What We Tried : Taco Casserole (vegetarian)


My family adores Mexican food, but my small repertoire of tacos, burritos and nachos were getting a little tiring. After a little searching I ran across this recipe for Taco Casserole. I’ve made this twice now and most of us love it. Why do I say “most of us”? My oldest son detests beans and gooey cheese. Ethan picks through to eat the beans and chips. The rest of us mix in some sour cream and maybe some guacamole and devour it.

TIMG_4836aco Casserole
    1/2 package of Boca Burger meat substitute
    1 package taco seasoning (check ingredients)
    1 15-oz can corn
    1 small can tomato sauce
    totilla chips
    1 15-oz can of beans (refried or black)
    1/2 onion diced
    non-stick cooking spray
    2 cups grated cheese

Spray pan with non stick spray.  Warm the meat substitute a few minutes.  Put in onion and taco seasoning, using the amount of water called for on the taco seasoning package.  Cook for a few minutes, add tomato sauce and corn.  Cook a few more minutes.
Put chips on bottom of a deep 9 inch casserole dish (crunched a little bit, not too small).  Pour mixture over chips, then cheese, then more chips, mixture, cheese.  The mixture should be the last layer on the casserole.  Then put a layer of beans and more cheese.
Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes until hot. Very yummy!
Serves: 6
Preparation time: 15 min

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  1. mike M says

    surprisingly it looks pretty tasty lol 🙂 i think i give it a try ….

  2. Tammy says

    Wow this looks delicious, and I was wondering what to have for dinner tonight? 🙂

  3. Cynthia DeLeon says

    This looks awesomely good! Will definitely have to try this 😀

  4. danielle says

    This looks DELICIOUS. The veggie lasagna looks amazing as well!

  5. Wow…that looks really yummy!!! Love mexican dishes!!!

  6. Megan Bidwell says

    I’m going to have to try this, and I’ll use the Harmony Farms hamburger substitute and let you know how it goes.

  7. This looks delish! I love cooking mexican food because it is so fast. I can have supper ready in 30 minutes.

  8. Susan H. says

    This looks delicious, but I’d have to make without corn because my husband won’t eat it.

  9. Vickie Couturier says

    looks wonderful,my husband would love it

  10. marissa lee says

    this looks really good but i have to stay away from mexican food right now.

  11. Rosie says

    Taco Casserole sounds delicious! It must be frustrating at times to have some like one thing, others not – ahhh! I haven’t tried Boca Burger but I would like to, I’m going to look for it, I want to try this recipe.

  12. G K says

    Yum! I love anything taco related.


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