Country Crock Holiday Veggie Kit #HolidayVeggieDish

If you hang out with me on OurKidsMom’s Facebook page, I recently shared what my fridge looks like after a bi-weekly shopping trip.


As you can see, vegetables play a large part of our daily diet. I have found that having a nice variety of ways to prepare them helps keep the family coming back for more… eating & enjoying them.

I wanted to share one of my quick & easy dishes that we prepare quite often. I am a huge mushroom fanatic. On the occasion I make eggs for breakfast I like to make this as a side dish or if I’m feeling a bit lazy I will make it and pour my eggs into the pan so they meld.


It’s really incredibly easy but oh so tasty. Start with a little bit of margarine (Country Crock)/butter/olive oil (whichever you prefer), add in onions (we love red onions because they are a tad bit sweet) and stir until soft, add in green peppers stirring for a few minutes, add in mushrooms, sprinkle with garlic salt and stir until cooked through. Voila! Three of my favorite vegetables mixed together with a tiny bit of garlic salt…mmmmmm.

Garlic-mashed-potatoes-_-cauliflower-297482-264196.cardCountry Crock wants to add a little spice to our vegetable prep. They sent me a few veggie recipes that I am eager to try out. One in particular is for Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Cauliflower. I’ve heard of “faux” mashed potatoes using just cauliflower, but this is the first time I’ve seen a dish with both potatoes and cauliflower. Doesn’t it look yummy?

Country Crock wants to make sure our kitchens are fully equipped for all the delicious veggie dishes we will be preparing this holiday season. That’s why they are offering this fun prize pack including a new Calphalon pan, a veggie slicer and more! I used the veggie slicer last night and it’s the first time in forever that I’ve chopped an onion without crying!

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  1. Claire says

    I learned that they have a pinterest!

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    I learned that you can download a cookbook called A Very Veggie World from their website.

  3. sheila musselman askins says

    like the Liven Up Those Leftovers good tips..always looking for ways to use up leftovers!

  4. Natalie says

    That spinach was the winner:)

  5. hey di how, and cool beans they have a recipe for cyote squash, I always wondered what to do with them, they look so cute in the produce section

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    I like the article: Liven Up Those Leftovers

  7. Lisa Brown says

    Left comment on Thanksgiving Sides That Steal the Show

  8. Rochelle says

    I like the recipe Easy Mashed Gingered-Carrots. Thanks!

  9. Judith B. says

    Spinich won out over Kale in their people’s choic awards by 4 to 1. Although Kale has all the nutritional benefits of spinich, I don’t think it is as popular because it seems to be a new choice for many.

  10. Paula Lee says

    I love that you can get Country Crock with added Calcium.

  11. barbara n says

    I love the Good Habits section of their website

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    Country Crock spread has 70% less saturated fat than butter and 30% fewer calories

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    I learned they have many recipes and meal ideas on their site!

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    I learned they do meatless mondays 🙂

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  22. The free cook book is great

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  24. Robyn says

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  25. Andrea D. says

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  26. debbie jackson says

    liven up those leftovers and grilled turkey sandwich are great ideas

  27. Eileen says

    I found this great recipe for apples! We have a variety now and just picked up pecans can make this tomorrow…a dreary weekend will perk up with some warm from the oven comfort food!

  28. Tanya Phillips says

    I learned that Recipe Exchange Parties are a growing trend. I’ve never heard of it, sounds fun!

  29. carol roberts says

    I love the Good Habits section

  30. mary fanara coleman says

    I read about the cool crock country county fair. And that they have food I’ve never heard of like onion blossoms and carrot kabobs to zucchini fries and corn dogs

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    I learned the spinach won in their Peoples Choice Veggie competition! It’s one of my favorites.

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  36. daisy says

    Country Crock spread has 70% less saturated fat than butter and 30% fewer calories

  37. Colleen Maurina says

    I use my leftover gravy mixed with leftover turkey, chicken broth and pasta to make a yummy soup.

  38. Sonya says

    I like the recipe for Easiest Ever Spoonable Corn Bread

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  40. Debra F says
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    i learned that Spinach won their Peoples Choice awards: Veggie edition

  42. I learned that I should Pack Lunch at Dinner. “Make lunch for the next day immediately after dinner so you only have to clean up once,” says Ward.

  43. lina says

    I like their Good Habits page!

  44. Christine says

    I would like the Roasted Cauliflower.
    Thanks for the chance!

  45. Nicole B says

    I learned that there is a free holiday recipe book you can download from their homepage.

  46. They offer a very cute CookBook from the their website. It’s free and called A Very Veggie World.

  47. Mer says

    Yum! There are some very good ideas there! I really want to try the spoonable cornbread recipe.

  48. I want to try Cinnamon Apples With Pecan Crumble

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    I like their Entertainment section, I printed out the Turkey Day Placemat for next year’s Thanksgiving!

  56. shannon oelrich says

    grill pineapple for a yummy low calorie dessert

  57. Tara Liebing says

    I learned they have alot of great ideas for leftovers. I also want to make the Sping Green Beans recipe they have posted.

  58. Heather! says

    I learned that Country Crock has some great tips for parents who find themselves in the middle of the ‘The Great Veggie Showdown’!
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    I liked the free recipe book. It had lot of neat and creative ideas for making eating veges fun! I like the Mt. Veggie Volcanoes.

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    I learned that their “Good Habits” section has everything from healthy recipes to good advice.

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    I learned you should cook the harder vegetables first when sauteeing

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