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weeklyweighinIt’s been 23 weeks on Nutrisystem for myself and 19 weeks for Kaytlin.

It was a big week at our house!

Our long awaited elliptical finally arrived to help kick our butts into gear. I was able to use it twice this week… the first time I had noodle legs after using it only 10 minutes. The second time I was able to push 20 minutes out before I had to quit. YEAH me! :O)

My other big moment was emotional and scary for me. I had discussed with my husband the fact that most of my clothes were just too big now. I was thinking about following the advice of the Nutrisystem Facebook page and get rid of all my “too big” clothes. He agreed that I should. It shows commitment and helps to put you in the right mindset to stay on track and keep going.

After going through my closet, half my bed was covered in clothes. I tried on several of the items again to make sure they going or staying. When I was finished I was left with an almost empty closet.

As I bagged the clothing up, thoughts were going through my mind. Thoughts of how I will not allow myself to ever need these clothes again. How I am a different person now mentally and physically and it was time to move on. Thoughts of replacing these items with new(er) ones that fit and were flattering!

So… I did it. I put the bag in the car and took it to a donation box… and dropped it in.


Two sizes… gone forever.

Hopefully someone that can really use them will receive them. I’ll admit it… it was slightly painful. It’s hard for me to get rid of items that are in perfectly good condition. My heart raced as I pushed the bag into the box and closed the door.

But as I drove away… I felt … free.

If you are on this journey and haven’t gotten rid of your “too big” clothing… do it. It’s an incredible feeling.

Two more “feel good” moments for me this week. Last summer I purchased a swimsuit off of eBay that I adored. When it arrived I quickly went to try it on… and was met with disappointment. It didn’t fit. Not even close.

While trying on clothes trying to decide what stays and what goes, I decided to try that on. To my surprise the swimsuit fit… and looked good! I thought my face was going to break I was smiling so big :O).

My other moment is a combo… from comments from my hubby lol. We each took a child and went to run errands separately yesterday. I was bending over to kiss Emma goodbye and I turned around to see a funny look on my husband’s face. I asked him what’s up… he laughed and said “Your backside is getting smaller!”. ROFLOL Well, HORRAY! Later that day when we met back up I caught him “looking” at me. Out of the blue I got the “you’re looking good!” comment. Oh man did I need that!

What a good week!

This morning I was dreading my weigh in. Don’t get me wrong, I had been a good girl but my cycle is due any second and I can feel the water weight creeping up on me. I usually have a gain this time of the month. I stepped on the scale and was greeted with…

 a 1.4 lb loss!

That puts me at  31 lbs in 23 weeks

Week & -/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 6 lbs 6 lbs
week 2: – 2.5 lbs 8.5 lbs
week 3: – 4 lbs 12.5 lbs
week 4: + 1 11.5 lbs
week 5: – 3 lbs 14.5 lbs
week 6: + .2 lbs 14.3 lbs
week 7: – 3 lbs 17.3 lbs
week 8: – .8 lbs 18.1 lbs
week 9: – 2.5 lbs 20.6 lbs
week 10: – .4 lbs 21 lbs
week 11: – 1.6 lbs 22.6 lbs
week 12: + 1.4 lbs 21.2 lbs
week 13: -3 lbs 24.2 lbs
week 14: -.4 lbs 24.6 lbs
week 15: +.2 lbs 24.4 lbs
week 16: -1.6 lbs 26 lbs
week 17: +1 lbs 25 lbs
week 18: -4.2 lbs 29.2 lbs
week 19: +1 lb 28.2 lbs
week 20: –2.6 lb 30.8 lbs
week 21: +1.2 lb 29.6 lbs
week 22: +/-0 lb 29.6 lbs
week 23: -1.4 lb 31 lbs


Kaytlin is facing a similar situation with her clothing, but with being a poor college student she has been hanging on and altering her clothing as much as possible. She said today she is feeling frumpy, so we are going to try to find a few things to get her by at the local thrift stores. Sort of a “temporary wardrobe” to get her by until she hits closer to goal.

Kaytlin was also able to get some elliptical use this week… she did 30 minutes three times this week… WOO HOO! We are both excited for this summer and have a much better outlook this year. 

This week Kaytlin lost .2 lbs…

That makes a total of  37 lbs in 19 weeks!  

Week & –/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 8.8 lbs 8.8 lbs
week 2: – 2.2 lbs 11.0 lbs
week 3: – 2 lbs 13 lbs
week 4: – 2 lbs 15 lbs
week 5: – 1.4 lbs 16.4 lbs
week 6: -3 lbs 19.4 lbs
week 7: –2.6 lbs 22 lbs
week 8:  – 2.8 lbs 24.8 lbs
week 9: -.8 lbs 25.6 lbs
week 10: -2.4 lbs 28 lbs
week 11: -.8lbs 28.8 lbs
week 12: +.4  lbs 28.4 lbs
week 13: -2.2lbs 30.6 lbs
week 14: -1.6 lbs 32.2 lbs
week 15: +1 lb 31.2 lbs
week 16: –1.2 lb 32.4 lbs
week 17: –1.6 lb 34 lbs
week 18: –2.8 lb 36.8 lbs
week 19: -.2  lb 37 lbs

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  1. Xenia says

    You two are both doing so amazing and what a great post! You deserve to go get a new wardrobe after all the work that you’ve done and I’m so proud of you for realizing that you’re a different person now and will never need the bigger clothes again. You go, Mama!

  2. Brett says

    Yea!! So proud of both of you!! You do deserve some shopping. Justified shopping is the best!!

  3. Way to go Heather!! I am SO proud of you!!! How amazing!

  4. Heather I am so proud of u. When I got rid of my clothes I felt the same sooooo scared. But without all those to go back to we HAVE to keep it off! 🙂 u r kicking butt! And that is sooo awesome about your husbands comments. So cute! I smiled while reading your post! 🙂

  5. YAY! So excited for the both of you. It is really inspiring to see such great results. I can’t wait to be able to donate my clothes, I am getting there slowly but surely. Tomorrow will be my 5th week onward and upward!

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