Weekly Weigh In Weeks 31 & 27 on Nutrisystem #NSNation (Tips for BBQ Season)

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weeklyweighinIt’s been 31 weeks on Nutrisystem for myself and 27 weeks for Kaytlin.

This was my second week doing the Couch to 5k Running Plan. Although I gained 2.2 lbs last week, I was determined to give this at least 3 weeks before tossing in the towel. I have read up on the gaining issue and I knew I wasn’t overeating, so I attributed it to either/or water & muscle gain.

Last night Kaytlin and I finished Week 2 Day 3 of the plan and both of us are feeling optimistic that we can do next week. This week we ran 90 seconds/walked 90 seconds alternating for 20 minutes (after a 5 minute warm up brisk walk). Next week calls for a 90/90 run/walk, a 3 minute/3 minute run/walk … alternating for 20 minutes after the initial brisk 5 minute walk. Three minutes is daunting, but “I think I can I think I can”.

Because of the gain last week I decided to start taking my measurements on weigh in day. This week I lost 1.5 inches on my chest wall, 1 inch on my waist and 1/2 inch on my hips. My arms and legs are the same. It’s awesome to see the numbers on the tape measure getting smaller so quickly! Now for the scale to catch up… right?

Eating on Nutrisystem has become a series of habits now. My body actually craves salad at lunchtime now and cheese or other protein at snack time. My dessert choice has switched a bit from chocolate to popcorn. I’m guessing it’s because of the salt … doesn’t matter, I’m digging Nutrisystem popcorn right now! On the rare times I am eating out I instinctually choose the healthier options and often times will bring home half the plate as leftovers.

People have asked me many times “What is Nutrisystem teaching you if they have proportioned ready to eat foods?”. I can say without a doubt I have learned portion control. Instead of 3 large meals I now eat 5-6 small meals a day now. I feel more in control and there is rarely a time when I feel out of control. On the off chance that I skipped a snack or am late for a meal I can feel that “off balance” and it reminds me to eat. It is also teaching my body to crave healthy options. I have been cutting up cucumbers to grab and snack on and I actually crave them daily! The fiber and water in them are fantastic for you! I am still learning… but it’s like the Karate Kid. Wax On, Wax Off… then one day I find out why I am doing what I am doing and it will click.

We are preparing for a family camping trip and although I will be bringing my Nutrisystem food, I am also preparing for a “treat” here &/or there (smores anyone?). I will continue to wear my BodyMedia to track my intake, calories burned, steps taken etc… so I won’t be surprised by the number on the scale when it’s time to weigh in. Wish me luck!

Speaking of… I wanted to share these tips for

“Surviving (and enjoying) the Summertime BBQ Season While on Nutrisystem.”

  • Bring your “BBQ-esque” Nutrisystem meal of choice : Nutrisystem’s Hamburgers, Chicken and Hot Dogs are great on the grill! That way you still feel part of the BBQ eating festivities while staying on program
  • Wheat rolls and buns : this way you give everyone a healthier option
  • Following the guidelines of your grocery guide – create a garden salad with all your favorite vegetables with various dressings on the side. That way everyone can choose what dressing is best for them, but also always you to get in your add-in additions while on program. To make a complete meal, top with some grilled chicken.
  • Grill some vegetables on the BBQ. A fun way to do this and to have the kids get involved, make vegetable shish kabobs. Then all that is left to do is toss them on to the BBQ and makes a great side dish (or condiment too!).
  • Try to steer away from items drenched with BBQ sauce as this will only add in extra calories and typically is high in sugar and sodium.
  • Make sure to have iced water on hand. Toss in some slices of citrus fruits (i.e. oranges, lime and lemons) or even cucumbers too. This makes it different and is quite refreshing!
  • For dessert you can have your Nutrisystem Dessert with the group, but also have a healthy option such as fruit salad or fruit kabobs for you and your guests. The kids can even help out with making them.

So, let’s get to the business at hand… I know you are curious how we did…

This week I lost .2 lbs.

That puts me at  32 lbs in 31 weeks

Week & -/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 6 lbs 6 lbs
week 2: – 2.5 lbs 8.5 lbs
week 3: – 4 lbs 12.5 lbs
week 4: + 1 11.5 lbs
week 5: – 3 lbs 14.5 lbs
week 6: + .2 lbs 14.3 lbs
week 7: – 3 lbs 17.3 lbs
week 8: – .8 lbs 18.1 lbs
week 9: – 2.5 lbs 20.6 lbs
week 10: – .4 lbs 21 lbs
week 11: – 1.6 lbs 22.6 lbs
week 12: + 1.4 lbs 21.2 lbs
week 13: -3 lbs 24.2 lbs
week 14: -.4 lbs 24.6 lbs
week 15: +.2 lbs 24.4 lbs
week 16: -1.6 lbs 26 lbs
week 17: +1 lbs 25 lbs
week 18: -4.2 lbs 29.2 lbs
week 19: +1 lb 28.2 lbs
week 20: –2.6 lb 30.8 lbs
week 21: +1.2 lb 29.6 lbs
week 22: +/-0 lb 29.6 lbs
week 23: -1.4 lb 31 lbs
week 24: -1 lb 32 lbs
week 25: +2 lb 30 lbs
week 26: -.6 lb 30.6 lbs
week 27: –1.6 lb 32.2 lbs
week 28: –.8 lb 33 lbs
week 29: –1 lb 34 lbs
week 30: +2.2 lb 31.8 lbs
week 31: -.2 lb 32 lbs

Like I mentioned before, Kaytlin is doing the Couch to 5k with me. She is also testing out the Fit Bit for a review/giveaway coming up soon. This also tracks calories burned, steps taken etc for her. She is dedicated and a motivator for me. There have been a few times on the track that I felt like I couldn’t finish that particular running pace and she would cheer me on with “come on, only 10 more seconds!”.
Kaytlin has been noticing changes in her body as well. Just the other day she was all smiles and proudly showing me the “new” pair of jeans she had pulled out of her closet. They have been there for quite some time, taunting her. On a whim she decided to try them on because her other jeans needed a washing… AND THEY FIT!
Congratulations Kaytlin… you are doing an amazing job! 
This week Kaytlin had a slight gain of 1 lb…
I believe she is gaining muscle as she is doing fabulous!

That makes a total of 41.6 lbs in 27 weeks!

Week & –/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 8.8 lbs 8.8 lbs
week 2: – 2.2 lbs 11.0 lbs
week 3: – 2 lbs 13 lbs
week 4: – 2 lbs 15 lbs
week 5: – 1.4 lbs 16.4 lbs
week 6: -3 lbs 19.4 lbs
week 7: –2.6 lbs 22 lbs
week 8:  – 2.8 lbs 24.8 lbs
week 9: -.8 lbs 25.6 lbs
week 10: -2.4 lbs 28 lbs
week 11: -.8lbs 28.8 lbs
week 12: +.4  lbs 28.4 lbs
week 13: -2.2lbs 30.6 lbs
week 14: -1.6 lbs 32.2 lbs
week 15: +1 lb 31.2 lbs
week 16: –1.2 lb 32.4 lbs
week 17: –1.6 lb 34 lbs
week 18: –2.8 lb 36.8 lbs
week 19: -.2  lb 37 lbs
week 20: 0 lb 37 lbs
week 21: –1.6 lb 38.6 lbs
week 22: –0 lb 38.6 lbs
week 23: –1.6 lb 40.2 lbs
week 24: –.4 lb 40.6 lbs
week 25:  + .6 lb 40 lbs
week 26:  -2.6 lb 42.6 lbs
week 27:  + 1 lb 41.6 lbs



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  1. Amazing an inch and half? Crazy fast reduction! I agree you must be trading fat for muscle!

    Yay for you!

    I doubt I’ll ever be able to run another 5k but the tips in conjunction with Nutrisystem hold promise! Keep it up, what an inspiration!

  2. Jane says

    Wow 32lbs, I bet your as pleased as punch…if not you should be, that is a great amount. I bet you are really feeling the benefits now.

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