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 Verizon Destination Store Chicago

This post is part of the Verizon Ambassador program #vzwbuzz. All opinions are my own.

All photos taken with the new Motorola Droid Turbo provided by Verizon.


Last month I took a quick trip over to Chicago for a one of a kind experience at the new Verizon Destination Store.

Let me tell you now… this is no ordinary visit to a Verizon Store. This is a full hands on playroom for technology!

Here are the top 10 reasons the Verizon Destination Store makes a great date night (and a tech playground):


1) They have so much to share, it took a two story, 10,000 square foot store to hold it all!

The Chicago Destination Store offers a two story, 10,000 square foot shopping experience with  large assortment of electronics goodies… and 100 live devices available to manipulate!

Yes, 100 live devices! You can get your fill of tech by the night’s end, guaranteed.

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2) Mix Your Own Music!


This of course would be items like speakers and headphones. See the colorful display on the wall to the right? Those are bluetooth speakers!


Not only can you try out the various headphones to compare sound quality, but you can mix your own music and email it to yourself!

Fun, right?


3) Make Your Own Custom Case!

Are you still looking for a unique personalized gift?

I have never seen anything like this before. You can create your own custom phone case with photos from social media or your phone.


Don’t have “the” photo you want on a case? Step into the rather large photo booth complete with green screen and capture your current memory!


Once you’ve placed your order you send your blank case upstairs in a pneumatic tube. It only takes 45 minutes for them to create your custom case. The time will fly as you browse the rest of the store.


Looking for a case but you don’t want a custom one? No problem! Chances are you will have a wide variety to choose from for your phone.


4) Recharge…

Does you phone or tablet need a little recharge? No cord? No worries!

Not only is there a recharge station, but they have cords for just about everything.

Either take a break and put your feet up…. or a friendly Verizon employee will lock your charging device up and give you a claim ticket so you can continue to shop.


Do you need a new charging cord or wall plug anyway? At the Power Up station you can choose from several different colors to create your own personal expression. No more just boring black!

10857991_10152587835403100_5373232864839117098_n (1)

5) One of the largest assortments of smart phones & tables I’ve seen.


There are two rows of smart phones and tablets to handle and explore. See the “Touch to Explore” phrase on the monitor above the tablets? Yep, touch it and you can pick and choose what is important to you or compare products to help make the perfect choice.



Head upstairs and “Have Fun”! Get hands on experience flying a Parrot Drone or check out some of the other fun “toys” available for tech lovers.

I personally couldn’t resist this area and left with a GoPro 4.


7) Find out how to make your home “smart”!

Did you know you can control things like your thermostat, locks on the door and even your garage door from your smart phone?! Yep… you can make your home the smartest on the block!


 8) Make a stop animation video clip!

A video posted by Heather Smith (@ourkidsmom) on

How cool is this? I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I would have doing this with my hubby on a date. Two grown ups giggling and having a good time… yep. I wanna do it!


9) Fitness can be smart, too!


Try out a fitness tracker on the self propelled treadmill or stationary bike, test your jump reach, or kick a smart soccer ball and find out how to improve your shot (yep, the gentleman in the back will hook you up).


There are other products that are awesome as well.


There are products to help you improve your golf game, fitness trackers, smart watches, headphones and more.


10) Make sure you are getting your best deal or take a class to learn your new device.

Throughout the store there are various touchscreens waiting for your interaction. Pull up device specs or pricing plans to compare options side-by-side.

This is all customer led… no pressure from sales people. When you are ready to talk to someone, an associate in a red shirt is usually within eye sight and eager to help.

You picked your new device, but now what? An education area holds at least two classes daily on topics such as how to use an Android phone or iOS 8. You’ll be a pro in no time!


I was there for hours and didn’t have enough time to soak it all in. I am sure I could visit repeatedly and still have a great time.

YOU can visit the new Chicago Destination store, too! You can find it at 840 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill.




  1. It has been forever since I stepped inside a Verizon Wireless store and played around. My husband is due for an upgrade and I am eligible in June, so we will have to have some fun very soon!

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