What Can You Do When Standard Workout Motivations Fail?

It’s fair to say that most people who engage with a fitness routine know that they may, at some point, struggle with motivation. This is a well-known problem, and one that has led to the rise of multiple advice columns and tips in the past.

However, motivation is a curious thing, and many people find that the “guaranteed”  motivators don’t always work for them. While it can be helpful to buy a dress in a lower size as a target goal, or engage with different exercise classes to keep things interesting, motivation can still be hard to come by. If you have found this to be true of your own fitness efforts, then it can feel like you have nowhere to turn, with all the usual tips and tricks failing to work their magic for you. So what can you do in this scenario?

The link between results and motivation

In many ways, finding motivation to work out is relatively simple; the weight you lose and the fitness that you gain serves as its own reward. If you are feeling motivated by these improvements, it’s worth asking yourself why this may be.

In many cases, a lack of motivation is caused by overly-high expectation. If you expected that you’d achieve the figure of your dreams in a few months, and this doesn’t happen, then it can be tough to persuade yourself to keep going. If this sounds like it may be applicable to your situation, then reassess your goals and ensure they are as realistic as possible; www.Livestrong.com/ has some great advice on this.

The simple truth is that without realistic fitness goals, you’re going to be setting yourself up for failure – and an inevitable loss of motivation as a result.

A lack of results

Another issue that can cause a lack of motivation is simply not seeing results. If you have done your research, signed up to a quality gym such as www.ClubFitness.us/, and always made time in your schedule to work out, a lack of results can be hugely demoralizing. You’ve done everything right – so what’s going wrong?

Often, the answer is “nothing”; the human body is a complex organism, and for some people, results are harder to achieve for no discernible reason. While this may not be particularly welcome news, it can help to focus on your journey and your progress only. It can be disheartening to see friends or workout buddies advancing faster than you, but by focusing on your results only – even if they are relatively slow – you may be able to find your motivation once more.

If you continue for months with little to no discernible improvement, then it may be worth speaking to a doctor to discuss the issue. This is particularly true if you are not losing weight, as a number of conditions can influence this process, and a diagnosis may help to explain your lack of results.

In conclusion

Standard motivational tips are all well and good, but they are often sticking plasters. By digging to find the true reason you are struggling for workout motivation, you will cure the metaphorical ailment, rather than just treating the symptoms. Good luck!

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