What You Need to Know About Sexual Harassment if You’re Aware

Sexual harassment is offensive, unwelcome, intimidating, or humiliating. Sexual harassment can be physical, written, or verbal. Any activity that leaves a person feeling uncomfortable in their surroundings amounts to sexual harassment. It is important to understand what sexual harassment is and take the right action.

One must voice against sexual harassment and report it, not considering its multitude. People of all age groups or gender can be subjected to harassment. The first step to fighting it is to be fully aware of the term and what it implies. Sexual harassment can take many forms, and only awareness helps you identify and tackle the issue effectively.

Identify sexual harassment

As sexual harassment can take many different forms, it is often misused and misunderstood. Asking sexual questions is an offense. Hence, it is important that every individual understands what it implies in order to protect themselves from the slightest case of harassment. The experience is very traumatizing and leaves lasting effects on the victim. You have to be fully aware of your surroundings and stand up for anyone else who might be harassed around you.

By giving this a deep thought, you will be able to identify what is harassment and what is not. Any sexual offense that creates a hostile environment is harassment. Touching, grabbing, or holding you without consent is sexual harassment and has to be brought to light.

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Effects of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment leaves the victim in a state of shock when the incident occurs. It adds to stress and anxiety and can also trigger depression. It could take many forms like social withdrawal, avoiding meeting people, or always trying to hide from people. The stress and trauma also leave the body giving physical symptoms like headaches, body aches, and insomnia. 

If left without taken care of, it can turn into an effective one’s will to study and work or affect productivity and concentration for an indefinite time period. A victim must always understand that it is essential to report any harassment act that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Whether you are in school or at work, nobody has the right to comment or touch you inappropriately. Do not be scared of the offender’s position or influence. Report it to your administration and bring the issue to light. Stand in support of your peers and report each time you happen to witness an act that amounts to sexual harassment. There is not one sexual harassment definition. You must act each time you feel unsafe or offended in any matter possible.

Things to do to protect yourself

You can approach the situation in multiple ways. If you are casually spoken in a sexually offensive manner, the first thing you could do is stand up for it. Talk directly with the offender if that seems comfortable. Approach them on their inappropriate behavior and ask for reasons for it. 

If that does not seem viable, talk to someone who can help you or help you out of a situation. Make a note of the activities if they are small yet disturbing. Present your case to HR or your loved ones and seek help on what you should do next.

Save any evidence that you can so that the offender does not stand a chance of getting away with it. Upon presenting evidence, they are subjected to punishment for their wrong deeds. You can even seek the help of a therapist if you have gone through sexual harassment and are finding it difficult to cope with. 

You can further take the matter higher if you are not compensated for the troublesome experience. If you are forced to opt out of your job or school because of these acts, you must make a formal complaint to the police to make the offender go through the verdict they deserve.

Don’t be scared of threats

In many situations, the offenders are able to harass their victims multiple times because of their power or position. For example, your manager gets you to work more and threatens to fire you if you do not act according to their will. You have to stand up for yourself by making a complaint. Do not be afraid of their threats. There are laws in place that punish the offender. You have the right to feel protected and respected no matter where you work, study, or are.

Do not be afraid of their authority against you. Reach to the right people, and do not respond to the threats you receive. The first act of sexual harassment must be reported without fail, as that helps stop them from doing so with others or doing it again with you.

If it all gets out of hand, protect yourself from the situation and make a tight complaint. Take the help of police or legal authorities to have the offended punished. Remember that it is only your silence and succumbing to threats that will present power to your sexual offender.


You do not have to deal with sexual harassment on your own If you are subjected to such acts, the first thing to do is raise your voice against it. Feeling scared will only raise the offender’s power. Be aware and look around to see what people are doing. Protect yourself and your peers by educating them whenever you see an incident that is moving towards harassment. Any lewd comment or action that leaves you feeling discomfort, report it. Stand up against. Speak openly about these acts and help the administrations eliminate such practices.

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