What are the side effects in children of PEMF?

PEMF is short for ‘Pulsed Electromagnetic Field’. It is considered to be a pain-free and gentle way to get relief from intense pain. It is achieved by emitting low-level electromagnetic radiation. Medical experts state that this treatment does help those children who suffer from extreme pain. You may perhaps be eager to if children availing of this advanced medical technology will experience some side effects or not.

How PEMF technology can improve the mental health of your child?

During the growth stage, children tend to undergo both hormonal and physical changes. It is likely to affect their emotional and behavioral stability significantly. Using PEMF technology, your child can be treated for various types of health issues. It includes physical injuries, emotional distress, and temper tantrums. PEMF devices can help offer relief for physical injuries. Besides this, PEMF therapy increases healing time, especially for sore throats, fractures, and bruises.

What does it do?

A pulsed magnetic field tends to pass via the bone layer right onto the area that experiences pain. While providing relief to pain, it also helps diminish the emotional distress that your child is likely to experience during this time. In extreme cases concerning emotional distress, small children may exhibit erratic behavior like temper tantrums. This therapy when applied can reduce tantrum intensity. PEMF therapy when applied on a 3HZ low setting is proven to calm even an upset child just within a span of 5-10 minutes! To derive proper, safe, and complete relief, you should visit healthylineoutlet.com.

Why PEMF is preferred to treat children?

It is considered to be the most preferred treatment form, especially for children. The reason cited for the same is that it is stated to be non-invasive and safe. At times, the recipient might feel direct current therapy. Although microcurrent is not known to cause any kind of pain, often, children might get confused with this unfamiliar, new sensation that they experience. Doctors strictly do not advise conducting this therapy right over the skin. Hence, your child is not likely to even know that they are getting treatment in this form. Hence, they are sure to become more open to the treatment while deriving comfort throughout the procedure.

Is the procedure safe?

A good number of children are reported to experience a wide range of side effects, especially when receiving traditional treatments to curb pain. Some even are found to develop drug tolerance that tends to reduce the drug’s healing effect. On the other hand, PEMF can be stated to be a gentle process that does not cause any kind of pain. Health conditions faced by children like bone growth issues, asthma, congenital heart problems, heartaches, seizure disorders, immunodeficiency, diabetes, etc. can be treated effectively.

Is there any side effect with this procedure?

It is a universally accepted fact that PEMF is very much a harmless, gentle procedure. The symptoms and risk factors that are related to its use are quite low. Doctors conclude that PEMF therapy use in children should be the last option to treat certain medical problems. It s best advised for those children experiencing chronic health issues. PEMF usage does not boost intelligence or normal growth function. Therefore, higher-intensity PEMF is not at all recommended for those not exhibiting any kind of health issues. The reason is that there are always the potential risks of the process over-stimulating the tissues. It can be concluded that PEMF is very much safe as a treatment for children. If there emerge any such health issues, then the PEMF trial is strongly recommended to understand if it will suit perfectly the child patient or not.

Benefits offered by this therapy to children

Using PEMF therapy, children can improve their concentration, sleep, growth, and learning significantly. It also helps their brain cells to get energized while stimulating Alpha’s brain waves. The latter occurs in the human brain and is crucial to help children to learn new things willingly and in a better way. With PEMF offering immense relief to pain, children now can get good sleep for longer hours without any pain felt. This, in turn, helps boost their sleep quality and overall health. They experienced reduced panic attacks and nightmares while focusing better on their studies and on tasks that they are assigned.


If your child is suffering from pain or other related symptoms, then you should consult the doctor about PEMF usage. The doctor will first evaluate your child’s health condition and if found suitable will recommend this particular therapy. It can be concluded that it is indeed a safer alternative for treating children suffering from pain.


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