Bundles and Buzz: Surprise Packages That Are An Experience


Bundles and Buzz is a great company that is all about the excitement of new products that have been carefully researched by the Bundles and Buzz team. I love a good surprise and was totally up to reviewing an expecting mother bundle.

There are several bundles that you can choose from: Mama, Toddler (which you can select age range and gender) Baby, and cloth diaper. Each bundle can be purchased for $30-$35.  I couldn’t wait to see what I was going to get, wondering if there would be products I have already tried before or all new ones… oh the suspense that goes along with waiting for your bundle to arrive.


The bundle arrived and included:


Envirosax It is a GREAT sized bag that you can throw groceries in or even towels for a trip to the pool.

EcoParent magazine This magazine has great articles on everything from finding natural baby products, natural flu prevention, to traveling with cloth diapers. A great magazine for any mom to really get into.

– 4 samples from Sweet Treats, a super yummy peanut brittle, that tastes homemade.


BalmShot beeswax lip balm: I love my beeswax lip balm and so I was excited to try this one. This one comes in a super  “manly” shotgun shell, and I loved it. I will admit I didn’t get to use it much because didn’t take long for my husband to snatch it up.

Medela fridge magnet: Magnetic Chart with information about “Freshly Expressed Breastmilk Storage Guidelines”, 2x samples of Medela Tender care lanolin now: when I breastfed my last child I always needed lanolin on hand so these will be great to keep in the diape rbag without having to carry a tube of it around. A

Medela Mothers minder Reminder Bracelet. I know you moms will understand baby brain. It is so easy to forget… “When did I last feed at? What side did I last feed on? When did I give them medication last?”.  Well the bracelet has a slide on it with numbers that represent each hour and 3 dots in-between each number that represents a quarter hour to help remind you.


See Erin Sew coffee cuff: I’m always asking for to go coffee to be double cupped. This will be in the vehicle at all times for sure!

-A Save $10 card  towards Silver Soul Creations: I have been browsing their site and they have great handmade keepsakes that you can use your babies foot or handprints and artwork to be made into a stunning piece of jewelry.


– A Paci Clip form Paci-Catchers: What baby doesn’t need a paci clip? In my honest opinion a paci clip should be a must item for use immediately in the hospital.  They have a wide selection of catchers to choose from: pants-catchers, mitten-catchers, sippy-catchers, and sophie-catchers.

– 2 Cool Diaps: disposable diapers with a bold print design to them. A husband and wife decided to come up with this diaper that is more fun to look at since you spend so much time looking at those diapers you change all day long.


– A Package of 4 100% cotton Breast Pads from Udder Covers. Once again another MUST have product when you have a newborn. I have always used disposable, but I’m excited to try these for the first time.


Made Just for you By Lisa: sent am oversized flannelette blanket. I have swaddled my babies from birth and there is nothing like an oversized flannelette blanket to get the job done right. Lisa also specializes in custom made items and other products such as minky blankets, burp cloths, nursing covers, ribbon blankets, and reusable snack bags.

Photo10 Photo11

– A 50g bag of Rooibos cream of Desert Red Tea from Dream Tea Boutique. Rooibos is a caffeine free and tannin free healthy drink. It’s good for your stomach and also for pregnant women. It’s flavored with pieces of strawberry, cream and petals of daisy. The smell when I opened the bag was instantly pleasing and oh so yummy smelling. I have been drinking it warm and have loved it. I cut coffee out and so I have enjoyed having this tea to sip on in the evenings to relax and unwind. The smell and taste is very yummy and inviting to everyone around.

-A $5 gift certificate to Jilly bo Billy Boutique-Styled Deal. Just what I need another reason to go shop!  This is a site with top brands and great clothing for an amazing discount price. I received a pair of shorts made by Kumquat from Jilly bo Billy Boutique. These will be great in the summer when the heat starts to kick in.

– From Soga Soap a sample of Laundry Soap for Sensitive skin. Babies skin is so soft and sensitive and harsh soap can cause rashes and irritation. This is a great sample for doing newborn clothing with!  Also a sample of Nearly Naked Whipped Shea Butter. Right now during the winter months my skin gets extremely dry, and this whipped shea butter has been my skins life saver for both my hands and feet. Right after I apply it my skin feels so soft and new.


– Lanolin free moisturizing nipple cream from Lalabee Mommy. 90% organic, made from organic shea butter, organic chamomile & vitamin E. There is no scent to this and doesn’t leave a oily film after applying… very soft and smooth to apply.


–  A Natural Remedy In Healing Diaper Rash,  from Simply Natural. Made with beeswax, EVOO, essential oils of lavender, chamomile, tea tree and vitamin e. This cream doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. When I opened the container the first thing I noticed was the tea tree smell in it.

 Bundles and Buzz has such a great way for me to get excited about being pregnant! What better way to get ready and prepared for the new arrival then to be sent great products to try so you can stock up before the baby comes. Thanks Bundles and Buzz for reminding me of what I yet need to purchase before the big date!


Check out www.bundlesandbuzz.com and pick out your surprise that you will be anxious to receive in the mail!

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  1. Megan Parsons says

    I like the Special Family bundle!

  2. debbie jackson says

    I like the special family bundle and it is on sale debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  3. kelly thompson says

    they dont offer subscriptions.

  4. Vanessa Dalton says

    Bundles contain a variety of different products and you are not guaranteed to receive any specific product in a Bundle.

  5. Joyce Harrell says

    I learned what a bundle consisted of and would like the family bundle….

  6. alexis janiszewski says

    I like that they give you bundles depending on ages and gender!!!! The lil bag they come in are pretty cool too.

  7. jennifer says

    i like that it is based on age and gender. it makes it feel personalized which i love.

  8. Maralea says

    Love that they provide a variety of products!

  9. Colleen Maurina says

    I like that Bundles and Buzz supports small businesses and introduces their products through their bundles.

  10. D Schmidt says

    I like the idea behind the bundle – The Bundles are surprise packages of mom/baby products, supplied by companies like yours, who are looking to increase their sales, introduce a new product, clear out discontinued products or boost brand awareness. And the low shipping cost )$3)

  11. the special family bundle. thankyou, ken

  12. Kathleen Hand says

    I would love the family bundle

  13. Candie L says

    I like that you can pick Christmas aged packages for different ages. Thank you

  14. Ruby Yoshi says

    I like the Special family bundle

  15. Chris Uniejewski says

    I like the special family bundle

  16. I like the Special Family bundle!

  17. jenny green says

    I like that you can chose by gender and age

  18. Keara B. says

    I’d love to try the Christmas Bundle for ages 2-6! Love this idea!

  19. Anne Perry says

    I like that the products come from small businesses

  20. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love everything about them! I’ve been able to snag 2 of the cloth bundles awhile back and wasn’t disappointed at all! Would love to try the Family Bundle and Preschool bundle

  21. Heather says

    I like the special family bundle.

  22. jeanette sheets says
  23. melissa williams says

    I like their toddler packs.

  24. Heather Wone says

    What a great store! I love that you can chose age and gender and that it’s a surprise!

  25. heather L says

    I love that it is a surprise. Getting something in the mail is a surprise itself, but having a surprise in a surprise is just the best.

  26. Bo says

    I like the Special Family Bundle.

  27. rachel says

    Interesting concept. Wish I could see what was in it before I buy it.

  28. Tabitha P. says

    i want the The SPECIAL Family Bundle

  29. jamie davis says

    I like that they are age and gender specific and the contents are eco friendly.

  30. nannypanpan says

    i leaned all sales are final

  31. Christina CG says

    I learned that they don’t do subscriptions

  32. Debra Hall says

    they offer a variety of products

  33. Charlotte R says

    I learned that they are considering doing a cloth diaper bundle and are wanting to know what companies to contact about it.

  34. heather eg kaufman says

    I like the variety of bundles.

  35. Melanie Montgomery says

    I want the expecting mother packagr.

  36. Elizabeth says

    I learned that they’re a Canadian group! Yay!

  37. shannon oelrich says

    I like that it is a small business. My family owns one as well.

  38. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    The family bundle since were a family of 5

  39. I love the BnB site. I really want to try the Momma, Baby, and Toddler bundles. Can’t wait.

  40. Rene says

    I like that the bundles are a surprise and that they are even packaged in something useful!

  41. Came across your blog and will check out the Bundles for some friends of mine as baby shower gifts!

  42. Shanlee says

    Trying again. I’d like a cloth bundle.

  43. Stephanie Portz says

    I’m really hoping to be able to snag one of the cloth bundles next time it comes around!

  44. Amanda N. says

    I learned that you need to sign up to their newsletter to get “The Buzz” so you know when they stock the bundles because they sell out so quickly.

  45. renee walters says

    I would love the family bundle! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  46. Amy Menzies says

    I leaned it’s a Canadian based company

  47. Jessie T-B says

    I like the variety of products they include in each bundle.

  48. Sandy V. says

    I like the special family bundle.

  49. Laura says

    I have been following Bundles and Buzz anxiously awaiting a restock. I would love to have a cloth or baby bundle.

  50. kelly says

    Cloth bundle.

  51. jamie braun says

    i like that there are different products from different companies in the bundles

  52. Jessica O says

    I love the variety and love trying new products!

  53. Tara says

    I like the special family bundle

  54. Heather S. says

    I would love the Special family bundle.
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  55. anna says

    This is such a fun way to try new products!

  56. Nicole Lewis says

    I would love to try the tea in the bundle

  57. Rainn says

    I like that this company supports small businesses

  58. polly says

    i learned they release new bundles every week

  59. Susan Broughton says

    I learned that the bundles come in Mom, toddles, baby, family and cloth.

  60. Susan Broughton says

    I learned that the bundles come in Mom, toddlers, baby, family and cloth.

  61. Susan Broughton says

    This bundle you receive would be like Christmas everytime it arrives! You do not know what you are getting and you get a great surprise when you open it

  62. mell says

    I like the family bundle

  63. large variety of products.

  64. Lisa L says

    I like that each and every item that goes into a Bundle is researched prior to their approval

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