Why Wall Mounted Toilets?

Why Wall Mounted Toilets?

Not many people have heard about wall mounted toilets, however, they are a thing and something that can go well with just about any bathroom out there. When you’re re-doing the bathroom or just looking into getting a new toilet, then consider a wall mounted toilet. Not only can you find that it provides you with many benefits, but you will also love the ease of use that it comes with.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Toilets

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You will be able to easily install this toilet onto the wall in your bathroom, and connect to the plumbing. Not only that, it is easier to clean and it looks more modern when trying to ramp up the way your bathroom currently looks if it is outdated. It is also able to get a stronger flow of water, but use half the energy it normally takes for flushing.

It is a more ergonomically and comfortable design to sit on and go with when it comes down to doing your business in the bathroom. You want to make sure that this is something that fits well with the design and space in your bathroom, but also something that is going to provide long-lasting durability and support when the time comes.

Wall mounted toilets might not be as popular throughout households currently, but they are making their way in the market and making sure that everyone out there knows about this option. Duravit provides long lasting, comfortable designs that can fit perfectly within any residential property out there, allowing you to make the most of the bathroom design that you’re choosing to go with.

Choosing something that works for you, and ensures that your bathroom is going to stand strong throughout the years of use. Not only that, but it can also look its best, as well. Head on over to the folks at PlumbTile for more information on wall mounted toilets and while you’re there, browse around for inspirations on your next home remodeling project!


  1. Karen Glatt says

    I really like Wall mounted toilets. They would be easier to use! I would like to get a wall mounted toilet someday!!

  2. Jenn says

    I love this idea. Way easier to use and to keep clean.

  3. Sarah L says

    Sure would be nice to be able to clean under it. I like the concept.

  4. Sue E says

    I am on the wall about this concept!! I have trouble with grandkids using a regular toilet let alone one on a wall. I could see them playing hide and go seek under them & sliding or jumping off the toilet and hitting their heads.
    The ability to clean them is not as important as their safety!
    Otherwise I could be for it!!

  5. Sarah L says

    I just cleaned the bathroom and now I’m wishing for one of these toilets.

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