Why You Need VPN When Using Kodi  

If you like watching videos or streaming movies then you probably own one or two smart devices, maybe a smartphone and a smartTV? Nearly 70 million US family have some form of connected-TV streaming devices. According to statistics, adults consume around 11 hours of media or entertainment every day.  A connected-TV streaming device can be anything from Apple TV Roku, Google Chromecast, or a gaming console. One software, named Kodi, can make all these devices a complete media center. 

Kodi is a great media player that is open-source and free. It can make your streaming smoother, easier and secured. The main factor that makes Kodi useful is that fact that it is an open source, meaning people are free to use it without any set limitation. It can be controlled by many remotes or even gamepad. This software is available in more than 65 languages and encompasses hundreds of programs. When it is installed properly and wisely you can technically avail free content.  

You can stream virtually anything under the sun, from movies, TV shows and even live sports. However, there are some limitations set not by the product by the outside factors. To prevent these factors for interfering with your entertainment you need to make us of VPN. There are many helpful sites like Troy Point that can help you in your streaming needs. But for now, here are some reason why you need VPN when you are using Kodi. 

Privacy and Data Safety 

When you are using Kodi for streaming unofficial movies or TV shows, you need to use VPN. VPN will encrypt any information from your devices before it reaches your ISP or Internet Service Provider. You might not know it, but they can track your streaming habits. Using VPN will ensure that any of your personal data do not translate to your ISP. This is to prevent your connection from getting pirate content tag. 


Streaming can consume a huge amount of bandwidth and if you use Kodi, you have a tendency to stream all you want. This may notify your ISP about an unusually traffic in your connection and prompt them to throttle your Internet. If you enable VPN, your internet habits from downloading, browsing to streaming will be anonymous to them. This will essentially hide your online routine, thus preventing them from throttling and slowing down your connection.  

Blocked Territory-Based Content 

There are several streaming contents that are only available on a certain region or country. Even in Kodi, some contents may be blocked or restricted due to geographical location of your IP address. You can bypass this restriction if you make use of VPN. There are many VPN that gives you option on choosing the country or region of your server. The moment you are connected to a VPN server with the corresponding country, any geo-blocked content in Kodi or any other software for that matter, will let you pass. Some of these geo-blocking restrictions arises from partnership and agreement between certain copyrights and media partners. 

You Get To See the Premier 

I don’t really know why they can’t premier a show on the same time simultaneously in all parts of the world. But we all know that it can be a little frustrating when a new season or episode of Game of Thrones has already been shown in some area but you are there bombarded by spoilers. Even Kodi can’t prevent this from happening alone, but with VPN you can easily access new content. All you need to do is connect your VPN to a server on the corresponding region and voila you get to see it first. You are now bestowed with bragging rights.

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