Why It’s Better to Buy CBD Online Than In Stores

You might think that there’s really no difference between buying CBD oil online or in a CBD store. However, there are many advantages to buying CBD online over purchasing CBD products from a CBD store.

This article will outline some of the main benefits of buying CBD from a CBD online shop and discuss how doing so can help save you money.


One of the biggest advantages of shopping for CBD online is convenience. From the comfort of your own home, you can sit back and browse through the many different products on offer.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar CBD store with limited opening hours, a CBD online shop is open 24/7. Therefore, you can buy CBD online at a time that suits your schedule.

Furthermore, why take the time out of your busy day to hop into your car and head to the nearest CBD store when you can have CBD capsules delivered to your door? Better still, many leading brands offer free delivery when you buy CBD capsules online from them.


One of the downsides of buying CBD from a CBD store is you are limited by the range of CBD products they stock. However, when you visit a large CBD brand’s website or any other CBD online shop, for that matter, you are completely spoilt for choice.

While large retailers have more shelf space than a typical CBD store, they tend only to stock a small number of products that sell well for them. However, with a CBD online shop, you can choose from the brand’s entire product range.

Industry-leading brands, such as PureKana, offer a range of different CBD products, from CBD tinctures to gummies, capsules, edibles, topicals, and more. Customers who buy CBD online can choose from various CBD products and potencies, as well as a host of different flavor options.


In an unregulated industry, it is essential that you only buy CBD products from leading brands with a reputation for providing premium products. While it may appear tempting to take a chance on an unknown brand offering a low-price CBD product at your local CBD store, there’s no way of knowing if that product is safe for consumption, so why take the risk with your health?

With leading brands, such as PureKana, you have the peace of mind that the product has been tested by an independent laboratory. You can find links to the lab report on each product page on PureKana’s website, where you can view the test results. 

Discounts and Promotions

Another advantage of buying CBD online is that you can avail of regular discounts and promotions. For example, PureKana offers discounts to military veterans, people with disabilities, and those on low incomes. 

PureKana also runs regular promotions where customers can buy CBD oil and other CBD products at heavily discounted prices. With a physical CBD store, you could wait months for their CBD range to go on sale. So why wait for the sale when there are so many ways to save money by buying CBD online?

Subscribe and Save

If you consume CBD regularly, you know that buying CBD products from your local CBD store can be pretty expensive. One of the best ways to reduce your spending is to sign up for the ‘Subscribe and Save’ programs that online brands like PureKana offer.

With PureKana’s Subscribe and Save programs, consumers can sign up to have their CBD product delivered to their door every two weeks, every month, or every two months. Better still, consumers who sign up for the Subscribe and Save program receive a whopping 30% off that CBD product. That’s a huge saving over the course of a year.

Loyalty Programs and Referral Bonuses

PureKana rewards repeat customers by offering a generous loyalty program. Return Customers earn loyalty points on each purchase, which they can use to save money on future purchases.

PureKana also offers referral bonuses to existing customers who ‘refer a friend’ that goes on to make a purchase.

Final Thoughts on Why it’s Better to Buy CBD Online Than in Stores

As you can see, there are several reasons why it is better to buy CBD online than in a CBD store. Not only do you get to buy CBD products at a time that suits you, but you can also avail of greater choices, discounts, and having that product delivered to your door for free. We think you’ll agree, it’s way better to buy CBD online than in a CBD store.


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