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weeklyweighinIt’s been 32 weeks on Nutrisystem for myself and 28 weeks for Kaytlin.

This was vacation week for us. We left Monday to go camping for the week. Yes, camping. You know… marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, potato chips, coookies…. junk food city. I was a good mommy, though. I also packed a lot of lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, bananas, and grapes as well as my Nutrisystem food. I wasn’t sure how much of my “plan” food I was going to eat, but I brought it so I could eat it.

Of course there is always a monkey wrench in the best thought out plans, right? Sunday evening my 14 year old, Joshua, wrecked his bike and broke both bones in his arm in 3 places total. Yes… on a Sunday (don’t things like this always happen on the weekends at your house?).  So off to the local children’s hospital urgent care center we went.

Because of the amount of pain he was in, we were able to be seen fairly quickly. Poor Josh could not straighten out his wrist, it was stuck in an arched position and he could barely wiggle his fingers. After some poking and prodding and a few x-rays we began the waiting game. The physician there put in a call to ortho because she wasn’t sure how they would want to procede.


So I am going to try to make a long story short. They splinted him and told us to make an appointment with ortho the next week. The next morning his fingers looked like sausages and he needed to be taken back in. Another visit with a physician, another call into ortho and we were sent to the children’s hospital ER to have his arm reset (it seems that born on the left was curved now and that is why his wrist wouldn’t bend). All of this occurred on Monday. Yes, Monday afternoon & evening… the day the family was to go camping. Our van was packed to the gills, so we drove to the campground to unload and Joshua and I spent the afternoon/evening in the ER together.

So he is finally in a cast and set correctly. The pain is almost gone but now the itching has begun (and the whining and complaining about the itching and the lack of ability to do almost everything he likes to do… video games, computers… yadda yadda).

Can we say stress?!? Have I mentioned before… I am a stress eater? Well, I am… but I think I did fairly well through that episode.

Oh, and we made it to the campground 9:30pm Monday night… just in time for good nights.

So, the rest of the week… it went fairly smooth. I ate Nutrisystem breakfast, morning snack and lunch all week. Two of the days I ate Nutrisystem dinner and the other two I, well, did not.

Kaytlin and I continued with our Couch to 5k Running Plan. We finished up week 3 but it was super tough. I’m not sure if it was because of the heat, because of running on a perfectly flat surface, or because I wasn’t “eating right”. I am honestly worried about week 4. We are going from running 3 minutes straight to 5. This is my first time during this experience that I am honestly worried.

During our four night stay we pretty much ditched the van and went everywhere on foot. Emma and Ethan were in heaven and there were only a few complaints from the rest of the crew. It felt nice to be moving several times a day and it warmed my heart to see “the babies” skipping and hopping and having the time of their lives.

So, let’s get to the business at hand… I know you are curious how we did…

This week I gained .8 lbs.

So between eating off plan and Mother Nature visiting me this week I think I did fairly well.

That puts me at  31.2 lbs in 32 weeks

Week & -/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 6 lbs 6 lbs
week 2: – 2.5 lbs 8.5 lbs
week 3: – 4 lbs 12.5 lbs
week 4: + 1 11.5 lbs
week 5: – 3 lbs 14.5 lbs
week 6: + .2 lbs 14.3 lbs
week 7: – 3 lbs 17.3 lbs
week 8: – .8 lbs 18.1 lbs
week 9: – 2.5 lbs 20.6 lbs
week 10: – .4 lbs 21 lbs
week 11: – 1.6 lbs 22.6 lbs
week 12: + 1.4 lbs 21.2 lbs
week 13: -3 lbs 24.2 lbs
week 14: -.4 lbs 24.6 lbs
week 15: +.2 lbs 24.4 lbs
week 16: -1.6 lbs 26 lbs
week 17: +1 lbs 25 lbs
week 18: -4.2 lbs 29.2 lbs
week 19: +1 lb 28.2 lbs
week 20: –2.6 lb 30.8 lbs
week 21: +1.2 lb 29.6 lbs
week 22: +/-0 lb 29.6 lbs
week 23: -1.4 lb 31 lbs
week 24: -1 lb 32 lbs
week 25: +2 lb 30 lbs
week 26: -.6 lb 30.6 lbs
week 27: –1.6 lb 32.2 lbs
week 28: –.8 lb 33 lbs
week 29: –1 lb 34 lbs
week 30: +2.2 lb 31.8 lbs
week 31: -.2 lb 32 lbs
week 32: +.8 lb 31.2 lbs

Kaytlin went into this week with the same food plan. She brought everything as well… we both brought some home with us.
She moved along with me, ran with me and ate with me :O).
Did I mention we had a fabulous time once we were there? Well, except for feeling badly for Joshua. We missed him at the pool *sniff sniff*.
This week Kaytlin had a slight gain of 1.2 lbs…

That makes a total of 40.4 lbs in 27 weeks!

Week & –/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 8.8 lbs 8.8 lbs
week 2: – 2.2 lbs 11.0 lbs
week 3: – 2 lbs 13 lbs
week 4: – 2 lbs 15 lbs
week 5: – 1.4 lbs 16.4 lbs
week 6: -3 lbs 19.4 lbs
week 7: –2.6 lbs 22 lbs
week 8:  – 2.8 lbs 24.8 lbs
week 9: -.8 lbs 25.6 lbs
week 10: -2.4 lbs 28 lbs
week 11: -.8lbs 28.8 lbs
week 12: +.4  lbs 28.4 lbs
week 13: -2.2lbs 30.6 lbs
week 14: -1.6 lbs 32.2 lbs
week 15: +1 lb 31.2 lbs
week 16: –1.2 lb 32.4 lbs
week 17: –1.6 lb 34 lbs
week 18: –2.8 lb 36.8 lbs
week 19: -.2  lb 37 lbs
week 20: 0 lb 37 lbs
week 21: –1.6 lb 38.6 lbs
week 22: –0 lb 38.6 lbs
week 23: –1.6 lb 40.2 lbs
week 24: –.4 lb 40.6 lbs
week 25:  + .6 lb 40 lbs
week 26:  -2.6 lb 42.6 lbs
week 27:  + 1 lb 41.6 lbs
week 28:  +1.2 lb 40.4 lbs



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