Which Are Tips and Tricks for Beginners of Paint by Numbers: A Starter’s Guide to Mastering the Art

Embarking on a paint by numbers project is an engaging way to embrace your artistic side, even if you have not picked up a paintbrush before. This methodical approach simplifies the process of creating a work of art by breaking down an image into numbered sections, each corresponding to a specific color. Not only does it make painting more accessible to beginners, but it also teaches the fundamentals of color theory and brush control in a relaxed manner.

To get started, selecting a kit that appeals to you is crucial. With a vast array of choices from serene landscapes to vibrant abstracts, finding one that resonates with your interests will make the experience more enjoyable. Once you have your kit, preparing your workstation is essential. Ensure you have a sturdy surface to work on and all your materials at hand.

The key to a successful paint by numbers experience is patience and strategy. Approaching your canvas section by section keeps the process manageable and the paint fresh, preventing it from drying out. It’s advisable to paint the smallest areas first and work your way to larger sections to maintain a clean, crisp look. Remember, the process is meant to be a peaceful and fulfilling journey, so take your time and savor each stroke.

Choosing the Right Kit

Selecting the appropriate paint by numbers kit is crucial to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Factors like the complexity of the image and the quality of materials significantly impact the painting process.

Understanding Kit Levels

Paint by numbers kits come with varying levels of difficulty. Generally, you’ll find beginner, intermediate, and expert levels. For beginners, choosing a kit with larger areas to paint and fewer small spaces is advisable. This simplifies the process and provides an easier introduction to the hobby. As you gain confidence, you can explore a range of paint by numbers kits for adults that introduce more complex designs and a larger number of colors.

Contents and Tools Included

A basic kit typically includes:

  • A pre-printed canvas: Outlined with numbers corresponding to paint colors.
  • Acrylic paint pots: Numbered to match sections on the canvas.
  • Brushes: Usually, a set of three with different thicknesses for various levels of detail.

The completeness of your kit is important. Ensure that it has enough paint to cover the canvas and that the paints are of good quality so that they spread evenly and don’t dry out too quickly. Some kits also come with additional tools like a varnish to give your painting a nice sheen or a frame to mount and display the finished work.

Mastering the Basics

Before diving into your first paint by numbers kit, consider these fundamental aspects: understanding how to read the canvas, applying paint properly, and managing your supplies effectively. These skills set the groundwork for a successful painting experience.

Reading the Canvas

Your canvas is your roadmap; it contains numbers corresponding to specific colors. Start by taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the numbered sections and the color key usually located on the side. Notice areas with fine lines indicating intricate details – these will require extra attention and a fine-tip brush.

Paint Application Techniques

Apply paint to your canvas using strokes that follow the shape of the area you’re filling in. Begin with lighter colors and progress to darker hues to avoid unintentional mixing. When approaching edges, use a clean, sharp brush to maintain crisp lines. If an area is especially small, considering diluting the paint with a tiny bit of water for a smoother application.

Managing Paint and Brushes

Keep your brushes clean and dry between colors to prevent unwanted blending. Rinse them thoroughly in water and pat dry with a cloth. As for the paint pots, close them tightly after use to prevent drying out, and store them upside down to keep the paint ready for your next session. Use a palette or a piece of cardboard to mix colors if your kit requires it.


Your journey into paint by numbers is an invitation to explore your creativity with ease. Remember to start with a framed canvas to avoid wrinkles and create a smooth painting experience. Utilizing clear gesso can enhance paint adherence and keep the numbers visible. Keep these tips in mind and embrace each step, knowing that with each number, you’re unlocking a piece of a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

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