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weeklyweighinIt’s been 21 weeks on Nutrisystem for myself and 17 weeks for Kaytlin.

This week was pretty uneventful for both of us. We have been (im)patiently waiting for the weather to warm up and and also for our elliptical to finally ship (April 1). Now we are waiting for it to arrive!

Confession time here. Friday and Saturday I was a pretty good girl, but I had a couple of bowls of homemade popcorn at the end of the day. Sunday… well, we went to the in-laws and they ordered Papa Johns pizza.  I thought I adjusted my food well enough to cover for the indulgence, but Mondaywaterbottle morning said I had gained nearly 6 lbs! Yes, 6 lbs! I watched the scale all week and stuck to the plan to a “T”… even stopped drinking pop and started drinking all my water. I got a cool Nutrisystem water bottle in the mail to help remind me to drink drink drink. It holds 32 oz and I drank two of those a day… all week long! I know it’s working because the metallic taste in my mouth is coming back (had that at the very beginning of the program). It is a sign that I have hit ketosis… time to burn some fat!

Friday came and stepped on the scale to find a gain. Normally, I would be very disappointed. I now have learned my bodies patterns and I know that I am working the program correctly… it seems I gain (bloat) twice a month. Ladies, if you think about our cycle you will understand what I’m talking about. I can actually feel what is going on so I know Mother Nature is playing games with me right now. So anyway… I expect (hope) to have an amazing report for you next week. This week… two steps forward and one step back. The main thing is… it’s going downhill!

 This week I was up 1.2 lbs

That puts me at  29.6 lbs in 21 weeks

Week & -/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 6 lbs 6 lbs
week 2: – 2.5 lbs 8.5 lbs
week 3: – 4 lbs 12.5 lbs
week 4: + 1 11.5 lbs
week 5: – 3 lbs 14.5 lbs
week 6: + .2 lbs 14.3 lbs
week 7: – 3 lbs 17.3 lbs
week 8: – .8 lbs 18.1 lbs
week 9: – 2.5 lbs 20.6 lbs
week 10: – .4 lbs 21 lbs
week 11: – 1.6 lbs 22.6 lbs
week 12: + 1.4 lbs 21.2 lbs
week 13: -3 lbs 24.2 lbs
week 14: -.4 lbs 24.6 lbs
week 15: +.2 lbs 24.4 lbs
week 16: -1.6 lbs 26 lbs
week 17: +1 lbs 25 lbs
week 18: -4.2 lbs 29.2 lbs
week 19: +1 lb 28.2 lbs
week 20: –2.6 lb 30.8 lbs
week 21: +1.2 lb 29.6 lbs


Kaytlin ate the same things I did with different results. Youth has such amazing power, doesn’t it? Anyway… she had some fun things happen to her this week. She went shopping for new jeans and for the heck of it tried a pair off the rack at Old Navy. She has always had to order from their online store because they didn’t carry her size in talls in the store. She came home beaming and spinning in circles so I could see… she was able to fit into an “off the rack” pair of tall jeans from OLD NAVY!

She also decided it was time to break out the sewing machine. Her favorite tank top had turned into a circus tent and she spent the evening altering it to make it last just a little while longer. I’m so proud of her accomplishments and so happy for her. Nutrisystem is helping to make the remainder of her teenage years a lot brighter.

This week Kaytlin lost 1.6 lbs.

That makes a total of  34 lbs in 17 weeks!  

Week & –/+ Total Loss
week 1: – 8.8 lbs 8.8 lbs
week 2: – 2.2 lbs 11.0 lbs
week 3: – 2 lbs 13 lbs
week 4: – 2 lbs 15 lbs
week 5: – 1.4 lbs 16.4 lbs
week 6: -3 lbs 19.4 lbs
week 7: –2.6 lbs 22 lbs
week 8:  – 2.8 lbs 24.8 lbs
week 9: -.8 lbs 25.6 lbs
week 10: -2.4 lbs 28 lbs
week 11: -.8lbs 28.8 lbs
week 12: +.4  lbs 28.4 lbs
week 13: -2.2lbs 30.6 lbs
week 14: -1.6 lbs 32.2 lbs
week 15: +1 lb 31.2 lbs
week 16: –1.2 lb 32.4 lbs
week 20: –1.6 lb 34 lbs

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