Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam

Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam
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Introducing the new VTech® Kidizoom® Action Cam!

My children are active and love to get out and explore the world. They have seen Dad use his grown up action cam and have begged time and again to use it. That’s why when I was offered a chance to try the Kidizoom Action Cam I couldn’t resist.

From the excitement of long bike rides to adventures in the backyard, the Kidizoom Action Cam will let your kids capture their memories with photos and videos on the go!

The camera features a robust, durable design and comes complete with mounts for attaching to a bike, skateboard, scooter and more.  Bringing parents’ technology to a new generation of active kids, the Kidizoom Action Cam is tough enough to keep up with your adventurous child – all for under $60!


VTech®Kidizoom® Action Cam (Ages 4+ years, MSRP: $59.99)

  • Features a 1.4 inch color LCD screen, rechargeable battery, micro USB cable for data transfer and battery charging, and expandable memory up to 32GB with a microSD card. (To store all your adventures, a microSD card is required. Sold separately)
  • Includes a waterproof case for underwater adventures, mounting accessories for bikes and scooters, and a wrist strap
  • Features three built-in games, stop motion and time-lapse options, as well as special effects including customized photo frames and filters
  • Child-friendly camera can withstand drops and bumps and offers the choice of yellow/black or purple colors
  • Available at Walmart.com on May 1st, in your local Walmart stores on May 11th and will be available nationwide this summer


Setup was super simple. One side has an opening for the memory card (not included) and the other side has a USB port to connect to the computer. This will allow the camera to charge. This is also how you retrieve their video and photos. No special software needed, I just opened it like any other memory card and drug their files to my desktop.


Emma was eager to play with the camera on her bike. The mount was super easy to use and I after her initial ride I was able to adjust it with a few twists so that it video’d HER while she was riding.kidizoom5

The camera is a nice size (very similar to Dad’s) and mounts on with the same type of mounts his uses. With the waterproof case the kids had fun playing outside in the rain while I never worried about the camera. The only thing I would have done differently was I’d remove the strap. You will hear the strap hit the plastic waterproof case while flapping in the wind in the video below.


Above is a photo Ethan captured in the rain.

The buttons are easily distinguishable for the kids. There is a camera for the photos and a video camera for still shots. Because they are very well skilled with Vtech toys they understood how to flip through the options and Ethan even made a funny photo without asking me how.

Above is the video Emma captured from her bike. It was overcast and rainy out.

Both kids had a blast playing with the camera. I would share all of them, but these were the only ones that didn’t feature their friend’s faces lol.

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You can purchase the Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam at Walmart


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 Kidizoom Action Cam

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  1. Kristen says

    I like that it’s durable and has a rechargeable battery.

  2. Kristen says

    entered Our Pact & Magic Chef

  3. PuffyBiggles says

    I like that they have an Action Cam Community that you can share your videos and experiences with. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Jeanna says

    I like that you can use this camera underwater!

  5. heather eg kaufman says

    I like that you can mount it on different things for the kids.

  6. Candice says

    I love that the camera is waterproof.

  7. terry maigi says

    I love that this is waterproof! My daughter would have so much fun with this camera!

  8. Dawn Monroe says

    I learned that they can connect it to social media to share the video. It also takes pictures and comes with a water proof case, which is a good thing around my family.

  9. Dawn Monzu says

    I would love to get my granddaughter a “Mobi2Go”. It is a tablet for kids…and she would have a blast with it! She is moving soon, so this would help her in the long car ride! I just might have to get one of these for her!

  10. Heidi Daily says

    I like that it has a waterproof case and a rechargeable battery.

  11. I learned that to let my kids get the longest time of recording, I need to purchase an extra micro sd card – not a problem

  12. I love that it is waterproof. Rechargeable is a must too!

  13. courtney b says

    i love all the different accessories you can get with the camera such as the strap and the case… all those fun things. and it’s all PINK pink pink… love it 🙂

  14. Nancy says

    I learned that this camera is mountable.

  15. Nancy says

    I entered the Hot Pursuit giveaway.

  16. the camera is waterproof

  17. janetfaye says

    I like the variety of downloads in Learning Lodge.

  18. harolde says

    I love that it has a waterproof case.

  19. amy rouse says

    Rechargeable and waterproof. It looks like a great thing for my grandson to use while he is out riding his bike!

  20. Adrienne gordon says

    It is waterproof

  21. Richard Hicks says

    I would like to have their VTech Headphones

  22. Leigh Anne Borders says

    What a cool product! I love that it has a rechargeable battery and long recording time. My kids would LOVE this!

  23. amanda roach says

    love love that you can use it underwater.

  24. Jodi Kershuk says

    I like all the ways you can mount it.

  25. Seyma Shabbir says

    The camera is waterproof and the it is mountable!

  26. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered hot pursuit!

  27. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered Hand on the mirror!

  28. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Learned It Has A Built-In Recharageable Li-ion Polymer Battery.

  29. They have great products — especially the InnoTab

  30. nickie says

    I love that the camera is waterproof.

  31. Melissa M says

    I love that it has a waterproof case.

  32. Ann Fantom says

    I like that is rugged enough to stand up to some rough play

  33. Ann Fantom says

    I entered the Hot Pursuit Tote & $25 Visa GC GIVEAWAY

  34. Fawn H says

    I like that you can download videos and pictures to your computer and share them with friends and family

  35. Kathy Davis says

    I would like to have the Tote and Go Laptop.

  36. D Schmidt says

    Visited and learned you can download their photos and videos to a computer using the included microUSB cable and share them with family and friends.

  37. you can take it underwater!

  38. Brittney House says

    I like that the camera is waterproof.

  39. Sarah L says

    I like that it has Built-In Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery
    Thanks for the contest.

  40. Devon F says

    I really like that it has a Built-In Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer Battery

  41. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love that it has a waterproof case so it can be used underwater!

  42. Alona Y says

    I definitely like the InnoTab MAX and would love to get one for my daughter.

  43. April Brenay says

    I love that it is water proof, my son loves to play outside and with summer he loves to play in the sprinklers

  44. C. M. says

    I like the Switch & Go Dinos – Horns the Triceratops.

  45. I learned that you can use this underwater!

  46. Terra Heck says

    I learned that you can Join the Action Cam Community and use #kidventure when you post your memories on social media. Thanks.

  47. latanya t says

    The mounts are super easy to attach and allow for a fun and safe experience with the camera.

  48. Marty C. says

    I like that it’s waterproof. Our youngest is at the age where dropping toys into the potty/dog’s water dish/bathtub is irresistable, so waterproofing would definitely make it last longer around here.

  49. Thomas Murphy says

    I like that you can take it underwater.

  50. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered watersavers!

  51. Kristen says

    entered Water Savers

  52. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I like the built in games

  53. Tara says

    Love that it takes videos!

  54. Penni says

    I would love an InnoTab Max!

  55. Ann Fantom says

    I entered the Spring Clean Your Car at Water Savers Prize Pack $30 Visa GIVEAWAY

  56. Ann Fantom says

    I entered the Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam GIVEAWAY

  57. janetfaye says

    I entered Spring Clean Your Car at Water Savers | Prize Pack + $30 Visa #GIVEAWAY |

  58. Leela says

    You can use it under water.

  59. Leela says

    I entered the Hand on the Mirror giveaway.

  60. Lauren says

    I learned that it is available exclusive at Walmart.

  61. Maria C says

    I love that it can record fro 2.5 hours…that is cool!

  62. Kathy Davis says

    I entered the Hand on the Mirror giveaway.

  63. lissa crane says

    I learned & liked that it is waterproof! This is awesome because this means we would be able to use it at the beach and in the pool! This adds to all the fun that the kids can have with this camera, without worrying about getting it wet!

  64. Mary Cloud says

    I learned that it comes with a waterproof case – that could come in handy

  65. I entered the iSODA Carbonated Soda Maker

  66. Kristen says

    entered iSODA giveaway

  67. Sarah Matos says

    I like that the camera can be used underwater. My girls will be starting swim lessons next month so I can only imagine how much fun they would have with this.

  68. Sarah Matos says

    Entered the water savers giveaway

  69. Sarah Matos says

    Entered the iSODA giveaway

  70. Kristen says

    I entered the #ABFamilyTalk About Drinking giveaway.

  71. Seyma Shabbir says
  72. lisa @gigglemomster says

    love how its durable and waterproof!

  73. Karen L says

    I learned its water proof can take it in pool!

  74. Codsey w says

    i think it is so cool that it is waterproof!

  75. I like that it is waterproof

  76. I entered the KinderGlo giveaway

  77. I entered the iSoda giveaway

  78. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I love that it has a built in rechargeable battery. I also like it comes with a waterproof case.

  79. Rebecca Orr says

    I like that this can be attached to my sons bike so he can record his little stunts.

  80. Daniel M says

    it’s rugged and waterproof

  81. amy tolley says

    I would love to have the innotab 3 for my grandson ty

  82. amy tolley says

    I entered the clean car saver giveaway

  83. amy tolley says

    entered the kinderglo giveaway

  84. amy tolley says

    i learned you can try this out for a free day at the doggy daycare by using code BESTDAYEVER

  85. amy tolley says

    shared on pinterest

  86. Nannypanpan says

    I learned it can use a micro sd card

  87. Nannypanpan says

    Entered hand on the mirror

  88. Nannypanpan says

    Entered hot pursuit

  89. Janice Dean says

    I learned that the Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam can mount to a bike helmet or skateboard, take it underwater or use it for anything else you can imagine.

  90. Ann Fantom says

    I entered the Family Talk About Drinking $25 VISA GIVEAWAY

  91. I like that they are easy to use and can mount on their bikes.

  92. Kim Keithline says

    I liked that it has a waterproof case my kids are hard on everything

  93. polly says

    My grandson would love the Kidizoom Smartwatch

  94. polly says

    I entered the Kinderglo giveaway

  95. polly says

    I entered the Hand On THe Mirror giveaway

  96. kyl neusch says

    has a waterproof case

  97. robyn paris says

    I like that it is waterproof.

  98. Melissa C.. says

    I love that it Attatches to a bicycle so kids can record their adventures

  99. Shayna says


  100. We believe in the amazing freedom and confidence a run bike gives kids.

  101. Heather Dawn says

    I like that you can download and the pictures and videos and share them with family and friends. My boys and their cousins are always riding their bikes, this would be perfect for their adventures!

  102. Tim Stephens says

    I love the Go Go Smart Animals… very cool… my daughters would love them

  103. Heather Dawn says

    I entered the iSoda giveaway.

  104. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I like that they have a feminine one.

  105. Stephanie Larison says

    I like the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Police Station Set

  106. Megan Scharlau says

    I like that it has a waterproof case!

  107. Lisa V. says

    I like that the cam is durable and can handle bumps and drops.

  108. Richard Hicks says
  109. Richard Hicks says

    entered this giveaway


  110. Tina Reynolds says

    I like it comes in a waterproof durable case a must have for my kiddo

  111. Kelly O. says

    I love that you can use it underwater. I also like that it has expandable memory.

  112. Christie says

    You can take it under water. Which is great in Oregon since its always raining.

  113. Julie L says

    I love that it’s durable and waterproof! Perfect for kids!

  114. Laurie Emerson says

    I like that you can mount it to a bike. My daughter would love this.

  115. Sand says

    I learned that it’s waterproof which is great because it’s more durable than I thought it was.

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