No More What’s That Smell? | Tide Simply Clean and Fresh with Baking Soda

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If you’ve ever opened a gym bag that belongs to a teenage boy, you will totally understand what I’m about to tell you.

My son is 17. He is a physically active guy. He loves to work out, plays soccer for the high school, runs on occasion and works outdoors at the local amusement park in the games department (yes, even in 100 degree weather).

All of these situations combined accumulate as one big odor ball in his gym bag (and occasionally in his laundry hamper when the clothes actually make it there).


He is supposed to do his own laundry, but when the smell gets bad enough that I catch a whiff of it I will toss in a load or two.

I was recently sent a bottle of Tide’s new detergent and was told that it provides superior cleaning (as I’ve found with all of the other Tide products I’ve tried) and odor removal (because it includes baking soda) …

it’s called Tide Simply Clean & Fresh.

Would this detergent be my knight in shining armor?


With 2X the cleaning and odor-fighting power, I was hoping that it would tackle the grass stains from sports as well as the teenage boy smell.

(Does it clean their rooms, too?)


What I’m loving about Tide Simply Clean & Fresh  is that it’s formulated to deliver a thorough clean that starts at the source of odors.

It doesn’t just cover up odors, it gets deep down into the fibers of your garments to remove the particles that cause odors.

That means no tossing in 2-3 sheets of fabric softener just to make sure it smells fresh when it’s done.

(yes, I’ll admit to doing this more than once out of desperation)

No more covering up one smell with another.

3My life is hectic enough with four children. I don’t have the time or the energy to wash and re-wash a load of laundry because of odors.


Fortunately I no longer have to.


Tide Simply Clean & Fresh comes in two scents: Refreshing Breeze and Daybreak Fresh.

It is HE compatible to work in any machine (hooray!).

Available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $4.99 – $5.99 for a 50 oz. bottle.


  1. Tammy S says

    Oh I have a teenage son so I totally get what you are saying! I love Tide and it’s the only laundry detergent I use. I haven’t tried this Simply Clean & Fresh yet. But I will be picking some up soon. If it works half as good as you say, it will be a win in my book. Thanks!

  2. im going to try this, i hope its good for sensitive skin because i have two toddlers that have extremely sensitive skin..

  3. saminder gumer says

    i would love to not have to rewash laundry. if this will get me there then i am in.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I have always used Tide products and I am glad that they continue to improve them

  5. Sarah L says

    Your post makes me glad I don’t have a teenaged son. My exercise is swimming so I don’t have an odor problem.


    I use regular Tide already. WIll be giving this a try very soon!

  7. Sandy Cain says

    Gotta try this. Sometimes I toss some Baking Soda in with the laundry, but why do the extra work? I love Tide, and if it already has the baking soda in it, and can save me an extra step, I’m all for it!

  8. nicole dz says

    Love how you don’t have to use 2-3 sheets of fabric softener just to make sure it smells fresh, love how this stuff tackles the odors deep down in the fabrics. Gonna have to try this stuff. I have alittle boy who plays soccer, so this could help with his uniforms.

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