Vtech Wireless HD Video Monitor VM981

As a first time mom, it was important to me that I had a video baby monitor to help me feel at ease while my baby slept. So when I got the opportunity to try the Vtech Wireless HD video monitor, model VM981, I was excited to see how it would meet my need for peace of mind.

This monitor was incredibly easy to set up. It connects via Wi-Fi, and the connection and privacy felt very secure. To begin, you must choose a password for the camera, and then connect to the included 5 inch monitor screen, with the option of connecting it to your smart phone if you choose.

I found the range in our house was surprisingly great. As long as your wireless internet signal reaches throughout the house, the camera can connect to the handheld screen or your smart phone. Unfortunately, this monitor does not work unless your home has Wi-Fi capabilities. While we were away from home for Easter, I was able to turn on the camera at our house through my smart phone, which is a really neat feature to have.

I also really liked how easy it was to manually adjust the camera. Even thought the camera itself doesn’t mount to the wall, it was nice to be able to easily find an angle that worked for my son’s room. I found the camera quality quite good, even in night mode, which is what we mostly use, as we have blackout blinds for nap time. And you can even have up to 10 cameras connected to the handheld screen!! This would be great for families with more than one child, or to use in multiple rooms in the house.

The monitor has built in memory and you can record videos and take snapshots and upload to your computer. I really liked the fact that I could open up the app on my phone and take photos and videos and then save to my camera roll right on the phone. With my other monitor, which didn’t have the option to record, there were so many times I wished I could have saved funny moments while watching my son on the screen. This Vtech baby monitor has now made saving those endearing moments possible.

The motion sensor is a fantastic feature. My little guy is 18 months now and has always moved A LOT in his sleep. He is still in a crib and it alerts me when there is movement, either on the handheld screen or on my phone, whichever I have on. I have set the sensor to low, so that it doesn’t keep alerting me every time he stirs a little, there has to be a good amount of movement, which is perfect for me.

There isn’t a temperature gauge built in, or a talkback feature, which I haven’t found that I missed so far. However, I did find the battery did not last as long as I would have liked. I have to plug it in after nap time to make sure it lasts while he is asleep at nighttime until I go to bed.

I was very pleased with the features of this monitor and its overall quality. I will be using this monitor for our newborn when baby arrives later this summer. In the meantime, I will be using it as I begin to tackle my spring-cleaning list, while feeling at ease that I can check on my toddler from any room in the house. You can head over to Vtech and get your Wireless HD Video Monitor as well.

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