a set of each wipe pack, a changing mat in the abstract flowers and circles, a minkee blankee in the pretty square pattern, and about a dozen nursing pads in ivory! 😀

  5. Chrys B. says

    I’d like to try the bitti tutu. Especially the one with the blue and green swirls.

  6. Cynthia Cox says

    I like the minky is different than most other cloth diapers I have looked at.

  7. Megan says

    They’re Australian! 🙂

  8. Lisa says

    I want to try any of their cloth diapers. I am new to cloth diapering and have heard so many great things about theirs.

  9. Jessica Gazda says

    I like how they worked on the bulk of the diapers!! Also love the “poo fence!!”

  10. heather says

    It fits up to a 44lb child. I have always wanted to try cloth diapers, I could still use these and they look very comfortable.

  11. learned: The bitti tutto has a complete internal gusset, protecting the sides and back – it’s our patented ‘poo fence’ which means you don’t need to worry about leaks and can use this diaper with confidence!

    and I want the bubblegum pink one!

  12. Jamie says

    I’d love to get the red white with the white stars.

  13. Beth Ann Erwin says

    I like a one-size diaper that grows with your child!

  14. I LOVE that it comes with 3 soakers. CUTE CUTE diapers.

  15. Hoa Le says

    I like that the luxury wetbags are made from waterproof laminated minkee.

  16. Felicia R says

    I didn’t know they also carried clothing and other items, not just diapers!

  17. Diane Sallans says

    I love that it grows with the baby

  18. barbara n says

    I love that they grow with the child….don’t need to guess on size or buy multiple sizes…..

  19. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I learned that itti bitti is an Australian company that is now being sold in over 25 countries!

  20. Lindsay C. says

    I love their changing mats, they look so soft!

  21. These are adorable and I love your pics!!

  22. Jessica O says

    I love all their pretty colors and prints and how soft the minkee looks!

  23. Stephanie Polen REed says

    i want to try an itti bitti tut to

  24. Heather Palmer says

    I didn’t know that it was an Australian company. Love all the bright colors and prints.

  25. jessica dodson says

    i’ve never used an all in one. maybe it’s time to give them a try!

  26. Michelle Knopp says

    I love that these can be used from 8 to 44 pounds! Truly, one size fits all!

  27. Christina G says

    I would also love a blanket or changing mat!!

  28. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love the Peppermint cloth diaper, the color is sooo pretty!

  29. I’d love to try the itti bitti Breast Pads

  30. I want one of the blankets 🙂

  31. marsella says

    i really like the bitti tutto in the red stars

  32. They make a Snap In One style of diaper so you can reuse the outer shell like a cover.

  33. Yesenia says

    I would love to try their wet bag.

  34. Linda says

    Would love to try their wet bags!

  35. I LOVE the poo fence. That always makes me LOL!! I would love to try their wetbags! I also love their awesome color selection for diapers!

  36. Colleen Maurina says

    I also like their Luxury Wetbags.

  37. Bridgett zaidi says

    New prints! Love the giraffe print

  38. sherry moore says

    I want the blue flower print or the cow print

  39. Katie Fender says

    I’d love to try the AIO or the Blanket!

  40. McKenzie McClanahan says

    I like the Giraffe Biti D’lish!

  41. Carla Garcia says

    I learned that they are being sold in 25 countries! wow!

  42. judi says

    I like the different sized soakers. It seems like they would make the diaper more versatile.

  43. steph says

    i like the rainbow squares print!

  44. Lacey Crochet says

    This is an Australian based company with a VERY soft looking minky diaper that will fit from 8lbs to 44lb. I am really needing diapers so I would choose diapers.

  45. Alex Liz Robinson says

    The changing mat looks great! I also love the huge selection of colors for their diapers.

  46. HA! I want a diaper, of course!

  47. Melanie says

    I love all of the soakers so you can customize your absorbency!

  48. Elizabeth Wisniewski says

    I would love a diaper in the robot and giraffe print

  49. Melissa says

    i’d love to try the bitti boo. i’ve heard great things about it!

  50. polly says

    they also sell luxury change mats-love the giraffe print

  51. Nice post and great information:-)

  52. mary says

    i like the red stars

  53. Julie Ghrist says

    I would love to try an itti bitti boo! I love the lime color!

  54. I want to get a bunch of these for my friends baby girl. She is afraid of cloth diapering and I think these are a good transition!

  55. Keara B. says

    I’d love a Bitti Boo diaper in the red color- so pretty. And love the minky fabric!

  56. Dandi D says

    I like the Bitto Boo diaper. Such great colors to choose from!

  57. Jenny R. says

    I like those luxury changing blankets. I love the carnival print, too!

  58. Talia says

    I’d love a bitti tutto in Jade; such a pretty color! I also love that they have that “poo fence” to keep messes contained!

  59. Jamie Davis says

    I love their prints. They’re so interesting and bright.

  60. Crystal Litz says

    I love the giraffe print

  61. Gabrielle Sandage says

    These look so soft and would be worth trying 🙂

  62. They are an Australian company, started in 2005.

  63. Nica says

    I didn’t know they were based in Australia.

  64. Amanda N. says

    I like all their gorgeous minky color options.

  65. Kayla Dusseau says

    I love all the colors and prints. they are very bright and can coordinate with anything

  66. Sandra L says

    I love that they still get a good fit even on skinny babies.

  67. Geri Fink says

    I want to try one of their diapers. I have a change mat and LOVE the minky!

  68. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the bitti d’lish Snap In One

  69. Anne B says

    I want a luxury change mat

  70. Beth ann says

    They have a “poo fence”! hahaha how cute! 🙂

  71. Chelsea Korth says

    I just love the Jade and Turquoise colors and how soft the minky cover looks!

  72. Breanne says

    I like the daiquiri print

  73. IzzyMummy says

    I would love one of those beautiful super soft blankets

  74. Amanda Sandoval says

    I really like the giraffe print from Itti Bitti!

  75. Michele L. says

    The Ultimate Wipes sound wonderful!

  76. Britni Bradford says

    Love their minky colors – especially jade! They look so soft!

  77. Re Morgan says

    the minky fabric makes it look less bulky and i’m sure is really soft

  78. Rachel Williams says

    I love the colors and prints. They are so cute

  79. Jessie Wermager says

    I thought it was impressive that Itti Bitti tutto diapers are not only sold in the US but worldwide.

  80. kelsea says

    I love the striped diaper! So Cute!

  81. Krystal says

    I like the Ponder print in both the tutto and the minky blanket!

  82. Jennifer Idzi says

    I want to try these because they look easy to use and one size fits all

  83. Kelly H. says

    That they are one size fits all.

  84. Anna says

    I love how tiny these diapers can become!

  85. Wendy says

    I would love a luxury wetbag

  86. Jenny says

    Thanks for the chance to win, I like the rainbow square pattern.

  87. I like the fact that one size fits most. It saves a lot on a cloth diaper stash!

  88. courtney hennagir says

    i want the bitti tutto in zebra! too cute!

  89. Christina C says

    I love the limited edition prints!

  90. Heidi Daily says

    I love the ponder print

  91. Jodie A says

    I’d love an AIO Diaper.

  92. tina bob says

    I want the red star print

  93. Ashley B. says

    I love the giraffe print! The Poo fence is genius!

  94. Anna Claire says

    Can’t believe the one-size goes up to 44 lbs!

  95. Ruth V. says

    I love the tutto and that it comes with 3 soaker options!!!

  96. rachel v. says

    i think the giraffe print bitti tutto is super cute!

  97. Beth Rees says

    I learned that itti bitti is an Australian company that is now being sold in over 25 countries
    email subscriber at bethany333 at hotmail dot com

  98. Jaime Nicole says

    I LOVE the Luxury Wetbags! Love the bright canary yellow one!

  99. Lydia V says

    I really like the one size fits most – helps save money 🙂

  100. Chasity Boatman says

    I want to try the AIO diaper. They are so easy.

  101. Kenda Wathen says

    I like the soft exterior fabric

  102. mp phaiah says

    i like the silver color out of all their diapers. i would also like to try one of their minkee blankees since their diapers are so soft!

  103. Elizabeth C says

    I love the idea of the AIO diaper!

  104. sarahf says

    i want to try bittiboo

  105. Crystal Irvin says

    I like the changing pads, the leopard print is cute

  106. Katherine J says

    I like the zebra print!

  107. Heather M says

    I Love the Jade!

  108. I want one of the luxury wetbags

  109. krista grandstaff says

    I like that they aren’t as bulky as traditional cloth diapers… I won’t have to upsize the bottom half to make up for the bulk!

  110. Jessica S says

    They are Australian.

  111. Andrea K. says

    I love the poop fence.

  112. April Stutzman says

    I love the idea of the poo fence! They look really soft and comfortable!

  113. Chelsea O says

    I love all of the minky colors

  114. Nadene Adams says

    I would love to have one of their minkee blankees.

  115. Rebecca Orr says

    I would love to have a luxury wet bag!!

  116. amy says

    i want to try the sized diaper..

  117. Carrie says

    I would love to try these diapers – the soaker pads look like they are very customizable.

  118. Bethany M says

    I want a Luxury Wetbag

  119. Melissa K says

    I’ve been wanting a waterproof Minky diaper.

  120. I love the bright colors and the fact that it will fit so many sizes.

  121. Loooove/want the giraffe print!

  122. I love these so much! I have almost every color.

  123. Alisha L. says

    I would LOVE to try one of the Bitti Boo Diapers too!

  124. Tab H says

    Their changing pads look fabulous!

  125. Brittany Land says

    I learned about their “poo fence” which is such an awesome idea. 😀

  126. Charlotte R says

    I would love to give one of their AIOs a try!

  127. Erin B. says

    I would love to try the ultimate wipes because they are so big!

  128. kelly says

    I like that they will last a long time.

  129. Sarah Osborne says

    I like their luxury wet bags!

  130. really of all their products i would love to try the bitti tutto the most!! the change mat would be great to have, too! thanks! 🙂

  131. Tiffany Winner says

    they make luxury minkee wetbags

  132. Flora says

    This company started in Australia and is now selling in 25 countries worldwide.

  133. brooke t says

    I like hte bitti boo

  134. Danielle says

    I learned itti bitti diapers should fit up to about a 44# child!

  135. Jenna Burris says

    I like the aio’s. in yellow. also like wetbags. you can’t have too many of those

  136. Kristi H says

    I would like to have one of the colorful diapers they have.

  137. Tamara Sz says

    I love the Luxury Wetbags and the Bitti Tuttos in Jade

  138. Leslie G says

    I would love to get a wet bag and diaper to match.

  139. Lacy says

    I love all of the bright colors and the patterns for the wet bags.

  140. Jessica says

    any of their cloth diapers

  141. Becky NIxon says

    I now want the itti bitti tutto and the itti bitti d’lish. I love solid colors though, not a lot of prints that I like.

  142. Ranu Tanu says

    I want to try they itti bitti Breast Pads.

  143. heather eg kaufman says

    I love the itti bitti Minkee Blankee.

  144. Emily says

    they come with 3 soakers- awesome!

  145. bonnie rodriguez says

    look at all those wonderful colors and the new prints too they all look ah so soft!

  146. Janice Auna says

    I like that these diapers grow with the baby. I love the bitti tutto-red one with stars on it. So cute!

  147. Kristi F says

    I’d like to try the Ultimate Cloth Wipes

  148. Claiborne Snyder says

    Minky blanket cause we are headed towards blanket weather!

  149. christine jessamine says

    i like the minkee blankees

  150. Erin says

    I like the bitti d’lish because of all the awesome designs and colors they come in! Nothing like variety!

  151. Mary says

    Love the luxury wetbags. Had my diaper bag stolen a few weeks ago so I need to replace my on the go wet bag.

  152. Kristy Wilson says

    I love the minky giraffe print cloth diapers.

  153. Jessica E Ledford says

    I want the zebra minkee blankie!

  154. Amanda Selenke says

    more than one soaker is great!

  155. Christena says

    I’d love a minky blanket 🙂

  156. Rachel Wright says

    I love the range of the one size diaper. it gets so small, and so big. I have chunky boys and some diapers are too small for my two yr old. I love that these would fit him with room to spare, and also be able to fit the baby.

  157. Ashley Santillanes says

    I really like the look of these I would really like to try one

  158. Laura Unger says

    I want the bright rainbow pack of ultimate wipes.

  159. Nicole says

    I want a minky blanket. Soooo soft!

  160. SIanna Rose says

    Itti Bitti Tutto in the giraffe print

  161. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} says

    like the bitti boo in red

  162. Hannah Avery says

    I would like to have a small Bitti Boo diaper.

  163. I LOVE the aquamarine/turquoise colored diaper. I want it so bad!!!

  164. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    itti bitti Minkee Blankee
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  165. serena ames says

    i like the red stars

  166. Lacey j says

    I love the ingenuity of the inserts and how it’s not so bulky. We already cloth diaper and th one thing I hate is how bulky the pocket diapers are

  167. Kylie C says

    I also love their changing mats- so many fun prints!

  168. Gaye M says

    I learned that the bitti tutto has a complete internal gusset, protecting the sides and back – it’s our patented ‘poo fence’ which means you don’t need to worry about leaks and can use this diaper with confidence!

  169. kim johnson says

    I love their wetbags and tutto diapers and would love more.

  170. Jennifer odom says

    I love the Gerry print.

  171. cassandra (rab pom) says

    I would want one of the luxury wet bags in gray 🙂

  172. Nicole Steffan says

    I love them all!! I would LOVE to try one… it seems to be a TRUE one size diaper! newborn all the way to potty training!

  173. Lily Kwan says

    I learned that the company started in 2005.

  174. susan smoaks says

    I would love to get the itti bitti Minkee Blankee!

  175. Laurie says

    I like the red and white stars diaper cover.

  176. Kathy Pease says

    I love the giraffe print diaper

  177. Angela Neynaber says

    I like the red and white star pattern.

  178. Renae Cruz says

    They look so soft! I bet diaper rash would NOT be a problem with these!

  179. Kathryn S says

    I had no idea they were an Australian company.

  180. bonnye sesnenig says

    I would love a itti bitti Minkee Blankee in the carnivale print!

  181. Saver Sara says

    I love they expand to fit a variety of sizes

  182. jolene says

    these look super cute! i would love to cloth diaper!

  183. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I like the robot print that they have

  184. Akai Fuller says

    I love the color coded snaps, maybe grandma wouldn’t get confused.

  185. carey says

    I like the itti bitti Minkee Blankee. they are so cute

  186. Julia M. says

    I like their change mats!

  187. Emily Holyoak says

    I would love to try itti bitti for the fact of the minky outer shell and the neat color coded snap in liners.

  188. Sandy says

    I really like wobott print!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

  189. Betty C says

    I love the variety of designs and the minkee fabric is great.

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