Whirlpool Duet: Laundry Troubleshooting with Stain Assist #WhirlpoolMoms


Once upon a time, there was a mom that was overwhelmed with various stains on her children’s clothing. Grass, ketchup, mud, poop… the entire gamut. No matter how much she begged her children to be more careful, the stained clothing predicament didn’t stop. Now the kids just hid the clothing and she didn’t find the stains after after they went through the washer and dryer.

imageThen she met them. The Duet laundry pair. These machines promised to do more than just wash and dry her clothes. They promised to help save time, money and energy while assisting her in keeping her families clothing clean and stain free.

Little did she know that there is a science to laundry.

The Duets offer smart temperature control as well as 14 specialty fabric car cycles. This helps reduce shrinking and color bleeding. Now her blacks stay black and her colors stay bright.

With the care control temperature management enabled by 6th Sense technology, her clothes are protected by controlling the amount and temperature of the water. No more dingy colors for her!

Another tidbit she didn’t know about… overdosing. Yes, you can overdose with laundry detergent… and is can cost you big in the long run (money).

The Precision Dispense Ultra System releases just the right amount of detergent for that particular load as well as bleach and fabric softener at the right time during the cycle for optimal fabric care.

So now this mom (me) has loosened up a bit (a lot). Now the kids can be carefree and play to their hearts content instead of worrying how mom is going to react when she sees their clothes. The Whirlpool Duet assists that mom in removing the stains that kids (and dads) get into so that she can move on with her day and life.



Here are some great stain removal tips to help you get those stains out of your clothing!

  • Always test stain removers on an inside seam or other hidden part of garment for color fastness. To test, apply product and let stand 2-5 minutes, then rinse. If color changes, do not use product on garment.
  • When using bleach, do not try to bleach just one area of garment. To prevent uneven color removal, bleach the entire garment.
  • When cleaning a stain, place stained area face down on a clean paper towel or white cloth. Apply stain remover to the underside of the stain, forcing stain off the fabric surface instead of through it.
  • For tips on which cleaning products to use check out this 2019 cleaning product review

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I wrote this review while participating in a test-drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Whirlpool and received a complimentary Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer to facilitate my review.



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    What an awesome washer and dryer.


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